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what's up guys it's that from Texas and I'm very very excited to tell you guys about something I've been working on really hard these past few months I actually have my good friend Julian bright helping me out with this he's actually the one who created the website and he's helping maintain the website as well guys I've seen him around on the channel before specifically on setup wars so if you guys have been subscribed to the channel for a while now then that means you know about my show already the best tech deals of the week that I do every single Tuesday I basically look through the internet and I find the best tech deals for US UK and Canada and I've been doing this for months now but there's a huge problem with that after a few days or even during the middle of the week those deals expire so people that come home from work maybe later the weekend they have time to watch my videos that video is pretty much useless to them because all the deals on that video already expire by the weekend so that got me thinking why not host a website and gather all of these amazing deals not only upload them daily but also update the list throughout the day so you guys get fresh deals for us UK and Canada ladies and gentlemen introducing deal source yes the name is very creative I know so if you guys go right now and type in deal source tech it will take you straight to my website other main page is where you guys can find all the current and fresh deals that are going on in the US and there's also tabs for both the UK and Canada as well the main goal of deal source was basically to make the website really user friendly and make it super easy to save money under each product you guys will find a full retail price and next to that you will find a discounted price and both so it's easier to spot if you click on the product it will basically take you straight to the products website and here you can check it out or even buy it if you want additionally there is a merchandise tab up top and clicking on that will take you to my apparel website and here you guys can buy some textures t-shirt or merchandise and finally the shop tab will take you to the page where I'm selling my review items now these are tech products I receive for review purposes I basically use them for a video put them back in the box and I'm basically selling them because honestly if you look at my storage I am running out of space and it's complete chaos here so I'm definitely trying to get rid of these at a super low price all the products on this page are either brand new and sealed or they have been lightly used just for video purposes clicking on a product will take you to a page and display more information the product name the price that is being sold at and he condition the item if it's a 10 out of 10 it's basically brand new and sealed and if it's an 8 or 9 it's lightly used for review purposes there's also a link to the product page in case you guys want to check out the full price of this most of the items on here are pretty much 30% off retail price and the reason why I'm selling them for so low is because I do need space in my storage and I don't want to deal with eBay fees or Craigslist so I'm trying to get rid of these as soon as possible if you guys do decide to buy one of these and check out there will be an autograph option so if you guys want me to leave a note or maybe you sign the item then the option is there for free if you guys scroll all the way on the bottom you'll find my Twitter handle and my contact email in case you guys need to get ahold of me if you guys have a Twitter account make sure to follow me at the deal source because I will be tweeting out some of the best deals from the website throughout the day I promise not to flood your Twitter feed because I will be only tweeting out one or two amazing deals that I come across each day but yeah guys I'm honestly really stoked to finally get this going I've been working really hard the past few months a huge thanks to Julian bright for making this possible the duties of genius but make sure you guys bookmark the website maybe check on a daily or maybe even a few times a week and hopefully I can save you guys some money I also tell your friends tell your family members anyone who's into tech to check these they check the website out I do have Canada US and UK I'll be working on a few other countries early next year so stay tuned also for my youtubers out there if you have a youtube channel over 50,000 subscribers I want to sponsor an ad spot in your videos for deal source so if you guys are interested make sure to hit me up in the email link below and you can talk some numbers but it's basically I think you guys so much for watching as always let me know what you guys think about the website honestly down below if it's anything you want me to change and even you like by the website anything you don't like about the website it's still fairly new so obviously we're adjusting as we go it's basically I think as you can had so much for watching thank you so much for your support honestly I'm very excited I'll see you guys in the next video
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