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How To Unlock iPhone Any Carrier or Country (Re-Upload)

what is up you guys add here from Texas and today I'm going to show you how to unlock your iPhone so you can use it on any carrier or country you like I'm gonna use my iPhone 5s for the demonstration however this video will help you with any iPhone including the iPhone 6 so first off we need to get the unlock code for the phone before we proceed with the unlocking procedure I personally use the unlocking for all my devices simply because they have the lowest prices in the market with the fastest delivery speeds so head on over to the unlocking and once you're there you're gonna be selecting your phone manufacturer and the phone model from the drop-down list and once you do that so let's get unlocking code which takes you to the next step which is to select what country you purchase the phone from as well as the carrier of the phone and please remember that this is the carrier that the phone is originally purchased from you will need the phone's IMEI number to continue and I'm going to show you how to look it up on your iPhone it's actually really simple just open up your dial pad and enter in star pound zero six pound and the number will immediately show up and you will need to enter that on the website to continue make sure to select the correct currency for your country before moving on once you select get a locking code and purchase it securely with PayPal they will unlock your phone remotely and send you an email with instructions on how to complete the process which I will show you now so once you receive your email stating that the iPhone 5s is unlocked you have to finish the unlocking process on your end so before we continue make sure that the phone is powered off go ahead and remove the SIM tray and insert your SIM card that's from another carrier into the slot if your SIM card is a different size then you have to adjust it in order for it to fit there is a link in the description below to show you how it's done so after you insert the SIM tray back into your phone go ahead and boot it back up after it completes the boot up you will get an invalid sim message on your phone which is normal you are gonna have to connect your iPhone to the computer with the USB cable once it's connected open up iTunes and wait for your phone to be recognized once it gets recognized it will ask you to sign in to complete the unlocking process so go ahead and enter in your login and and hit continue shortly after you will get a message stating that your phone is now a lock and you can begin using it immediately so that's how we unlock your Apple iPhone that this video helped you guys out feel free to leave a like and if you have any questions or concerns and leave a comment down below and I will respond as soon as possible this is at from tech source and I will see you next time
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