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Ghostek SoDrop Bluetooth Headphones Review

what's up guys is that from tech source and in this video I'm going to be checking out one of my personal favorite Bluetooth headphones that I've been using these past few weeks this is the ghost tech so dropped wireless headphones a pair of really high quality Bluetooth headphones with a built-in mic on a full charge it will get you up to 14 hours of talktime 540 hours of standby and 14 hours of music playtime it features a PTX audio technology and can actually connect up to two phone devices at the same time which is pretty interesting these headphones are actually part of my desk setup and in case you guys missed the video I'll go ahead and leave a link to it down below so the box has a magnetic flap it's really similar to the beats box but moving on and opening it up we are greeted by the hardcase cover and opening that up we can find the headphones folded neatly inside there's also a user manual a 3.5 millimeter audio and micro USB cable to charge the headset the case has a solid hard cover which will definitely protect the headphones but I do want to mention something else that I noticed so the net here also has a piece of velcro attached which ensures that the cables inside won't get loose and roll around it's the little things like this that really make a difference to me the headphones itself are made with very lightweight brushed aluminum materials and extremely soft leather on the bottom you will find the micro USB port built-in mic and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack in case you want to plug your phone in and on the right ear cup you'll find the power button and volume controls the headset is really easy to adjust due to the aluminum sliders and it's extremely flexible the cushions are also really comfortable for both the ear cups and the headband now because it's extremely light I can barely feel it on my head and comparing them to the 80 hm 50 X's I would say that these are way more comfortable and that I can wear these much longer now because of the strange rectangular ear cup design these won't go around your ear and instead sit gently on them so don't expect any noise isolation I also find that the noise leak to be extremely more noticeable than other Bluetooth headphones once you put them on and bump the volume pad 75% so if you're planning on listening to some dubstep in the library you might want to reconsider sound-wise I was pretty impressed so the headphones used this aptX Bluetooth 4.0 technology that's supposed to provide rich high def crystal-clear sound with an amazing bass and it does just that you get clear highs deep lows and good mids overall this is a very solid pair of headphones it's lightweight foldable and comfortable to wear making it perfect for hitting the gym running or just chilling at your home listening to music or watching videos my only concerns with these headphones are the noise isolation and sound leaks I would also have loved to see different color options and set up the silver I mean I do use them everyday and I don't regret buying them but I'll go ahead and drop a link down below for anyone that is interested if you guys enjoy the video feel free to hit that like button and if there's a specific pair of headphones you want to see covered next let me know by leaving a comment down below thanks again so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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