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HTC ONE M9 vs HTC ONE M8 - Speed Test (Shocking Results)

hey guys it's Edie and welcome to another comparison video between the HTC One m9 and the HTC One m8 in this video I will be running a bunch of tests between both phones that include a speed test benchmarks and a battery performance test but before we jump into the good stuff let's take a quick look at their specs now I won't go through all the specs for the sake of time so instead you can pause the video if you do need more time to look at them alright so that's enough of the talking let's sit back relax and enjoy the show so that was kind of unexpected it seems like the m8 is the faster phone even though the m9 is running the latest software maybe the apps are not yet optimized for the m9 because it really doesn't make sense that a phone with much better specs to lose at a speed test also the battery test from Geekbench implies that the m8 has a longer-lasting battery even phone arena states that the m8 lasts 7 hours and 12 minutes for a typical real-life usage whereas the m9 reported to last only 6 hours and 25 minutes this is something you shouldn't expect from a flagship smartphone especially from HTC so hopefully HTC releases an update really soon because the m9 is becoming a disappointment for a flagship smartphone anyways that's it for the video I want to hear your thoughts on these tests with you guys think about the results if you enjoy the video please drop a like and if you didn't you can dislike and if there's a phone you want to see the m9 go against next let me know in the comment section down below anyways thanks again for watching this is that from tech source and I'll see you guys in the next video you
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