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what's up guys it's a from tech source and I'm here at the booth at CES 2018 the purpose of this video is to give you some insight on Alibaba comm and how they make it easy to do business anywhere that we love as we love small businesses and their stories and one of the things that I love about my job is being able to meet a lot of these small businesses were starting out turning their good ideas into great businesses launched in 1999 is the leading platform for global wholesale trade and I'm here at CES to talk with a few suppliers to see how they were able to grow their business using the platform ten years ago the overseas buyers do not know and just know a little bit about Chinese market and with Alibaba Alibaba helped us to contact with overseas buyers overseas buyers can select high quality suppliers from Alibaba just like us and the other night suppliers right here and after that they offer us information with the buyers and with the traders rooms which trade with overseas buyers more frequently and more safety they decrease the risk for the payment and the product and logistic for all kind of business after talking to so many people about how helped their business grow I wanted to get a better idea of Alibaba coms plan for growth I had the opportunity to speak with the Global Marketing Manager we really want to become immersed into the small businesses day to day journey now we really want to be looked at as thought leaders not just a platform we're helping SMEs trade obviously that's what we are we started with that back in 1999 eighteen years later we're only getting better at that but as technology improves as as small businesses are finding new and new ways of connecting but they're socially whether it's personally we want to make sure we incorporate that into our products and services and become a true technology company that's very data oriented speaking of small businesses it was inspiring to walk around the show floor checking out some of the amazing products that helped grow these small businesses so out of curiosity I spoke with one of the suppliers to find out what type of products they are selling we are made mainly the supplied headphones for serious headphones but now mainly the main products are Wireless active noise-cancelling headphones these models and Brutis headphones stylish headphones also we have the PC has gaming SS and part of all virtual speakers Michael is just one of the many successful suppliers using the platform and it's great to see so many different type of products being sourced through Alibaba comm which is great for the buyers since it offers a wide selection with over hundreds of millions of products in over 40 major product categories it's no wonder that Alibaba comm is the leading platform for global wholesale trade be sure to check out the full CES livestream which I will link below as always thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one
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