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Goodbye CanCun | VLOG #14 (Part 2)

so I'm guessing that's the boat we need to take to get on the island Gareth in or get off in however you say and then it's pretty cool the LA except lining stuff we append the dolphin and it's a lot of cool activities so can't wait it's gonna be fine all right so I guess we're gonna go snorkeling first just because we're super hot and then afterwards hugging was the blinding and then explore the rest of the park so hope you guys enjoyed the vlogs I'm trying to get as much footage as I can and that's the same time I'm trying to enjoy this trip as well so I hope you guys water is so clean I like it because there's not many people around it's just basically us and then the other half it's like barely anybody here but that again we do have the VIP pass there is that 2% so I'm have to put this back in the locker and get my little 6s plus and recorded that so yeah again marked for disappointment so now we're here at the other park where we can swim with dolphins so it's gonna be pretty fun I don't know if I'm allowed to bring my camera but I will do my best to try and record everything so I guess these are like the little areas where you people obviously getting fresh I wouldn't alright guys so now it is day five here in Cancun and this is the last day here in Mexico so I'm gonna be taking our flights back home tomorrow around two o'clock so when I try and enjoy the lecture today I think it's gonna be chillin by the pool for a few hours I'm probably go and jet ski a little bit and then later on we have a spa and then dinner and then that's pretty much it for today so also I'm really sorry for not bringing the camera yesterday to the dolphin experience they're really strict on cameras because you know they gotta gotta make their money so we were forced to buy their photos instead of bringing out on camera so I'll probably post some pictures somewhere on the screen you guys when I check that out but it was honestly an incredible experience definitely something you should you guys should do at least once in your life it just you know I have experience with dolphins and stuff but yeah overall an awesome time here in Cancun this is definitely needed just to take a break from YouTube and stuff like that but anyways I'm done rambling and now I'm gonna go downstairs in the pool I'll bring you guys with me let me know if you guys enjoy watching these vlogs by leaving a like if you do enjoy watching these I'll definitely continue to do these wherever I go but anyways guys I'll see you soon so we just had our breakfast Briana's getting dressed so we can go to the pool in a few minutes I hope and she got bit way above she got bid right there I saw back here at the hotel after a long day at the pool and jet skiing was definitely a fun day it's 5:30 p.m. right now and our spa appointment is at 6:00 that lasts till 9 p.m. and Brianne was to go out around 10:30 so I don't know what we're gonna do her excuses it's the last day in Cancun we should go out and have fun and go all out but I don't know we're gonna do honestly cuz I'm really exhausted I just wanna get some rest before I before we head to the airport at one o'clock tomorrow but almost getting hungry so I don't know we're gonna do but we want to spawn first and then I guess decide afterwards this is pretty nice oh honey and full-body their whole body over here go marry equinox unlike me 200 they found me and my sister here because they're both getting the tissue and they thought or a couple and had told her I'm a sister so they what they get Breanna now because she's getting Swedish and I'm getting the big tissue so it's two different massages but this is a setup right now pretty romantic I would say got some candles over there in the wall sink area two and a half years of doing YouTube I need this you
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