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Ghostek Turbine Earbuds | Overview

what's up guys it's that from tech source back at it again with another review but this time we'll be taking a look at the turbine earbuds from ghost Tech if any of you guys are familiar with this brand then you know that they produce some solid products at reasonable prices in this video I ain't to find out if this pair of $35 earphones is worth the purchase so in the Box you get a semi-hard carrying case which is nice to see as well as extra ear tips the material they chose to use for the driver construction is ceramic which is of higher quality than plastic but something to note here is that it's also heavier I did notice that the first few times I put these on but I didn't get used to it the more I used it the cord is also of higher quality with a grippy texture and it's also less prone to tangling than something like Apple earpods one negative I see with these is the lack of volume control but you do get an inline microphone as well as a single button to control the music and answer calls people have talked to with these on have told me that I sounded crisp without any distortion let's talk about how they sound the performance is well for the price there is definitely some base here so jean Ray's like pop EDM and similar music do sound good I do wish the mid-range and vocals were a bit more clear I feel like the overall energy of a song would have a better feel if they were in the end these aren't going to be comparable to a pair of earphones that cost about a hundred dollars but they do take the cake and when looking at cheaper prices and brands if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like and I'll drop a link to the ear buds down below in case you guys want to check them out then guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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