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HTC M8 - Video Leak Thoughts

what does up you guys add here from Texas and apparently there's a leaked video of the brand new HTC I'm a going around on YouTube so we decided to take a look at it and give you guys our first impressions so the first thing we can see in this video is the size difference between the HTC One and the m8 the MA definitely looks a bit taller however the width still looks the same the front still sports boom son with stereo speakers but what's odd to me is that I notice the top speakers are not the same size as the bottom ones I'm sure this does not affect loudness of the top speakers but it does affect the way the phone looks to me I mean call it OCD but I like it when things are symmetrical we can also see that HTC has moved the sensors to the left of the front facing camera taking a look at the back you can see the all new brush design as well as the rumored second camera the uploader did not go into detail on what the second camera is going to be used for but leaks have suggested that HTC could be utilizing a new refocused technology where the user can focus on a different part of picture after the picture has been taken and on the back we can also see dual LED flashes which should provide better pictures when flash is enabled the new brushed aluminum on the back looks better than HTC One in my opinion it gives the phone a more premium look like it was made out of fine metals one thing that I can already tell that's going to annoy me is the on-screen buttons I'm not saying that the on-screen buttons are bad but the way that HTC implemented them is actually horrible they have kept a useless black bar below the screen that contains nothing but HTC logo and it just doesn't make sense why HTC did not use that space to make the screen bigger or even make the phones footprint smaller the size of the phone do look thinner and a lot better than the HTC One because it looks like they use the same material for the back the HTC One actually use the soft plastic material that in my opinion took away from the overall look of the phone the software does not also look good as well there are a lot of glitches and lack present that we see in the video but I want to worry about this too much because it's not an actual retail model and most likely as I'm finished software running on it the new sense does look a lot more refined and sure to stock Android but we won't be able to really tell until we get this phone and review ourselves the uploader does compare the speakers on the MA to the current HTC One and from what we can tell they do seem louder but now for the camera I can't really speak much about this except the camera software the uploader does not properly show us what the camera quality looks like on the new m8 in one word though the new UI for the camera is simplistic there is a new menu that shows all different modes that you can choose from and there are a couple modes here that we are not familiar with just yet one of which is the new selfie mode we have no idea why HTC included this but maybe it takes a picture of the user and automatically enhances it but we will have to wait and see on that there's also a dual capture mode which like Samsung devices will use both front and back facing cameras at the same time to take a picture the user in the video also says that the picture quality looks better so we'll have to take his word for now the overall phone seems to be more curved which could be a good thing offering a good feel in the hand so how do we feel about this leak well if it is real which it probably is then I've definitely satisfied in my opinion the overall design of the phone is improved and probably will offer a better in hand experience thanks to the curved nature of the phone HTC sense does seem to be improved as well but we will have to take a closer look at that when we get our hands on a retail version for a review we can't speak on the camera nor the speakers yet because we haven't used the device but we are sure they will be definite improvement over last year's HTC One this video does not reveal anything really new to us that the previous leaks had not already but for now as I said before I'm definitely satisfied but I wanna know what you guys think about that mate let us know in the comments down below and make sure to subscribe to get all the coverage on this phone when it does get released this is that from tech source and i will see you next time you
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