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Helping A Fan Build A Gaming PC | PART 1

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is meant for gaming and a bit of productivity but like for like youtube or something like that down the line but for now is mainly for gaming nice see if you have a GTX 1080 yep GPU yeah so how did you meet me exactly how did this even happen in the first place well um if you remember back when we meant like the debido like the very first meetup I mean I'm gonna have this old apartments since my birthday was around the corner at the time my birthday gift was to build a PC and I don't know how to build a PC properly so I'm hoping that like Anne will teach me how to build PC this was like over a month ago and I made this poor guy wait like a month to basically build a PC with me yeah all these components what all these components was somewhere storage just sitting around in the corner yeah I had to put him in my dad's office for like a month all month so he passed by these parts probably once a day looking at like why if I were you do that order like open these boxes and build it myself like screw red man I'm doing this myself like you made me wait a month so I'm sorry I'm at it it's okay it's been hectic since I moved to a new place and stuff but today's the day we're gonna we're gonna get it done so gonna go over some parts here like I said it is the gaming PC we got 16 gigs of ram from Cory series I've dominated Platinum's actually with my favorite RAM sticks here looks they've got the ACS tricks I think this is a hard drive how much - uh um 2 terabytes 2 terabytes of space for my TV I'm afraid you I'm gonna toss in a for tab I got one in the storage really yeah and I thought but make any wait a month I'm gonna do that for you might as well give me monitor all right modern you keyboard mouse Megaman yeah all right so SSD we got the 850 Evo I think this is all 250 gigs yeah we got Windows 10 of course we got the i7 7700 K this is a quad-core processor it's a beast quad core for gaming also got a name that tune they're very nice 960 pro that is also 512 gigs which are things the operating systems gonna be on yep cool power supply you got the 750g - community a of course the GG text I need to grab this card and the popular H 110 I see people of course there and that's an LED fence so missing this is obviously gonna be a black and green and a razor theme setups yeah we got like reason if you already attack at home yes I am like one racer gear which is just the razor temp as if you remember that's like you know amber Decker's Mouse yeah so let's get cracking guys let's go to open this up real quick and here's the thing he hasn't built a PC in his life yeah this is the first time now normally I can obviously guide him in the process which is gonna be very easy so I'm gonna actually test his knowledge and see how well he can build a PC without my help if he really needs to help I'll throw in some hints but attach any of these parts except maybe helping unboxing let's get Oliver boxing so I think some parts that I'm gonna see you how well you can build a PC in a start yeah alright if you want to start taking out start I think the only box we need here is well the motherboard CPU and everything else oh this is open he open the CPU we end up in the CPU like the thermal place you know it's funny you said that because the h1 is 10 out of 10 I h1 10 I actually comes with thermal paste on there yeah since you used it if there was none oh oh that's the one you want from the giveaway yeah oh okay that makes sense there you go make sense I'd like you bought that but speaking of the get the meetup we had did you besides that they do anything else no the only thing and I believe I kept the number in the box I believe number I like the number like the like you know you give out the numbers oh you kept the ticket obviously so basically the way the giveaway happened was I gave it buddy a number and I started randomly calling out numbers and based on the number I get would give him a prize and he ended up winning the age to 110 I thought I was pretty good I think even the people that showed up and didn't have a ticket end up going on with something some people even went home like three or four tech products so I think was a pretty cool I think that I should just yeah take part the side panels I'm gonna get your here's a 2 terabyte hard drive so I'm gonna play the e i2 4 terabytes that's the most space I live right now otherwise I would give him like a 6 or an 8 terabyte but that is all I got if I can find it I think it's in here 4 terabyte Barracuda from CJ this thing will get the job done while I'm here maybe some you see if I can use something else but it's guy alright so I'm gonna give him a 4k monitor from viewsonic as well I feel like for type a 2 terabyte upgrade for waiting 2 months isn't good enough so I feel really bad for the guy and I feel like he doesn't eat a monitor so that thing is a 28 inch 4k monitor I think it as we sink a well and as police think he's using a NVIDIA GPU but anyways it's a nice upgrade am I getting that alright let's go so I know you didn't monitor so I'm gonna go upgrade you as well here's a view sonic this is a 4k 28 inch one I hope if it's on your desk but yeah I'm gonna give you as mine we're gonna test the PC on here and you're gonna take it home what monitor