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HERE ONE Earbuds | Better Than Air Pods?

what's up guys it's a from tech Sorenson in this video we'll be taking a look at the wireless earbuds from Doppler lab now first glance you guys might think that these are regular wireless earbuds for audio listening but it's actually the technology and the connected app that makes these truly different opening up the clean packaging you will find the here 1 earbuds inside the accompanying portable charging case Quick Start Guide micro USB charging cable as well as additional foam and silicone ear tips the here 1 earbuds are truly Wireless and fit perfectly inside the sleek charging case this included accessories great because it makes storing the earbuds extremely easy and prevents them from getting lost via buzz itself have a battery life of 2 hours while the tragic case can provide an additional 3 more charges there's a set of LED indicators inside a case that indicates the amount of juice left the case can be fully charged in just two and a half hours and it takes about an hour to fully charge up your buds inside the case via the provided micro USB cable to get started all you have to do is download the here one app on your iOS or Android device and then sync the earbuds via bluetooth upon first use I immediately noticed how well the earbuds fit inside my ears and the tight seal they create to help block out surrounding noises the first feature that I tried was adjusting the volume of the sounds around me and this worked extremely well and in real time at that bringing the sound down resulted in a gradual reduction in the overall sound it didn't completely eliminate the noise but they were no longer a distraction bringing up everything to the maximum of 6 decibels also works just as well you can also keep these changes in effects while listening to your favorite audio content via the layered listening feature Dobler labs aims to remove the guesswork out of creating a comfortable listening scenario by offering smart noise cancellation and the upcoming smart suggests smart noise cancellation provides a list of common sounds that would be considered an interruption to your listening experience and can be easily muted with a toggle Smart's suggests coming to the here one system and a later update will intelligently provide audio suggestions based on your location the time of day as well as listening preferences this is just one of the features we can expect as valve Labs plans to constantly further evolve to hear one ear buds through software and firmware update if you rather fine-tune it sounds yourself you can do that with the live mix EQ it's very intuitive and works in real time just like any of the other modifications that can be done with the earbuds doubler labs also provides fun effect to radically change what you here including bass we've herb and even flange the here when earbuds are fully integrated with your smartphone offering the same touch controls you find on other wireless earbuds you can easily play and pause your music talk to Siri or Google assistance as well as answer phone calls without the need for your phone there's also a pair of noise cancelling microphones built-in so a phone call quality will remain crisp no matter where you are as far as I was concerned for wireless earbuds these actually sound pretty good I feel like they have a very balanced sound signature and with a prominent treble however they could definitely use some more bass so I did have two gripes with the earbuds first up the initial connectivity isn't as convenient since the earbuds use a regular Bluetooth connection for each side but they seem to stay connected relatively well after the initial process the second gripe is the charging case now it does hold the earbuds in a portable form factor which is great but the hinge construction could be better and I found that the earbuds were easily prone to falling out of the case and advertently while open I definitely expected better construction for the case for something that cost this much we're comparing the earbuds to an alternative such as the air pods the difference is immediately noticeable air pods only provide a way for you to listen to your music but the hero one allows for creating an entirely new experience and how you listen to your music this makes here one earbuds a better choice in any environment you may be in the earbuds are currently available online for $2.99 at WWWE so that is a video thing as so much for watching leave a like if you enjoyed it I'll drop a link down below to the here buzz if you guys want to check them out I've also got my hands on one of the very first pairs of these and I'm going to be giving away two guys so if you're interested make sure to click on a description section for your chance to win them thanks again for watching and I will see you in the next video
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