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How to Convert your SIM card to ANY Size

what does that be guys add here from Texas and today I'm going to show you how to convert your sim card to any size if you want to convert your sim card to a bigger size then click on the box to the left and if you want to reduce the size click on the box to the right all right so you want to convert your sim card to a bigger size what you will need to buy our sim adapters I left the link in the description below on where you can purchase one it comes in a set of three sizes that you see here and all you have to do is simply put the sim in the desired size that you want so for example if you want to convert your nano sim to a standard sim then just simply insert the nano in the standard adapter and you are done it is the same concept if you want to change it to a micro sim and you can even use adapters within each other so if you will have a nano SIM you can insert that into a micro dr and that into a standard adaptor and it will work just fine these adapters are the best you can find and the material is very solid and very accurate and they only cost a few bucks okay so you want to convert your sim card to a smaller size you can do this by either cutting the SIM card with scissors manually by using a template in the description below or using a tool to do it safely and easily so there are two different sizes of these one is to convert to a nano SIM and the other to convert to a micro SIM I left links to both of them in the description down below however I strongly recommend to purchase only the nano SIM cutter no matter what size you want and I'll explain why in a second if you have a standard SIM card then you simply match the orientation embedded on the tool and insert it sideways after it's completely inside you have to press on it like a stapler for the SIM card to get cut now if you have a micro sim instead of a standard sim then you're going to have to use this metal adapter that comes with the tool you simply insert your micro SIM in there and follow the same exact steps as before the reason why I prefer you to get this tool instead of the other one is because even after you cut it to a nano SIM you can always convert it to any other size using adapters which eliminates the need to purchase two different cutting tools and you can always use this for all your sim cutting needs for all future phones so that's how you convert your SIM card to any size using either adapters or a cutting tool however as I mentioned before if you don't have time to wait for your order to get delivered then you can cut it manually with scissors using the template in the description as a guideline if you guys have any questions or concerns feel free to leave them in the comment section down below and I will do my best to answer them this is ad from tech source and I will see you next time
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