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HTC ONE M8 GPE (Google Play Edition) vs Standard - Performance Comparison

what is a big I said here from Texas and today we're just gonna take a quick look at a difference in performance between the standard HTC One m8 and the Google Play edition we figured the best way to test this was to play some graphic intensive games so first up we have asphalt 8 airborne we have to throw in a racing game since it's a fast-paced game and by the looks of it both phones handle it pretty well if you look very closely however the GPE does seem to have smoother gameplay but it's hardly noticeable the next game we tested out was the popular dead trigger 2 game this is a first-person zombie shooter and it said that this is one of the most intensive first-person shooters out there and that's probably why we got this for the test once again both phones seem to play the game very well however if you look closely the GPU once again seems a bit smoother when constantly moving around lastly the most graphically intensive game we could find on the App Store had to be GTA san andreas not only that both smartphones become increasingly hot during just a few minutes of gameplay but the GPE proved to be the better of the two it's pretty obvious in the gameplay that the Google Play edition gets more frames per second and a standard edition and mate has choppy gameplay so I'm sure we can agree that the GPE performs a lot better than the standard edition simply because it's running stock Android if you are a hardcore smartphone gamer and want to get the most out of your intense games then you should probably pick up the GPE Edition instead otherwise if you don't care then either will do but that will do it for a quick comparison video make sure to subscribe for more awesome videos and I will see you guys in the next one
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