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HP Chromebook 11 Unboxing/Overview + Giveaway!

what is going on tech sources here to bring you guys a close look at the new HP Chromebook 11 from Google a Chromebook is basically a laptop that runs Chrome OS as its operating system and the device is designed to be used while connected to the Internet and support apps that reside on the web there are many different types of Chromebooks available starting at $1.99 from different brands like Acer Samsung and HP the HP Chromebook 11 that we are unboxing goes for 279 units available in black or white with four accent colors that you can choose from and they come in very simple packaging and a charger as you can see here Google does give you 100 gigabytes of free Google Drive storage for two years when you purchase this Chromebook and the amount of storage and time vary depending on which Chromebook you purchase the HP 11 has a plastic body that sits on top of a magnesium alloy frame which kind of makes it feel more sturdy than most plastic laptops and it does offer the same specs as last year's model it has a dual core Samsung Exynos 50 to 50 processor two gigs of RAM and 16 gigabytes of internal storage the screen is an 11.6 inch IPS display with a resolution of 1366 by 768 with 339 pixels per inch which is pretty impressive for something this small but for the short time that we use the machine it offers poor performance navigation on the web page will be really laggy and an even lags when watching HD video here is a sample of the movie Transformers in 1080p and if you listen very carefully you can hear and see the lag the webcam also isn't that great since the quality is VGA but honestly what do you expect from a $300 Chromebook here is a sample picture that we took of our camera and you can see that it's enough to tell what you're looking at I did like the keyboard the keys have plenty of space in between them and it felt really comparable typing the only downside is that there is no 10 key the Chromebook 11 also boots up in less than 10 seconds and it is very light and thin measuring at point 69 inches in 2.3 pounds comparing to the MacBook Pro which is at 0.7 inches and 4 point 46 pounds because it runs Chrome OS you have access to your favorite google apps and there are tons of other apps also available for free on the Chrome Web Store it also gets you 6 hours of battery life if you are traveling and with its simple clutter free layout the ports are all located on the left side which includes 2 USB ports one headphone jack and your micro USB charger they made it a micro USB port because it is the same port used to charge most phones and tablets so you can use the same cable making a really convenient although the Google colors do light up on the lid of the Chromebook there is no backlighting for the keyboard so if you are using it in very low light conditions it can be really inconvenient as I mentioned before you can choose from up to 4 accent colors which include the colors blue red yellow and green which are the Google theme colors if you haven't noticed and these are the parts of the Chromebook that change as well as the outline of the keyboard that you saw earlier so that wraps up the unboxing and overview of the new HP Chromebook 11 if you guys want to win this all you have to do is subscribe like the video and leave a comment down below thats related to the video the winner will be announced on November 30th on my Facebook page the link is listed in description below this is the tech source and we'll see you next time
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