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How to Unlock Alcatel One Touch Evolve (Any Carrier or Country)

what's up guys idea from Texas and today I'm going to show you how to unlock your Alcatel OneTouch evolve smartphone for all countries regardless of what carrier you have unlocking your phone allows you to use your phone with other networks and the process is completely safe and does not harm your phone in any way so first off we need to get the unlocking code for the phone before we proceed with the unlocking procedure I personally use the unlocking company for all my devices simply because they have the lowest prices in the market with the fastest delivery speeds so to demonstrate the process I'm going to use the t-mobile version and a lock it so I can use it on my AT&T network and like I said earlier it's the same exact steps for all countries and carriers worldwide so head on over to the unlocking company comm and once you're there gonna be selecting your phone manufacturer and for model from the drop-down list and once you do that select get a locking code which takes you to your next step which is to select what country you purchase the phone from as well as the carrier of the phone and please remember that this is the carrier that the phone is originally purchased from you will need the phone's IMEI number to continue and I'm going to show you how to look it up on your phone that's actually fairly simple all you have to do is open up your dial pad and enter in star pound zero six pound and the code will immediately show up and you will need to enter that on the website to continue make sure you select the correct currency for your country before moving on once you select the unlocking code and purchases securely with PayPal they will email you the code the price and time vary depending on the phone but they do guarantee that you are getting the lowest price and fastest delivery times once you receive your code via email it's time to unlock your device so before we continue make sure that the phone is powered off go ahead and remove the backplate of the phone as well as the battery to gain access to the SIM tray and once those are removed go ahead and slide the SIM card from a different carrier in the tray if your SIM card has a different size then you have to adjust it in order for it to fit there is a link in the description below to show you how it's done after the sim is in place put back the battery and the back cover and power on the phone once it completely boots up it will ask you to enter in your pin number and this is where you input your lock code that was sent to you via email but remember that in order for this prompt to show up you have to insert a SIM card from a different carrier once accepted your phone is now unlocked and you can begin using it immediately and that's basically how you unlock your Alcatel evolves smartphone if you guys found this video helpful feel free to leave a like and if you have any questions or concerns you can leave a comment down below and as always I will see you next time
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