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HTC ONE M8 - Unboxing + 1st Look

what is up you guys add here from Texas once again and today we are back to look at the new HTC One m8 that has recently been launched HTC has big shoes to fill here as the HTC one m7 was praised to be one of the best smartphones of last year and I'm here to unbox this and give you guys my first impressions when I was watching the conference I thought that the m8 would feel very similar to its older brother the m7 but while this one right off the bat feels much better in the hand but let's put this phone to the side for now and look at what else comes in the box included we have what seems to be earphones and an eco-friendly packaging the earphones are the basic HTC models that came with last year's model so nothing new here except the addition of the HTC logo on the earbuds which is a pretty nice touch if you're someone with big ears you should be covered here as HTC has also included different sized rubber gels one thing I don't like is the fact that I cannot control my volume so if I'm listening to music I have to manually adjust the volume using the phone I mean if they are going out of the way to include earphones at least make it so that it has the ability to control the volume again that's just my opinion we also have the USB cable which is pretty standard and the power brick I absolutely hate when manufacturers do this they include a necessary giant power brick I mean really it looks like this can be used to power up a laptop but anyways moving on to the left it seems that we have some more stuff on the top of this we have the sim and microSD slot remover and as expected we got some more paperwork here which should be useful if you need something to read in the bathroom for some reason now to take a closer look at the phone we will start with the left side of the device and immediately you can see the slight curvature that's going on here and this side also has the nano SIM tray making our way around the device we can see that HTC has moved the earphone port to the bottom of the device which is a welcome change I strongly believe that all headphone ports belong on the bottom of every phone so I'm glad that they decided to change that and my next to that is the microUSB charging or on the right side we have our volume rocker and micro SD card slot and this phone can actually accept up to a whopping 128 gigabytes of space but I mean who really needs that much space especially with a 4 megapixel camera located at the back producing low file size pictures which kind of makes it seem like it's overkill but next to the main camera we've got the dual flash that mimics Apple's true tone flash and right above both of them we got a second sensor that can measure distance variants and let you do pretty cool stuff with the camera but more on that in a later video at the top of the device we have our IR blaster which is now the whole black strip at the top of the phone and if I may add looks pretty cool actually and also on the top we have the awkwardly placed power button at the front of the device we have our two speakers named boom sound and hidden cleverly underneath the top speaker we've got our notification light which looks pretty sweet something you might not notice is the capacitive buttons from the m7 and that's because HTC has opted to include on-screen buttons on the m8 which is welcomed as the awkwardly placed m7 buns really did suck so the m8 comes rocking a Snapdragon 801 running on a two point three gigahertz quad-core processor with two gigs of RAM it also has a 5-inch super lcd3 screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 p and protecting that is the gorilla glass 3 the curved angles really do provide a comfortable experience something I could not say about HTC m7 our gunmetal variant looks really cool I mean the pattern on the back here really makes for an impressive design the phone also comes in a matte silver variant as well as in gold which is currently only available in best buy stores coming from a bigger phone like the note 3 this phone does not feel big at all and that's fine by me because I actually preferred this size to that of the note 3 it's comfortable enough for me to hold with one hand and I can safely say that I didn't need to make much adjustments to utilize the entire screen I was harsh a little while ago on the power button but I guess HTC can be forgiven as they have included a way to wake up the device right from the screen just double tap and the phone will spring into life the only downside to this is that she wants you to make some sort of movement before performing this action so double tapping on the screen when the phone's been laying on your table for a good while will not grant you access to this feature you can also swipe to the left and right from the phone screen when it is in sleep mode to either access the home screen blinkfeed or recently used applications but the same limitation does exist where there has to be some sort of movement beforehand the phone feels really smooth and it's actually the smoothest Android that I've used by next to the Nexus 5 the icons and UI elements look more flat this time around with sent six which is a good thing and jumping into the notification panel we can see almost stock look with an easy way to enter the quick settings menu HTC is also allowing us to rearrange the shortcuts which is pretty cool there's nothing really new here in the menu with the exception of the new themes folder which allows for an easy way to change the wallpaper and the different accents around the UI we can also see here that the phone is powered by android 4.4 point to which is the latest software holding the power button we get access to kids mode which allows for your phone UI to be transformed to be used safely by your kids and basically there are games and different apps that are approved for kids and the way to get in and out is by inputting the year that you were born as a password so basically if your kid is old enough to know the year then they can exit the safe mode themselves which is kind of pointless if you ask me and to end our first look at the HTC One and mate we are going to take a look at perhaps my favorite feature of this phone the boom sound now this is truly awesome and I believe that it is miles away from the other audio offerings from all the other phone manufacturers I'm sure you won't get the full effect from this recording but i thought i would share it with you guys anyways why you murder your mercy he turns his back on the innocent believe me when I say that the audio was a thousand times better in person I was completely blown away by the sound quality of the HTC m8 but you guys definitely have to check that out by yourself but anyways that is it for the unboxing and our first look at the HTC One m8 smartphone we will be doing a few more videos on this device including a camera comparison so make sure you guys stay tuned for that this is that from texas and i will see you next time
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