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How To Get Review Units - AskMe #6

so it's a new month with some new questions to be answered and if you guys have any questions that you want to ask me feel free to reach me on Twitter with the hashtag ask Edgar and I'll go ahead and save that question for my next month's ask me video though that we sing it over time let's jump into this video first question comes from Jordan gaming and he asks how many Ed's does it take to screw in all right I just move on to the next question this one comes from Jim and he's asking have you ever pissed on your laptop actually I did there was one time in Vegas where I got really really waste what's your life's most regretting decision ever made the only decision I regret is not starting YouTube earlier if I started this when YouTube was just starting out I would be at a much higher place definitely at least a few million subscribers but honestly other than that I have no other major regrets what is the most expensive piece of tech you have ever bought that obviously goes to the camera I'm using the film this video the Panasonic gh4 do you have a degree in something believe it or not I actually don't have a degree and anything no but honestly I was just a few classes away from finishing up my AAA in Community College but then work took over and then I was doing YouTube part-time so I just didn't have enough time to focus on my school so yeah that's what happened which is the first step that you open when you wake up so the first step I open up is the YouTube studio app and I like to check my previous video and a few videos before that just to see how well it's doing on YouTube as well as we the comments that you guys are leaving me on my videos and I can respond to them really quickly the app is amazing I love checking out my analytics to see what videos are working so well with me and what videos aren't and I probably check it every 30 minutes to an hour which is way too much if you have to be stuck in a room with another person for 24 hours with nothing else in the room who would it be definitely would say my girlfriend so you know we can talk about politics and stuff so we don't get bored how do you approach exponentially larger companies for review units when you are a small channel on YouTube I actually get this question asked many times in different forms but the best way is just to send them an email a professional well-written email explaining what you plan on doing with the product and how it's going to benefit the the company that you're promoting another thing that's really helped us out in the past when we were starting out just like some of you guys is that we actually went out there bought the products and we did the video and then we would send it to the companies and they would look at them and most of them would respond back saying wow that's a really good job thank you so much for promoting the product and then they would send additional review units so if you're starting out that's also another way to do things can you speak Russian if yes speak a little bit now even though I was born in Moscow Russia I don't speak any Russian actually I used to speak question when I was a kid but when I moved here in the States I started speaking in Armenian and English and I completely forgotten my Russian language so thank you mom for that if you weren't a youtuber what would you be doing for a living I don't know honestly don't know what I want to even think about it I used to work for a bank probably that's what I'd be doing just because I know banking so well but yeah thank God I'm doing YouTube if you could get one thing for free to add or change your setup what would it be um honestly I don't know I'm really happy with the way my setup is I don't think I would change anything probably just a better PC what languages do you speak so I only speak two languages Armenian and English so yeah believe it or not English is my third language and a lot of guys don't know that if you hit a million subscribers what will you do probably jump off a bridge with all of the excitement I don't know honestly I've never even thought about that probably do a special giveaway and a thank you video to all my amazing subscribers that have been supporting me for such a long time yeah something like that or maybe even something even more crazy you have no idea but until that happens we will see what is your favorite movie my number one movie of all time is definitely old boy the original not the remake absolutely love that movie are we going to see a website anytime soon also some more t-shirt designs I actually talked a little bit about this on my previous ask me video but I do have a website it's not an official or like real well done website it's just there to host my gear list and you guys can find the link to that down below if you guys want to check that out but I'm not gonna be running a full time website because there's just too much work to maintain it as far as my t-shirts I will be making some t-shirts that you guys can purchase later in November or December maybe even in January but they'll be definitely a video to update you guys on that but it's basically it yeah anyways thank you guys so much for watching if you guys have any questions feel free to follow me on Twitter and send me a tweet with the hashtag ask Edgar and I'll feature your question in the next video thank you guys so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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