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How much did you pay for the Lamborghini? - AskEd #13

how long are you that's actually a good question let's find out about seven inches before I begin this video there's a cool giveaway on the 1950 X thread Ripper processor on the nice app and for those of you that still don't know what that is it's basically a platform where you can watch videos to shop for products and enter bunch of giveaways it's completely free I'll drop a link to it below the best thing about the app is that it's actually very fair it doesn't randomly give away something to some random stranger who just participated there's actually an algorithm in place which basically keeps track of everyone's activity within the app and those people have a higher chance of winning compared to somebody who just recently joined it is completely free to download it's available on both iOS and Android once again drop a link below if you want to check it out you got nothing to lose so yeah it's been a while since I've done and asked me video and I see you guys constantly bugging me in the comment section so once again I reached out on Twitter and asked you guys to send in your questions tech related or not so yeah let's just dive in I'm looking for a gaming PC for like $500 thanks for sharing what do you do during your free time so other than manly things I actually been gaming a lot recently I've been playing pub G but I've been playing a lot of the new game recently called fortnight and I've been asking I didn't want to ask you guys this actually if you want to see me stream the game on my twitch account let me know in the comment section or better yet I'm gonna drop a poll so please click on it and vote I'm like spitting everywhere if you guys want to see me screen because I used to screen videos back in the day on my twitch account I think I like like 5,000 followers or something but if that's something guys interested in let me know by voting in the poll oh and also been playing a lot of guns of boom if I'm away from my computer a lot of you guys for some reason didn't believe me when I said that this game is addicting and I've been playing it constantly I'll even show you my account as you guys can see I'm level 25 I created my own clan tech over 17 hours played and actually have a bunch of subscribers who are in my clan so search me up guys if you want to play with me that also brings me to my next point where I briefly want to just go over some things and that sponsors on the you guys won't see sponsors on tech source that having to do with tech first of all I only take sponsors that I personally see myself using or that I find interesting enough for my viewers out there that's one of the reasons I don't do GT way anymore that's also one of the reasons why I don't do the unlocking videos anymore those are really big chunks of income for myself and for the channel and I just simply don't do them anymore so I'm sure you guys don't even notice that but if you looked at my past videos I think it's been six months since I took those out from the channel is it okay if you don't use those anti-static wristband things I'm building a PC and I would like to know Ben yes it is completely okay 100% fine I think I build over 50 pcs and I've been used a single anti-static wristband if you're building on carpet especially that's fine but just make sure you're constantly touching the top of the case or the side of the case where the metal portion is or the aluminum portion is that way you stay grounded but honestly for the most part you should run into any problems can you lick Ram I've actually licked a Titan X before so if I can look at GPU I can certainly lick around tastes like tears what is your dream tech that doesn't exist that you would really like to see become a reality that is a good question for my good buddy Sergio the detect that I've been always fantasizing about is an all-in-one robot I know it's far-fetched and I know it's probably not gonna happen in my lifetime but I want to robot that does everything for me basically a personal waiter a cleaner a cook an assistant all-in-one a three-in-one robot I tell them what to do tell them what to cook it basically handles everything and I think that way I can just focus on my life focus on living in focus on making YouTube videos building pcs and stuff like that that is the dream tech that I been dreaming about can you speak Russian if you can say I love technology and Russian or anything that you can say I know I told you guys I was born in Russia but unfortunately I don't speak Russian because when I moved here with my family I dropped a lot of Russian language and my family started speaking to me in Armenian so I picked up Armenian and now I know English so those are only two languages I know celebrity crush oh my god shailene woodley I would do so many nasty things to you if you're watching if you're watching please slide in my DMS I mean I just been I love you I love you so much when did you build your first PC it was right out of high school 2016 is when I graduated so I would say August or September of 2016 is when I built my very first PC what is your favorite movie that is such a very difficult question if I had to pick a selection of movies that have to be from director chan-wook park that dude is insane its of its foreign films he creates it's nothing us us guys us has nothing against this guy over here man thirst all boys sympathy for mr. vengeance I mean all those movies are freakin incredible if you guys haven't seen him honestly I strongly recommend it one of the best films you've ever seen in your life when you build a PC what's the first component that you choose when I build a PC the first thing I choose is the processor once you get the processor then I build everything around it that we all know what cooler to use which motherboard what socket stuff like that so for me personally it's the C you can you even do five push-ups all right easy how do you manage your time for a YouTube channel how do you manage your stress that is a very good question and I've been struggling with this for since I started YouTube to be honest and I'm still struggling with it I haven't perfected it and I don't think I'll ever perfect it YouTube just sucks so much time out of my life that it's impossible if I take one day off I'm gonna be two