are you rocking right now it's a 720p monitor get that on camera at the 720p this guy is running on a 720p monitor I'm glad you came dude I can't have my subscribers running on 720p at least 1080p so yeah this is a nice upgrade a 4k display the only thing is it has free sync and I know you rock Ian and NVIDIA GPU but it's still a nice upgrade and it's sitting in there gathering dust so might as well give it to you all right so we've got the motherboard at the i/o shield we got some SATA cables now here is where I'm gonna leave it to you hopefully you'll know what to do all right oh he's going for the i/o shield already perfect I was actually thinking about putting the CPU on but that works too nice I even tell him the direction for that you got a nice it's kind of annoying to put those on you got to make sure you to apply pressure like on both sides my what I usually do is I focus on one side first like the top and I evenly pry pressure going down technical difficulties putting on an Irish you the hardest part either Asus is Asus picks your IU shields AC fixed your i/o shields don't make it easier for us I think it's probably the case NZXT fix your cases it's not if it's the eye shield of the only extra ones er no no that's just gonna fit such as it's stubborn oh break this thing alright alright what is up with this i/o shield asus does not want us to build this video today okay i think the only other option is to use a flat head and force it in there with each thinks to bob the camera guy popped it in there for us alright so next step is what do you do the processor processor alright usually it's on the K on the cap sometimes like at the edge of the cap Oh so basically what we're doing now is we're matching the triangle on the CPU to the black triangle on the CPU cover nice good job dude right and I step one done or step two I should say now what do you think we're gonna be all right so now we gotta install the RAM sticks of course they're down on your plans all right all right so I need your right I'll be the knife part sure make sure you keep the casualties to minimum on the show all right it'll be nice to lay down the line you can actually paint the heat spreaders green that will match your black and green color scheme even better or I could get some stuff from Kilowog so what is the favorite PC builds you've seen on Tech source PC build so far is Trigon Trigon oh I feel like it's biased because that's black and green as well is that did you get inspiration from Trigon builders PC I'm just curious no inspiration from what is raised on which if you remember oh that's right my don't even know my own pcs Trigon was the Tri stellar black and red build okay raise dogs with the black and green one so I take back what I said about being biased okay that's that's nice yeah that was a nice build though Trigon was pretty sick it was unique drop a link below if he has missed that build very nice notice that he was applying pressure on the RAM sticks with both of his fingers on each side you can do that or just apply pressure in the middle but it's easier to use both fingers nice one more to go yeah all right there you go all right step three done very nice the board is looking really sick it's a nice choice by the way I like that stuff black look over there all right so what is the next step the next step is to get and get the like cooler and relieved so before we put it in the case what I'm gonna do to the actual like around the cooler I might have a socket oh yeah right we need to get the thermal paste versus right here face and as I learned from a video that you're supposed to make it like a very small like of it Pete method is I don't think what he's trying to say you're gonna pee down methods other methods you can do crisscross I like what I've been doing recently on my builds is I would put the dot in and I would spread it across so like a piece of plastic or something that way I get all parts of the CPU you just pull it out I would definitely put more it's always a go an extra then less oh there we go that's good next step all right so we need to flip over the case inside and then we need to dig them another word a house before we put that in there actually we need to first put the brackets member on put the cooler right here so basically we need to get the right to bracket for the cooler so first thing you want to do is is that all that's that came with our kids or the box yeah it's missing something missing it's missing this piece yeah we his piece in the back of the motherboard that way it holds the screws from the front and I think I lost it or I gave him I didn't complete cooler so let me see what I can do let me still have one extra in the storage so yeah the bracket was basically missing I gave this guy a poor guy freaking incomplete cooler is missing the bracket to install the cooler so I'm gonna upgrade him again we're gonna go with the h100 iv2 was brand new just removed the plastic so yeah maybe we'll get more upgrades later down the line who knows we'll see let's see what happens hello kitty's GP stay tuned to find out that was a screwdriver that was not anything important all right so we just need there we go perfect so all that you do actually just be careful with the thermal paste are you actually yeah so I'm gonna flip this over there you go can't have to play around with this one a bit yeah there we go