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Ghostek Atomic - Galaxy Note 3 Case Review

what is up you guys it's ad from Texas and today I'm bringing you a case review now normally I don't do case reviews on my channel because they aren't interesting enough but I came across one the other day that caught my attention this year is the ghost tech atomic case for the Galaxy Note 3 and in case you didn't notice it is waterproof but what I really like about this case is not only is it very sleek but it is designed to not add additional bulkiness to the phone like most other cases do the case by itself is actually really light weighing only about three ounces the back also has a leather feel and look to it even though it's made out of polycarbonate because well you know leather does not work well together with water one of my concerns about waterproof cases is the difficulty of pressing the buttons which we will be testing once we install the phone later in this video looking at the top of the case we can see the cutouts for the infrared blaster microphone and a screwin cap for the headphone jack on the bottom we have some cutouts for the speakers microphone and a rubber seal which protects the USB port so inside the case you will find a microfiber cloth the QuickStart guide with some useful information a waterproof 3.5 millimeter headphone jack adapter and a lanyard since the case is waterproof it does already come with a protective shield and here is a sample of the clarity that you can expect when installing the case taking a look at the back cover you can see the seal that goes around the case which provides the tight seal that is needed to prevent water from entering the case now the installation is quite simple just lay the phone on the back cover and place the front piece over the phone once you do that just go around the edges pressing both sides firmly together to seal the phone inside if there are any bubbles then you can easily remove them by using a squeegee board or something else with a flat edge but for the sake of time we didn't bother with it in this video so I was actually surprised how soft and easy the buttons were to press since the note 3 has touchscreen buttons the Edit rubber pads on the front which are very sensitive and really easy to press you can even tap on it and it will recognize your action that was definitely impressed with that now the side buttons are a little more tough since they are polycarbonate but with waterproof cases you can't take any chances but it was still far more easy to press the than other waterproof cases that I had in the past with some usage they will be broken in and get much looser so you don't have to worry much about that looking at the top of the phone we can see cutouts for the front-facing camera the speaker grille for phone calls various sensors and the notification light everything about this case is simplistic and convenient even when trying to access the USB port down below this too is made out of rubber which acts as a seal when closed they made sure to provide enough room for the charging cable as you can see here now for the fun part we can't do a waterproof case review without testing it so here is a quick test with the case inside water with most phones the screen is so sensitive that it will register each water drop as a gesture so in order to actually use it without any problems the screen has to be wiped clean beforehand but as you can see the phone is still functioning fine even when submerged in water so yeah the case is waterproof the build quality is really great for the price I do feel like I am holding a premium case in my hand and when I compare it to cases like lifeproof and OtterBox it amazes me how much money I could have saved if I picked up one of these for my phone instead I strongly recommend you guys to check them out for your smart phone they have a variety of colors for each device and they make them for almost every phone I will leave links in the description section if you guys are interested in checking them out anyways this is that from tech source thanks for watching and I will see you next time
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