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Gigabyte GTX 1070 Xtreme Gaming | The Best 1070?!

what's up guys is that from tech source and in this video we're gonna be taking a look at the gigabyte gtx 1070 extreme gaming a massive graphics card with a custom PCB and gigabytes win four stack 3x cooling system that features three 100 millimeter fans I've gotta hand it to gigabyte for coming up with such a clever cooling system not only are the fans overlapping each other to cover more heatsink area but the middle fan spins in the opposite direction which optimizes the airflow to dissipate the heat more effectively this isn't even a marketing tactic it actually does work the car receives noticeably cooler temps compared to the other 10 Series GPUs that I've tested before it would peak at 67 degrees during full load and hover around 40 degrees on idle 67 degrees on full load guys that's seriously unheard of the other cards don't even come close unfortunately because the fans are stacked like this gigabyte had no choice but to make the GPU slightly wider occupying an additional PCI slot for a total of three aside from the extremely cool temps the card also features a custom backplate RGB lighting and an 8 plus 2 power phase with an 8 plus 6 PCI connector unfortunately I don't know the TDP of the card since that info wasn't shared with me but looking at the power draw the whole system peaked at 350 watts during full load and remain at a constant 130 Watts during idle so a single 500 watt power supply should be sufficient enough to power your PC with a single gigabyte gtx 1070 extreme the card also comes with two modes overclock and gaming mode which both provide different clock speeds 1873 for boost and 1670 for the base clock in gaming mode the card also features eight gigs of gddr5 memory a 256 bit bus and a memory clock of 8320 megahertz and overclock mode in terms of ports not only do you get the usual three display one HDMI and one p VI but gigabyte has also added two additional HDMI ports on the opposite side of the card to provide convenient access to VR or other HDMI devices very nice the design on the other hand looks very cool personally I think it looks better than EVGA superclocked and FTW edition cards the aluminum chassis is around the GPU gives off this armoured look it's very attractive speaking of attractive that backplate though the only gripe I have with the backplate is the dark orange lines that run across it now although it's not a huge deal I personally would have loved to see a more neutral color like white or even silver I feel like something this minor can really interfere with a build that's trying to keep a certain color scheme I mean it sure as hell would bother me the build quality on the other hand is something I question there are some parts of the GPU that flex and honestly feel pretty flimsy for a board partner gtx 1070 that cost more than the founders edition I expected a more solid build aside from that the card also features RGB LEDs which you can control with gigabytes extreme gaming engine you can set a static color or give it some pretty cool effects the front of the card along with the GPU name on the side has the ability to light up and additionally there is a fan indicator that also lights up which will notify you if the fans have stopped spinning also with the software you can set the mode of the GPU either an overclock mode gaming mode or eco mode which consumes less power and operates at a much lower fan setting you can also manually overclock the graphics card using the overclock tab you have access to voltage core and memory clock as well as the power limit I did manage to overclock the card with a very positive result but more on that later and finally the fan tab gives you complete control to the fan speed you can select one of the three configured settings from up top or manually set your own fan curve using the graph speaking of fans here's a quick sound test alright so the moment of truth how does this card compete against the GTX 1080 and the gtx 980ti superclocked let's find out so there you have it the gtx 1070 pretty much outperformed the gtx 980ti superclocked edition which is currently twenty dollars more than the 1070 there's really no reason to compare it to the gtx 970 or even 980 if you can hold up its own against a 980 TI also the scores weren't that far off from the 1080 founders edition now when it comes to overclocking I was impressed even though the card comes heavily overclocked I was still able to push it even more using the Xtreme engine software I managed to squeeze out an additional 50 for a total boost clock of 2012 megahertz and for the memory I was surprised to achieve an extra 700 megahertz putting the card at 88 74 for total memory clock this gets you a nice boost in gaming I mean 5 to 10 FPS increase across most of the games I've tested is not bad at all I mean sure the GTX 970 extreme gaming is priced pretty high even more than the founders Edition but what you are getting in return is a great looking card with extremely low temperatures RGB lighting and a very impressive performance overclocked or not the only negatives that stood out with a build quality extra PCI slot usage and the minor orange accents other than that if you have around $500 in your pocket and are shopping for your next graphics card then the gigabyte gtx 1070 extreme gaming has to be on your list as always if you guys enjoy these types of videos and want to see more PC Hardware reviews on the channel you should have hit that like button to show your support and I'll drop a link down below to the graphics card if you guys want to check that out you guys so much for watching as always and I'll see you in the next video
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