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Huawei Mate 8 Review | 1 Month Later

what's up guys it's a chrome tech source and in this video we're gonna be reviewing the Huawei mate 8 after one month of using this device as my main driver so let's begin by getting the specs out of the way the mate 8 has a Kirin 953 bytes of RAM 32 gigabytes of storage that's expandable via microSD card slot and a 1080p display all of this adds to a smooth experience I haven't had any real stutter issues on this phone and throughout the month I'm using it the phone only hangs on me once one thing I couldn't stand was this phone's interface it looks very similar to iOS and I personally don't like the aesthetics of it one thing to also mention here is that it doesn't come with an app drawer which is also a negative for me as I like to have only the apps I actually use on my home screen now let's talk about the hardware the device is definitely premium in the way it feels with its metal body construction it's 1080p screen is not as dense as some of his phone's competitors but in all honesty the trade-offs of using a lower pixel count display like better battery life is worth the pixel sacrifice but besides the pics of the friends the rest of the display is great with vibrant colors and great viewing angles the battery life on this phone definitely does not disappoint either with it easily lasting a full day of heavy usage and if you were to use some of the power saving options you could easily get two days from a single charge on this phone the last aspect of this phone I want to touch on really quick is the camera the still images are good most of the time but the video on this camera is definitely not the best there is definitely motion blur when recording at night and I should also mention that it caps at 1080p but ophélie Huawei will update this in the future to 4k recording after using this phone for a month I can definitely say I would recommend it but if I've given a choice between this and the Nexus 6p I would definitely pick the Nexus 6p you get better interface in my opinion and direct updates from Google alright guys I pretty much wraps up my review of the Huawei mate 8 it's a solid Android device but there are better options out there on the market for around the same price as always this is that from tech stores thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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