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Giving Away 100 DOSS Bluetooth Speakers! (CLOSED)

what's up guys it's that from Texas and I thought I'd make a quick video and give away some tech now I know it's been a while since I've done a dedicated video on just giving away some stuff so I think it's about time so this company called das reached out to me and asked if they can sponsor a giveaway of a hundred of their Bluetooth speakers and my first reaction was what 100 of these or one of these they want to give away a hundred of their das touch wireless Bluetooth speakers and if you guys recall over a year ago I featured these speakers and my cool tech on their 50 and since then I've been using it around my home it's currently the number one bestseller on Amazon and it comes in a variety of colors but the best thing I love about the speakers is this sound quality you guys get crisp eyes with a deep bass and not only does it get extremely loud but the battery life is also amazing it easily gets up to 12 hours of play time with its twenty two hundred million power battery just for today it's been featured as the deal of the day and it's actually going for only $24 which is a steal so if you guys want to pick one up as a gift for someone then now's the chance so here are the requirements to enter for the giveaway and actually you guys get two chances of winning I'll be giving away 50 of these speakers on my youtube channel for my subscribers only and another 50 on the nice app so for my YouTube audience all you guys have to do is drop it comments down below and let me know which color speaker you guys want it does come in several different colors and also you guys can drop a like it's not mandatory but if you do leave one that would be awesome on the night's app you can simply go over to the giveaway tab and enter the daus giveaway from there the winners are nice are chosen based on who has the most activity so basically if you watch a lot of videos leave comments or add products to your wish list the higher your chances are of winning essentially the nice app rewards people who are active on the app but anyways I'll drop a link to the app below it is free to download and you guys can enter once on YouTube and one more on the app if you like the winners from the YouTube comments will be announced on my Twitter account at the end of September so September 30th make sure you guys are following me there because once I announce the winner they will have 24 hours to claim their prize before I select any other winner and winners from the nice app will be contacted from within the app because we will have your email address once again huge things to dust for reaching out and sponsoring this video and the giveaway best of luck to whoever enters I think you guys much watching and I will see you in the next one
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