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Hisense H9E Plus Review - 4K HDR Smart TV

what's happening guy is that from tax source and in this video we're gonna be taking a look at the new high LED 4k Android TV high sense was kind enough to sponsor this video and send in their 55 inch model for me to review however they do have a 65 inch version available as well this is actually perfect timing because my last TV was unfortunately stolen so after this video my office is gonna have a TV once again both sizes our reason will be priced when it comes to Smart TVs with built in HDR but at what cost I'm sure the ad to cut corners somewhere to bring in guys such an awesome price and that's kind of what we're here to find out is it really worth it or should you spend a little more and get something better so first let's start off with the design immediately it reminds me of the LG G 6 series with the picture on glass it looks unbelievably thin from the sides and here's a dime just for reference towards the bottom it does get thick obviously because that is where all the internals are any built-in speakers which are facing the back that's actually the main reason why the TV has such thin bezels all around in the first place if they did put the speakers on the bottom the TV would have a thick chin aesthetically the TV isn't bad looking very modern like with even bezels and the minimalistic base design actually they do have two more speakers on the bottom facing down and that's one of the reasons why the TV is able to produce such great sound while sticking with smaller bezels the TV can be mounted via VESA mount however you have to pick one up separately which isn't that bad considering you can buy one for as low as 16 dollars now these speakers get insanely loud at 50 percent it's loud enough to fill the entire room but I was surprised to find out even at a hundred percent the sound doesn't get distorted that's very impressive there isn't that much emphasis on the bass however but the highs are nice and clear if you're someone who prefers more bass then I strongly recommend picking up a sound bar or looking for a different TV now the TV is using Ultra LED technology or youlet for short and it's basically a fancy way of saying that it has really high contrast a wide color gamut and smooth motion overall the picture quality and viewing angles are great I wouldn't say it's the best quality out there I mean it doesn't come close to OLED panels but for the price is definitely one of the best you can get I mean it is 2018 at this point is really hard to make a TV with bad picture quality so the TV has a native 120 Hertz refresh rate and it supports both HDR 10 and Dolby vision speaking of gaming I had a blast playing spider-man on my ps4 Pro the difference between HDR is night and day oddly enough there is actually less contrast through HDR but it actually makes the game look a lot better the shadows and highlights are more prominent in the overall picture looks brighter and well balanced with HDR off you get more contrast there's actually a lot of darker areas present especially when you're swinging across the buildings underneath the Sun you can see some areas darken and begin to see less details the dynamic range is way better with HDR enabled in terms of ports the TV does have a single 4k at 30 Hertz HDMI port next to the ethernet and audio jacks on the other side you'll find two USB ports one of them is USB 3 and the other is USB 2 you'll also find another 4k at 30 Hertz HDMI and two additional 4k at 60 Hertz HDMI slots the response time when gaming is really low you're getting less than 35 milliseconds which is great considering you're gaming in 4k with HDR on I don't even notice any delay or lag while playing spider-man if you're a casual gamer and you're playing RPG adventure or even racing games then this TV is great for that however if you start playing shooter games like black ops or fortnight any game that involves timing and responsiveness that's when you'll start to notice the latency on the TV and fortunately so my favorite thing about this TV is that it's powered by Android the more time I spend with it the more I enjoyed using it so there's a huge difference between TVs that come with Android built in and also other TVs that have their very own custom UI first of all you're very limited on what apps you can download and what apps you can use if you're using a TV that has its very own custom UI that isn't Android with Android TV you can pretty much do anything you have the freedom to download any app that's available in the Google Play Store almost every video streaming app is available to download except Amazon video which I was not able to you can cast photos videos music and other content you love from your Android device now since the TV is powered by Android you do get access to a bunch of Google services like Google Assistant home Google cast and even the TV works with Amazon Alexa for the most part the OS is snappy I mean you do get the occasional hiccup and lag scrolling through the apps but it doesn't happen often and launching apps is fairly quick now the remote may be a hit or miss for some people first of all they made it really small and they removed a lot of buttons from it to make it very minimalistic the numpad is replaced by a shortcut that brings it up on the TV and they even added shortcuts to all the popular streaming apps you got Netflix YouTube sling and even a dedicated Google Play shortcut as well my favorite thing about the remote is the built-in microphone and it's crazy how accurate it is you can pretty much tell it to do anything you want look up tech source PC builds on YouTube switch to my PlayStation 4 play black mirror okay both of you Netflix what's the weather like in Tokyo Japan now normally I would prefer like a full-size keyboard somewhere maybe on the back of the remote just so it's easier to type in usernames and passwords but it's not really a deal-breaker for me especially considering how accurate the voice command is and I can pretty much use that to do most of the work anyways when I'm shopping around for a TV I'm looking for a few things a TV that has great picture quality viewing angles great sounding speakers low latency for console gaming and a UI that's not only snappy but offers a lot of apps the intuitive remote with the voice control is a nice plus and the price of the TV makes it very appealing to a lot of people who are on tight budgets I definitely think that high sense checked a lot of boxes when it comes to the h9 t plus I don't really have anything bad to say about the TV to be honest other than the speaker is lacking some bass and the latency when it comes to gaming but that's pretty much all that I could think of for the price it's a solid TV and I don't have a problem recommending this to my friends or family with that said if you guys are on a budget and you're looking for a solid 4k HDR smart TV for consuming content and casual gaming then the Hisense h9e plus should definitely be on your list to check out doubling below if you guys are interested as always thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one
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