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Ghostek Bullet Slim Case for HTC ONE M8 - 4K

what is up you guys Bob back here with tech source and today we are gonna take a look at the ghost tech bullet slim case for the HTC One m8 this case was designed to be very protective of the phone while still keeping a slim profile something I really like about this case though is that it also comes equipped with this kickstand which makes watching videos and movies with the HTC One 8 that much better especially when using boomsound speakers another cool thing about this case is that it comes with a screen shield and a microfiber cloth which is nice to see since a lot of case manufacturers have lately not been including extra accessories with their products but it's refreshing to see that ghost tech still does being that this is a two piece case installation couldn't be easier all you have to do is put your phone into the rubber portion of this case and snap the front ring on once the phone is in you do still have access to all the functionality of the phone like the microUSB port buttons and even the IR blaster located on the top this case doesn't add too much thickness to the device as you can see here but it does add a lot of protection we wanted to see just how durable this case was so we put the phone in the case under the drop test we did two tests one for me right which is about five feet eight inches and one face down from about four feet and the phone I can gladly say survived not only did the phone survive the case was an almost perfect condition as well the only visible damage was a little scuff mark on the upper left corner of the back of the case cases like this is a must for people who have a tendency of dropping their phones especially when a phone like the HTC One m8 can go for around $700 and an investment in a case like this can cost as little as ten dollars the overall build quality of this case does feel premium especially when considering the current price of only $15 I will put links in the description section just in case you want to check them out and get more pricing information anyways this is Bob from tech Saurus thanks for watching and I'll see you next time
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