days behind so that's the dusta issue right now I'm dealing with so the way I manage my stress is vacations I just got back from a six-day cruise in the Caribbean it was amazing as far as managing my time if I have any extra time later at night I'm talking like 1 a.m. 2 a.m. I get on Steam and I play play fortnight pop gi5 any time to socialize my friends I do it on the weekend but Monday through Friday Monday through Saturday it's all YouTube even sometimes Sunday so yeah what are the best monitors on the $350 I get asked this a lot for a certain budget amount one of the best monitors under 500 bucks 400 bucks so I dropped my top three favorite ones down below in case you guys want to check it out these are the ones I keep recommending to everyone when is the next episode of PC Wars and ultimate set up coming out PC Wars I'm actually working on a video this week for it it's gonna be the worst to set up Edition and as far as the ultimate desk setup that's gonna be that's on a shelf for a while guys I'm still working on setup makeover so that's currently the priority right now once I'm done with that once I wrap up the production I can work on building another ultimate desk setup because I know you guys enjoy those what do you do with the pcs you build every month I get asked this so many times you guys and I show you every time as well these are probably the new people are doing the channel by the way welcome so I have a shelf somewhere in my garage I store all of my parts on there I take them apart and I put them on the shelf and I reuse those parts for my other builds for my next builds so yeah if I'm not giving away the parts they sit on the shelf collecting dust until I need them again for a future build if they get very outdated I sell them that's what I do and how you can be so much rich if your only source of income is YouTube first of all I'm not rich I wish I was rich I would have a look at Bugatti and I would in a mansion so I'm not rich please I don't like people calling me that I'm not rich at all and no YouTube is not my only source of income fortunately I have other sources outside of YouTube i have investments in two companies i have some mutual funds i also have dual source tech which is also out of youtube that's doing really well it's kicking ass your tech check it out guys the best tech deals you can find every single day we're literally saving thousands of dollars for my subscribers out there whoever is following that website so if you haven't even heard of it yet check it out deal sorta tech book market it's awesome have you ever gotten laid have you seen what's in my garage I'm just I'm just I'm just saying you know I'll be a virgin for the rest of my life of all the challenges that came your way what's the one that made you almost quit tech source that is a good question Carlo I would have to say the ever-changing platform of YouTube the constant struggle to adapt to the new audience I would say you can't constantly do the same thing over and over again and expect your channel to grow you're not gonna find new audiences like that and the old audience is gonna get tired and move on so the struggle is bringing in new content it's trying new things maybe it's a different way of shooting your videos maybe it's a different background or maybe different voice music I don't know whatever it is you just have to constantly adapt and that's very difficult especially for me I'm like a one-man team here the stress got too much and to a point where I just wanted to just honestly give up so yeah to answer your question definitely the ability to adapt to the new audience that is one of the hardest things of doing YouTube bro how was your cruise show us some pics reply to my earlier question also love from India I'm sorry Robert they did not see you a question I was bombarded with a bunch of questions by the way I got over 300 questions for this video so I'm sorry by the way if I didn't answer your question the cruise is awesome thank you so much for asking I do have pictures it's on my Instagram like my personal Instagram account if you guys want to follow me there I was sharing my stories on there as well so if you guys want to see what I do outside of YouTube that's the place to follow me what's your next bill do you plan on doing it is a mini ITX form-factor super high-end overpowered overkill build using the 79 80 XE I think it's an 18 core processor and yeah I'm just gonna leave it at that it's gonna be sick it's gonna be water-cooled as well so you don't want to miss out how much did you pay for a Lamborghini so the hurricane that I purchased back in November of last year or was December I forgot I was a 2017 Lamborghini Huracan and I currently bought it for $240,000 now the original price for that with the upgrades came out to 250 with tax but the guy at the dealership I can't even say this he gave me a pretty good deal I'll just put it that way and I got it for 242 39 some change the best one of the best purchases I've ever made and since then I'd never regret it I love Ally now that's what I'm calling it by the way Oh lino I love her she makes me happy very happy every single day I love you if you're watching how could you be watching this video a freaking car I'm an idiot Ilana all your girlfriend that's an obvious one actually it's gonna be a lineup do you watch anime if yes what are the animes that you watched currently the one I'm obsessed about is Dragon Ball super I watched every single Saturday I'm Hugh I'm a huge fan of one punch man and attack on Titans but unfortunately I'm waiting for the next season so holy the hell but yeah those are my like top three favorite anime I would say oh and that is it for the questions but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video I'm sorry again if I didn't answer your question I literally got over 300 questions and they're still pouring and today I'm losing my voice I love you guys seriously thank you so much for just watching my videos and being awesome yeah I'm gonna go now again thank you for watching I will see you in the next video some pretty awesome content coming up make sure you guys are subscribed because you don't want to miss out on it so you don't want to miss out some crazy shit I'm gonna say the words some crazy shit is happening right now alright peace
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