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Giving a Subscriber a Brand New Setup - Setup Makeover

all right today is a big day I get to impact someone's life and I get to completely redo someone set up entirely from scratch gonna make a nice snug fit so the PC doesn't move around in the back otherwise this whole trip would be a waste it's also the biggest series I've ever started on the channel there is so much that went into planning this that took more than four months to complete I think we got everything here let's uh let's go change someone's life yeah I think when I first announced the series in that channel and started accepting submissions we got almost a thousand applications we got over 900 applications in and we have to sift through every single one of them and pick one person that not only deserved and you set up but also needed a new set up the coolermaster team narrowed it down to ten finalists and from that ten we all went through and we had to pick one person that stood out the most and out of that ten Philips submission was the one that stood out hey tech source I just saw your video on the setup makeover so this is my video submission applying so what inspired you to apply for a makeover from tech source and called coolermaster one of the reasons was I wanted to get a new computer to be able to give mine away to my fiance it's not she doesn't have a lot of money and she's needs a new laptop so if I was able to give her mine it would provide her with another avenue to do her schoolwork I don't know I necessarily deserve a makeover I'm sure there's plenty of people who deserve it more than I do or more needy than I do you know one of the things that helps me the stress from my week at work is gaming and I really enjoy it and it helps me just a couple of some of the things that I have to see I would also be working on my degree towards criminal justice trying to get a masters in that so that's a mission pretty much checked all the boxes we were looking for the first one is he has a purpose for this setup he likes the game and he goes to schools so he can use it for schoolwork as well number two he has a goal in life he wants to get a masters in criminal justice and number three which was a very important quality is giving it back he said he was able to give his macbook to his fiancee once he does get a brand-new set up and he does have a brother and sister so he is going to allow them to use the setup for either gaming and schoolwork as well which we thought was really nice all right so the plan for today is to go over to his house set everything up in one day get his reaction maybe ask a few questions about the setup if you liked it what do you didn't like about it wrap it up and then come home right now GPS is saying that it's gonna be a little over two hours to get there which is pretty good actually because I think we got lucky on the first contestant considering that is only two hours away I was just thinking what if somebody else lives in a different state or lives like six or seven hours away that would have been even more difficult so is it the second time we're actually going to Phillips house the first time we went there we told him we needed him for an interview because we were interviewing the last ten contestants which wasn't true by the way and we only said that as an excuse to go over to his house and check it out check out his setup and everything and we actually recorded that entire day here's a quick flashback alright guys so after an hour drive we finally made it to Phillips house and apparently he lives in the middle of nowhere there's like nothing inside but a bunch of grasses and trees and his ass is right there on the left side he still doesn't know that we're here so I'm gonna go surprise him let's go check it out that moment we've been waiting for hey hey what's going on dude good this for you Wow yes I've been really nice sighs hello Edgar nice to meet you how you guys doing good awesome I'm sure he's uh he's told you about us a little bit well that's the random strangers coming in here hi I heard about you nice to meet you Edgar that's my camera guy Bob and coolermaster team right there sorry man nice to meet you finally person you like you look just like the just like I you are in the videos now they haven't changed one but that's good that's good so awesome dude I guess we're gonna check out your setup first in room if you want to show us you know after that we're gonna look a quick little interview ask you some questions and things like that this is it yeah awesome wireless mouse cool cool I mean as soon as he said that he was gaming on that MacBook I think like a piece of my soul just disappeared from my body so awesome cool so you got your MacBook there what what year is that MacBook 2015 ok nice cool so yeah man this is your setup walking a laptop basic wireless mouse that's pretty much it yeah that's pretty much it not much else to decorations man it's what's going on there this video organized and the drawers are gonna be missing apps like bunch of papers yeah cool awesome I'm gonna be as honest as possible that setup was I was trying to be as polite as possible in person not to give him a hard time but if Phillip submitted that setup to set up words that would easily be a great contender for the worst set up edition aka the potato edition hands down needless to say he definitely needed a setup makeover so the first time we went there we actually created this fake interview where we were auditioning the last ten contestants to basically choose the final one within that ten Phillip had no idea that he was in fact the chosen one so we sat down we asked them a bunch of questions and then the final question was the big one one final question how do you feel how do you feel being the chosen one for the setup makeover van you set up Mac from scratch give your laptop to your fiance good upgrade you new monitors everything no am i getting pranked here anything guys I'm the same like as you man I don't win anything out no lottery tickets no like those those sweepstakes they do zero never gamble no no gambling guys you heard up and fill up right hand don't do it so you losers congratulations the next step is to figure out we're gonna get you honestly his excitement got all of us excited to see someone so genuine win a huge prize from Texas you know I do a lot of giveaways on the channel and sadly there are people who just subscribe or like videos just to participate and win they don't really care about the channel or supporting the channel and that's fine I get it you know there's really no way to validate if someone is a loyal subscriber or a supporter of the channel that's just the nature of doing giveaways on YouTube that's why it felt really good to reward a loyal subscriber that's been watching my videos and supporting the channel for a long time I love awarding loyal subscribers more than anyone else people that like the video even before it starts to drop comments and just really support the channel those other subscribers that I love doing these types of videos with the only thing I'm concerned about right now is everything goes according to plan I have this vision in my mind of how the setup has to look like and I hope that comes to life when I put everything together I'm just hoping that the final product matches what the design was or at least very close to it that's that's the only issue I'm just hoping that Phillip really likes to setup I would say the hardest thing about all of this is creating a setup that Phillip would enjoy other thing I'm concerned about is leaving something behind obviously we're driving over two hours so I made sure to double-check every single component but knowing me I always forget something behind so whether it's something really small or stupid like a screwdriver or maybe even the monitor mount RGB strips whatever it is would you expect of course I forgot some stuff for my interview with Phillip I've gathered some information and what type of setup he would enjoy and so far I know that he likes the colors white blue and purple he's a huge Star Wars fan and he likes space for lots and lots of storage and of course a badass gaming PC because he loves the game I mean I don't know how he would game on a MacBook in the first place but I know he likes again so needless to say the possibilities are endless so we got to work I hit David who is the master of 3d printing and actually helped me out with the Wolverine setup a ton and apparently he's great at 3d designs as well so he decided to throw around some ideas originally I wanted to start off with a dual monitor setup but the symmetry just wasn't there and the layout just looks weird to me I mean the position of the shelves so the speakers were in a terrible spot and I just wasn't happy with the first draft so I threw in an extra monitor now it was looking like a badass setup but I thought to myself this guy is coming from a MacBook what the hell is he going to do with three monitors then I decided to add a nano leaf on the top of the set up to you know just add some spice and color to this setup so David put together a few designs and at this point I'm like what on earth am i doing I feel like I'm creating another ultimate desk setup I told myself I don't want this to be overkill obviously I do want a nice upgrade for him but at the same time I wanted to be sufficient you know I want him to utilize everything in the setup so if I give him like three monitors and he's only using one kind of a waste and that's kind of the wrap that I was going with for this first setup so with that in mind I actually decided to go with a different route hey guys I hope you enjoy the first part of setup makeover the finale will be on the channel next Saturday so make sure you subscribe with notifications enabled and if you're doing a series so far tossing you like would be awesome and if you guys don't like the series please leave a dislike with your criticism in the comment section below thanks again for watching I'll see you guys very soon
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