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HTC ONE M9 vs HTC ONE M8 - Speaker Comparison

what's up guys it's ed from tech source and in this video i'm gonna do a quick comparison between the speakers on both the HTC one m9 and the m8 along with a new camera a larger battery and a slightly new design HTC has also upgraded their boomsound stereo speakers with Dolby audio surround sound which should give you a theater like experience well I'm here to find out exactly how much of a difference it really is so without wasting any more time let's check it out there's a storm coming it sound like you're looking forward to it I'm gonna have to farm what are you I'm Gotham's reckoning did they kill him I'm not sure I didn't teachers young your punishment must be more severe do you think is coming back I don't know how'd you run hey you should be as afraid of him as I am I won't bury you a burden on Memphis the DeWine family you don't know you've given them everything yeah my mother warned me about getting into cars with strange man this isn't a car all right so yeah there is definitely difference between the two it actually sounds a lot better in person and if you're one of those people that enjoy watching movies on your smartphone then you can definitely benefit from these speakers I can safely say that HTC is the only company with the best speakers on a smartphone for now anyways if you enjoy the video please hit that like button if you didn't feel free to dislike and let me know what you guys think about their new boomsound speakers on the m9 will the speakers alone convince you to pick one up I'm curious to read your thoughts anyways thanks again for watching this is it from tech source and I'll see you guys in the next video
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