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HTC 10 Review | 1 Month Later

what's up guys it's at from Texas and today you're going to be taking a look at the jack of all trades in the smartphone industry the HTC 10 it may not be waterproof have the best camera or even the best display but my time with it has proven to be anything but lacking so let's go and get the specifications out of the way before we start under the quad HD Super LCD display your snapdragons latest offering the 820 processor paired with 4 gigabytes of RAM also something we don't see all that often is specialized audio hardware but in this case we do get a 24-bit deck and amp for improved audio quality keeping this phone juice does a three thousand million power battery and it comes standard with 32 gigabytes of memory which is expandable via microSD card and finally the rear and front cameras are 12 and 5 megapixels respectively so with all of those numbers out of the way let's kick this review off with the hardware in typical HTC fashion we get this block of metal that feels nice in the hand and in my opinion looks great they did do something new this year however by adding these not-too-subtle chamfers along the back when I first saw this online I thought it was ridiculous but my opinion that a complete 360 when I actually had it in hand ergonomically it helps with how the phone nests in your hand and in person it does look pretty badass throw a deer and skin on there to add a bit more grip and you have yourself a fresh beast of a design I'll drop a link down below if anyone is interested in checking out these skins for themselves even the buttons on this phone feel just extra not in the sense that there's too many but just by the field and how much pressure takes to activate and for me that wasn't unexpected positive the display on this phone is what HTC calls a super LCD 5 which tells us that it's one an LCD display and two it's somehow super the color is not as vibrant as something like the galaxy s7 with its AMOLED display but on that note it's more accurate than that of the s7 which is something I actually like I guess it depends on what you prefer to look at in the end but am i late or not the display is plenty sharp it doesn't however get as bright as you would think which could be a problem if you're under direct sunlight you might also notice that there aren't two grills flanking the display like the previous models which brings up the question where is that boom sound well it's still here but implemented in a new way HTC decided to separate the tweeter and the woofer to the top and bottom for the sake of innovation I guess it doesn't get as loud as the HTC nine so my question then is if it's not broken why fix it it still strides better than the Galaxy s7 s almost cringe-worthy speaker and it's louder than most phones out there but it's not what we're used to seeing from HTC and that was kind of a letdown to me here's a quick sound comparison between the Galaxy s7 and the HTC 10 anything he was right saying that if you never ever for the right word there's no way this is real life there's no setting you're the right girl is once you plug in some decent earphones however even the ones included in the packaging the audio experience improves dramatically you can even go a step further and personalize your own audio profile based on the unique way you hear sound both audio software and hardware deliver the loudest and clearer sound I've ever heard from a phone now let's talk about the cameras HTC has a reputation of delivering subpar cameras on their flagships but I'm happy to say that that's not the case with the HTC 10 we get 12 megapixels at one point fifty five microns image stabilization laser autofocus and an aperture of 1.8 which all sound good on paper but when taking a look at the pictures and videos they're just above average it seems to overexpose pictures and just doesn't compare to the galaxy and iPhones out there one thing worth mentioning is that the front-facing camera also has built-in image stabilization which is a first that I've seen and that was a pretty cool feature but in the end if you're looking for the best smartphone camera out there I would honestly look somewhere else however when it comes to battery performance you won't be disappointed I got through most days with just about four hours of on-screen time without any worries and rarely use the power saving modes but when I did I was able to get five more hours of device power with just one percent battery that in combination with quick charge three point 0 gives me assurance that I won't be looking for us bc cables halfway through today it doesn't however include wireless charging which to some could be a disappointment but I never found myself using that feature with any phone I've owned but it's worth mentioning the software is probably my favorite part of this phone it's fast includes virtually no bloatware and has features that you wouldn't find on stock Android one thing you'll notice right off the bat is how quick this phone just makes things happen that's in part of HTC's efforts of reducing touch lag as well as the animation speeds being scaled back over my period of testing it hasn't slowed down at all and at no time was I waiting for a tap to register or an app to open up it has a very stock Android look and feel and this alone makes this phone a must check out if you're shopping around for a new android flagship overall the HTC 10 is the best well-rounded phone on the mark as of now it does a lot of things right and hopefully with some software tweaks HTC can improve the cameras performance a bit and put it up there with the competitors it's not waterproof nor does it have two cameras or wireless charging but in an odd way it's currently my favorite android phone on the market part of that I guess is because this phone is such an underdog I mean no one was expecting this much from HTC but they came out with a product that checks pretty much all the boxes but they pretty much wraps up my review of the HTC 10 if you guys enjoyed it make sure to leave a like and as always I will see you in the next video
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