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HQ Update Tour - VLOG #10

what's up guys it's ed back again from tech stores so in this vlog I'm actually gonna do something a little different I'm gonna give you guys a quick home tour I haven't actually done an update since I moved in so figured now is the perfect time alright so walking in you are greeted by the living room and as you can see already there are a few updates I've already done but it's going to look to the left side will quick I've picked up this wall shelf for my Kia and kind of mounted it above the shoe stand and it's really convenient way of accessing like the keys or sunglasses on your way out so yeah really happy with this shelf yes there are new chairs so this is the IKEA TV stand I picked up in black I think it's available in white and gold as well but it blends in really nicely with the 55 inch 4k Smart TV from Samsung and also the soundbar from go group which really makes this room into like a theater really happy with that by the way I actually did a video on it you guys can check that out and everything I mentioned in this video will be linked down below a few things I have on the side are my surveillance camera this is the guardzilla which I can monitor my home from it has a motion detection night vision and also as a speaker and microphone which I can communicate with the awesome device there and this is my Amazon echo named Alexa and actually a lot of you guys have been asking me on how I control my lights to do this Alexa turn off living room lights okay Alexa turn on living room lights okay all right so the way I hooked that up is really simple actually what I did was I picked up a Belkin Wemo switch which is a smart switch you can control with your smartphone or you can connect it to Amazon echo and you can control whatever it plugs in here you can basically turn it off by clicking on this button or by using your app but what I did was I hooked it up to Amazon echo because they are both compatible and I use Amazon echo to control that Wemo switch so yeah and the lights are connected to that power strip in there and that power strip is hooked up to the Wemo switch so if that windmill switch turns off so do the lights and once again like I said I'll link everything down below alright so moving towards the dining room area is where I put my poker table you can apply down real quick and this is the executive poker table that you guys have seen from my office tour we kind of play Texas Holdem on the weekends nothing really interesting $20 buy ends nothing crazy just a really nice way to let loose gather bottled beer and just relax okay so the to the left of that there's the kitchen area which has two insurances not sure why and I'm gonna leave for you guys by going over the kitchen stuff but there's the dining room area washer and dryer is in there we I do love my boos so you got some bottled kettle one margarita mixes then we got some live shot glasses up top and then you got the wine glasses on the bottom with some storage for wine which as you can see it's gonna be depleted anyways enough about this nonsense let's go ahead and go upstairs where all the good stuff is um this is like our bathroom you guys already seen this nothing really has change it's just like a half bath for guests that we use going upstairs is the bedroom area this is where the magic happens so I picked up that IKEA lamp in the corner there and I replace the bulb with a lifx smart bulb which I can control using my smartphone which is actually pretty sweet if you ask me you can use the wheel here to change the color you can also adjust the intensity by moving this wheel up and down or you just turn it off if you want it off of course let's say if you don't want any colors you can go to the whites and you get adjust the temperature of the whites which is actually really sweet normally I keep it around 25% to set the mood you know what I'm saying well yeah I guess extremely bright in here as you can see I have it set to 7500 K at 100% and has really lights up the entire room so to the left of our bed is Brian's bathroom I don't dare go inside here this is her territory and then we got the IKEA dresser which I've been struggling on fixing if you guys have been watching her vlogs recently last but not least this is our queen bed and the reason why I'm showing you the bed is because I think that comfort is extremely important in everyone's life so these guys from Casper mattress actually reached out to me and asked me they can send me a mattress for review and what better timing because honestly I was in need of a mattress I had my previous mattress for like five or six years now and I've been tossing and turning these past few months that I think was just time for me to upgrade this mattress is super comfy guys like as soon as I slept on it for one day I definitely knew that I was going to replace my old mattress so basically what makes the mattress so comfortable is that it's made out of two materials we got the memory foam which provides contouring support to your body and then you have the latex foam which keeps you cool and adds a healthy balance the best part about the shopping experience is as you guys can try it out for a hundred nights for free with no hassle returns if you're not happy with it oh by the way these mattresses are super affordable because they actually sell directly to the consumers honestly if you guys have trouble sleeping at night or looking to upgrade your mattress definitely check these guys out you do get 100 nights for free so you don't have to worry about it if you don't end up keeping it but if you do decide to fall in love with a mattress like I did and sigh to pick one up you guys can use the code sleep 2 to get $50 off of your first mattress I'm going to leave a link to their website down below so make sure you guys click on it and also the coupon code down below well yeah that's basically my room so enough about that let's go ahead and move on to the good stuff not gonna show you my storage because it's still the same nothing has changed so yeah this is basically the master bathroom which is the one I use cuz biade has her own you got a walk-in shower over here got a tub which I never use two sinks which I only use one and then this is the headquarters I will wait till the white balance adjusts there we go so this is the headquarters a lot of things have been changed so that is my setup you guys have seen this many times this is where the magic well the other magic happens I'm currently walking the single Titan X right now until I we do my entire PC build oh I should say build an entire new PC build hopefully later this month or January Cultra wide on my flexmount which I've shown you guys before on my setup video really sweet thing I've actually never told you this guy's but the reason why I have my civil play button on the top of my workstation is because I always look to it for motivation it kind of tells me that I've accomplished something and that I'm in the right path so every time I'm feeling down or I just don't have the motivation to continue I just look at that for a few seconds or you can just stare at it for a minute and I'm back at it yeah when I get my gold play button which is when I pass 1 million subscribers that's definitely going to replace that and I'm gonna have to redo the foams because it's a much bigger plaque over to the right I have my iPad air 2 custom painted by color where also has a little engraving down there for my channel which is pretty sweet moving over to the right side I have the docking station for my smartphones which honestly I've been slacking I haven't been doing much smartphone content mainly because just bores me honestly if it depresses me every time I look at a smartphone it's just I've done so much in a channel before but now I'm trying to transition into PC gaming and just other technology related reviews and videos not so much smartphones but once in a while you guys will see it pop up Daniel I have done the famous modification this slide Apple drawer got the best power bank in the world this thing charges my iPhone 200% from zero like in an hour to two hours really fast I actually feature this in a cool tech video along with these awesome rechargeable batteries these have 21 hundred million power each and they actually last longer than actual double-a batteries which is pretty sweet and they do make a triple-a batteries as well but every time they went out of juice I hook it up to the charging Bay and I juice it up but yeah my laptop on there nothing really interesting here in boxing night keep it nicely hid in there small out of vacation to the wires as you can see put it in a little a box which kind of cleans up the power strip which is pretty sweet got the filming gear on that side I've already did a video on that stuff so you guys can check it out if you want got my filming desk and then the alternate editing station aka Bob station which she hasn't really been doing much recently but as you can see it's missing a PC right now that's going to change soon so over on the side is basically where my wireless printer rests which is the canon pixma MX 9 to 2 by far one of the best wireless printers out of but my mom's printer actually broke down and I gave her mine and then I went into bought another one for myself because not only do you save a lot of money on the ink cartridges but it also prints out really nice image quality on the side is my filming gear usually I keep my lenses my recorders and then below that in this little suitcase and in here is basically some battery packs I have you want as controller for my slider and a bunch of other stuff that I use from time to time oh yeah I think that's basically it for the home tours for a long time I'm gonna go back to the usual vlogs after this so thank you guys again so much for watching and I'll see you in the next go you
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