perfect so that's in there I'm gonna gently lower this back down I haven't eaten breakfast yet so I'm munching on my smokers over here there's two different types so you can see one side is smaller right there the other so yeah I wanted to confirm that you were right it's the right screw so I'm gonna put that back in there alright so we put on the standoffs and so we had to get a new cooler obviously so complements my my bad again for giving ready Oh incomplete parts look oh this one has a piston has a thermal paste we applied it's fine it's fine we can either use two options one we can clean it up this or we can wipe it up we can wipe it off with this one because um because that will be on so we know that you're not over filling it or whatever okay yeah yeah okay that's it that's fair enough this one is evenly spread out so we'll get it all get more coverage some people actually wipe off the stock holders and they put the Arctic silver which is a better thermal paste but honestly auditing is gonna be a huge difference between two I'm gonna clean this off a little quick recommend 99% or more isopropyl actually can get more than that so yeah I use toilet paper so you can use the you knows coffee filter things but I honestly honestly the difference between the two I've been using this for over two years yeah if you've got a roll of toilet paper everywhere I do I have three bathrooms in this place so that I make use of it somehow there you go nice and clean brand-new there's some lint on there but I'm gonna blow it off okay look at this back on all right before continuing on with the build next step what I'm gonna do with what are you doing with a motherboard we're gonna do in the motherboard we're gonna put it inside of the case that's it all right right on be gentle it's a very tight squeeze oh by the way are we gonna replace that fan on top yeah you want okay if you want to do that first because when we're screwing it in or we put in the fan in its yeah so what are these what are these fans for the 140s and the 140s or like the cooler the cooler I think these are big to be cooler I know I checked like the coolers like 140 hey wait that was for that one so I think they take 120 s like oh this one is 120 I think that's one thing yeah it's fine what we can do we can still who's that cooler if you want cuz the bracket is still the same it's done ups are the same that one is bigger so like here's one sticker that's the difference this one's smaller but thicker that one's longer and thinner though either way at work but if you want to use these fans it's gonna have to be with that cooler because 140 doesn't fit on here yeah I guess I want to use the old horse and I get bored and I do yeah of course so let's do that we don't need these stock holders because we're gonna be using the LED ones from coarser the sp1 20s to stay consistent with the black and green theme yeah we're gonna have to put the thermal paste back on that's why it will put it on there you can be that off that's cool right all right so now that's there it's too is too tall so that the cooler is not touching the CPU yeah I think he's alright actually yeah these are much shorter perfect as America yeah they're both the same same size my chin doesn't turn on the IWM so too for sure how to troubleshoot no that's not let's not say that it's gonna turn on so let's put the thermal paste back on put the motherboard inside the case and then from then on we can mount the cooler second try here we go you can touch it like the sides no like just just to get like the lifting off you stick test ourselves so it's not dripping we one do next now we need to play in the case before that I remember how difficult it was getting the fans out so you want to put the fans in first we decided things easier don't damage your case man careful so I got asked what video on tech stores made you subscribe to the channel I don't think I've asked you guys before I think like the I'm not sure I think some time lapse of whatever so the time up to the PC yeah okay and then I subscribe to him like felt like two years ago two years ago a lot of time subscriber very nice awesome so it was like a veteran whereas a veteran badge if you can can I gave it to so I was like a time so as a time lapse build of a PC that made you like oh interesting Channel and you like watch some other videos nice okay I thought you're gonna say setup words because everybody I asked everywhere everybody I meet it's always a setup words or PC words at a time yeah I actually enjoy a piece of worse than be honest really yeah the series is not dead it's still happening guys it's just it's it's on a back burner right now because it's not as popular but it's not it's not dead I promise you so we have to take this thing which I had to be very careful very nice the first time I opened one of these cases I literally ripped off the cable the connections came apart but it was fine now before we put the radiator on what do you want to do to this perfect we got a fan of the channel putting on fans did you guys drive far to get here Paul that was a the road I think looks like two hours two hour drive geez yeah it's right by like specula Oh Temecula okay yeah Wow how was traffic it was not that bad actually nice onna being this close I want you to screw it in as I hold it in place screw this
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