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Ghostek Bullet Case for Galaxy S5 - Review (4K)

hey guys add from Texas would they look at another awesome case for the galaxy s5 this is called the ghost tech bullet and it comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from so the case is outer shell is made out of high-density polycarbonate material which protects the phone from damages if it were to fall the phone is also protected inside the case from impacts with this rubber material around the phone installation is quite simple all you have to do is remove the top piece and insert your phone inside the rubber casing and put back the top piece and then you're done now going around the phone we can see the power button is covered in the same soft touch TPU material which makes pressing the buttons really easy on the opposite side it has the same thing for the volume buttons and on the bottom there are cutouts for the charging port and looking at the top there are openings for the headphone jack ir blaster and the microphone a really neat feature that comes with the case is the kickstand clip located on the back which is always a plus to have with any smartphone now what makes the ghost tech bullets so awesome is that they really put that into making their cases the cutouts are cut to precision they make sure you have plenty of clearance to access ports and the most important one of them all is not altering the experience of the phone the buttons are super easy to press and I don't feel the need to apply extra force it is really a pet p for me when it comes to cases i find that it is always a compromise you gain some benefits while losing some well with the ghost tech bullet case you keep your phone as is while adding protection and some cool features anyways if you guys are looking for a simple protective case on the 20 bucks then i strongly recommend you check out the ghost tech bullet i will leave links in the description section if you guys are interested in checking them out this is at from Texas and I will see you next time
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