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Headed To Iceland for LG's Lights Out Stars On - VLOG #13

this is seriously the quietest and port I've ever been in it's like a ghost town in here we just got picked up by LG now we're heading to our hotel as you guys can see my eyes this is how much sleep I miss a nap or how much sleep I need I should say so since I got the hotel come on pack and knock all right so this is the hotel oh look at that LG has created oh my god is that me is that sir see me looking I god it's got like my freakin chair everything why am i pointing a finger looks like I'm flipping off something up what's up guys Evan thanks so this is legit Leonie even got my little like avatar yeah it's freaking awesome that is so badass Wow I think so why did you say that out of that Wow they want us to get drunk this is so freaking awesome what's in there a little unboxing but first let's finish up the tour so yeah nothing really to fancy because it's kind of like an old-fashioned themed hotel really nice really cozy so anyways yeah that's one side yeah little chair here and that is the bed area and yeah it's massive like view here is this crazy alright so I guess on the left side here is where the bathroom area is how do you know that I can make this switch okay yeah that doesn't work that's which does not isn't liking so yeah I don't know why the light switch isn't working but this is apparently the bathroom it's a walk-in shower whoa I almost freaking broke this thing so it opens up and some pretty cool is there seriously male toilet in here say apparently the bathroom is in here again how to fix the lights but not sure why they would separate this with the shower but hey that's pretty cool seriously this is freaking amazing guys LG you guys seriously are spoiling me thank you guys so much for this this is I never knew I would be an action figure one day I'm excited thank you guys so much so I'm figuring out the lighting situation basically have to put in your key card in this main switch area and then that basically powers the entire hotel also when I come back from the LG tour I'm gonna go ahead and unbox these little packages here later on today and take a closer look at this so yeah very excited I just got done with the LG interview right now we're just chillin with some sparkling wine and I think later I'm gonna go get some dinner with the LG reps so and then probably call it a night because honestly I'm exhausted and by the way I want to apologize if I sound like a zombie because I haven't gotten much sleep and I'm extremely tired so I'm sorry for my enthusiastic as usual purposeful
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