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How Big is Too Big for a Monitor? | LG 43UD79-B Review

Tunnel bear is the simple privacy app that makes it easy to browse securely and enjoy a more open Internet trial bear for free at tunnel bear comm slash Texas what's up guys Devin Texas and today we're gonna be taking a look at something very very unique this is the 43 u d 79 B which is a 4k lg monitor that's 43 inches now this isn't your regular 43 inch monitor in fact I'm not gonna even look at this as a huge monitor instead I'm gonna look at it as a small TV I mean come on this thing even comes with a remote so you might be asking yourself a few questions like what makes it any different from any other 43 inch TV out there well firstly the price as you can find 43 inch 4k TVs for half the retail price of this thing which by the way is $700 but in this defense it does come with some built-in features and hardware that make it more convenient than just using a flat out TV for a monitor which probably why it cost more I do want to take this time to thank tunnel bear for sponsoring this video protect yourself this upcoming holiday season with millions of online shoppers during the holidays the chances of ID theft and online fraud are going to be high this is one of the reasons why people use tunnel bear is an easy-to-use VPN that encrypts your Internet traffic on up to five devices even if you connect to an unsecured Network tunnel bear will keep your connection private you can try for free when you visit Donnell by calm slash tech source or click on the link below alright so who exactly needs or even wants something this big as a computer monitor well it turns out a lot of people there's actually a growing demand for these large monitors and a lot of companies are coming out with their own variants but they all seem to be marketed towards the professionals and the people who use their systems for productivity when this first arrived at our office we immediately threw it off as another fad a product not really meant to sell but just to have in the company catalog but as time went by and the more we actually used it the more we found its size beneficial ok so the idea here is productivity right I mean with its factory calibrated panel and the large real estate this is actually the monitor for content creators stock traders or even professionals out there that use multiple programs at once that can actually benefit from it and it really does work great for that in Premiere Pro my editors workflow improved just by having everything uncompressed he found that a lot easier to find tabs scrub through the timeline or just spot imperfections and scenes that normally he wouldn't catch in fact my editor has become so accustomed to the size while testing the monitor that he's already switched from his old tried adding to all of these we got some convenient ports in the back we got two USB 3 s as well as a single USBC port this is gonna be great for charging laptops or daisy chaining to other monitors also back here we'll find a display port and also four HDMI ports two of which will run at 60 Hertz and the other two that run at 30 but why for well just giving you four because you can actually connect up to four sources at once through their software you can plug in your playstation computer laptop or whatever else has an HDMI port with a display and you essentially have four 21.5 inch displays that's pretty crazy the build quality is top-notch there are bezels but they're fairly thin and the stand is very robust but unfortunately it only gives us about 5 degrees for tilt around the center we do recommend having a bigger desk with this monitor however preferably deeper so that you can place it further away from you otherwise it's gonna be right in your face my editor actually had to install a keyboard tray to accommodate for the larger size the panel itself is good the uniformity across the display is great with no dead pixels or signs of artifacting it's also coated matte which I prefer over a glossy surface it doesn't have too much backlight bleed in fact you won't even notice it unless you've extremely dark environments the colors are great and I found it accurate enough to use for video production but it's also great for consuming media as well especially when you're using the 210 watt speakers you won't be able to hear how good they are through this video but you're gonna have to trust me when I say that they're exceptional coming from a monitor the sound profile is balanced with very clear highs and a strong base but it's not too over powering obviously it's not a hardcore gaming monitor because it's capped at 60 Hertz refresh rate and a 5 millisecond response time but for the casual gamer it will get the job done just fine actually it's like the IMAX of gaming and provides a very immersive experience in games that revolve around the exploration of environments for example playing Dark Souls was great but it wasn't so great when I loaded up over watch the larger display didn't give me any added benefit if anything it actually took away from the experience as I had to look around the massive display just to spot enemies and because of that extra screen real estate the responsiveness you get when shooting enemies is greatly delayed honestly the only types of games I would play on here our exploration type adventure games like Uncharted or even sports games like racing and basketball there are some downsides however it doesn't support HDR for one which we would like to see in future models and secondly if you're sitting close to the monitor roughly around two feet you'll see the screen cast a shadow on the edges however if you sit further back about four feet I would say then it won't be a problem there isn't anything LG could do about it except making it curved but I feel like that would put this monitor in a completely different price bracket the sheer footprint of this monitor probably scares most people from buying it but in truth this screen actually works great for anyone who enjoys playing casual games especially if you're a console user it's compatible with Xbox one X and 4k as well as ps4 Pro it's also great for content creators and professionals out there even people who have I problems since you don't have to focus in so much and can sit back and scale everything up in size it might even be a nice upgrade to people who still use dual monitor setup so you can just get rid of those to put one of these bad boys in front of you and eliminate that nasty bezel in between personally for me I'm not gonna be using this monitor because it just doesn't meet the needs that I'm looking for I still love the 21 by 9 aspect ratio and having g-sync support is also a nice plus but with that said let me know if this is something that you guys would use in your own personal setup by leaving your feedback in the comment section below if you guys enjoyed the video feel free to toss a like if you guys didn't feel fit of this like as well that's cool too I'll drop a link to the monitor below if you when I check it out as always thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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