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Huawei Mate 9 | Review

Huawei if you follow tech closely then you might have heard of this Chinese brand but if you're an average consumer chances are you haven't the Chinese manner has shipped over 100 million smartphones in 2015 and for a few years now they've made very good attempts in expanding their US presence just like last year at CES when they released the mate 8 while way this time around has unveiled their new flagship the mate 9 I received my review unit one week before it was announced and I've been using it as my daily driver ever since so with that said let's get into the review so this thing is big in fact it's as big as it gets in the Android phablet marketplace with a screen measuring 5.9 inches now even with such a massive screen it's not as hard to use as you think in fact the dimensions come close to that at the iPhone 7 plus that's equipped with a 5.5 inch screen it's rocking an LCD panel that has a resolution of 1080p and I know nowadays that the numbers seems small compared to the quad HD panels that are in the market but the low resolution is great for battery life and honestly I can't tell the difference unless they are side-by-side the viewing angles are great and it's nice and bright even outside and most importantly I do enjoy consuming content without any complaints the unibody metal construction is very similar to that of the mate 8 which isn't a bad thing everything's just seamless and the small details like the curves and chamfers really makes for a premium feel it's a good time to note that there is micro SD card support as well so the speaker is loud and clear and when you use the phone horizontally it will automatically start using the earpiece as a speaker as well but unfortunately this doesn't add much as it's low in volume in fact here's a quick sample powering the phone is Huawei is Kiran 960 SOC and that's an octa-core CPU but also an octa-core GPU that makes for some crazy performance playing all the newest and most intense games and just navigating the new EMU i-5 interface resulted in no hiccups or choppiness whatsoever also the Kirin 960s 3d runtime supports the new Android 7 standard of Vulcan graphics which basically reduces the phone's reliance on the CPU while maximizing the GPU capacity Huawei claims this results in a 400 percent improvement in graphics performance they've also managed to lower power consumption by 15 percent coming from their last generation SOC I'm happy to say that they've improved their interface from version 4.0 and now finally feels like a skin I could use daily in my opinion is vastly better in terms of looks when compared to something like the cartoonish Samsung skins with its very light theming and straightforward looks Huawei claims that their emu i5 actually keeps this phone running smooth even months down the line which is something other Android manufacturers can't often say this is done when the software analyzes and adapts to consumer usage behaviors it basically allocates resources for the users most crucial tasks however it's a bit early to tell if this is just a bunch of marketing terms so we'll have to revisit this phone in a month or two one thing to note is that while weighs actually the manufacturer of both the hardware and software allowing for a tightly knit integration all these optimizations help with battery life as well as is with most of the mate lineup the battery in here is giant coming in at 4000 million power I could easily get through an entire day of heavy usage my screen on time would hit four hours before it would drop below 30 percent which is fantastic combined with the new charging technology Huawei has implemented which allows for five amp charging rates makes for a powerhouse of a phone I would plug in the meat 9 at 27% and 15 minutes later it would be at 52% I do want to mention that the charging port is the new industry standard USB C as well Huawei has once again partnered with Laker to bring the new dual sensor set up found on this phone it consists of a 12 megapixel color sensor with oh is and a 20 megapixel black-and-white sensor that helps pick up extra detail this package makes for great images in both well-lit and low light situations the benefits of the monochrome sensor is that it helps capture more detail with some software tricks the phone combines both images in an effort to increase overall detail it doesn't compete with the iPhones and galaxies but it does come close another one of the benefits of having a two sensor setup is the depth effects more specifically the white aperture mode a photo shot in this mode can have its point of focus adjusted after the picture has been taken the auto focus is now also twice as powerful it combines laser focus phase detection focus death focus and contrast focus all of this sounds great but in practice the camera struggles in certain low-light situations to pull focus the camera setup has a lot of potential unfortunately it seems most of the problem with the pictures this camera produces is down to the software once you get into the pro mode and start to play around with the settings you get some pretty good results the front shooter is 8 megapixels and it produces more or less of what you expect it's pretty high in resolution but struggles in low-light as most other front-facing cameras do if anyone's interested there will be a link down below for some original pictures and video from the mate 9 this is why ways best phone yet they really made an attempt at solving some of the biggest gripes with the mate 8 the biggest being the improved camera and user interface unfortunately there are a few things keeping me from making this my main device what a wish is this lack of waterproofing something I've grown accustomed to with my iPhone 7 plus but if looking for a smartphone that has a big screen solid performance and microsd expandable 'ti then the mate 9 is something to consider if you guys are interested in checking out the mate 9 I'll drop a link to them down below I'm gonna be huge thanks to Wow way for sending this in for review thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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