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I Built A $1000 Budget Gaming Setup - Episode 1

so today we're gonna be building a budget gaming setup from scratch it's gonna cost around a thousand dollars and that includes the cost of the PC this little guy kicks ass in 1080p achieving over 60fps and high settings for most games make sure to check out the full video link below if you guys want to see the actual gameplay I'm gonna go over all the parts and tell you guys why I picked them and I'm gonna go over the setup process including cable management in case you guys want to pick up all the parts and build yourself this exact same setup now this first episode does really great I will continue the series on the channel and that is up to you guys of course next episode maybe I can do something a little cheaper maybe a $500 setup and yes that is possible or I could do maybe an all-white themed setup or even a laptop based setup I mean the possibilities are endless and that is up to you guys to vote in the comment section oh yeah what that said welcome to my new series setups from scratch so this setup is perfect for anyone that's on a tight budget but wants to build themselves a nice clean minimalistic gaming setup without any compromises you can't have a great setup without a foundation a solid desk is the staple of any great setup and like most desks there from Ikea this is the extremely popular linman tabletop combo they come in different colors and sizes but for this setup I picked up the black and brown option to fit the color scheme and I went with the 47 inch option to make sure it's long enough to fit everything on top comfortably including the PC I wanted a monitor that wouldn't take up too much space on the desk but also had to make sure it had the specs I was looking for 844 Hertz refresh rate 3 millisecond response time on a curved VA panel it's built pretty well but there are some things I don't like about it like the color accuracy for one it's not meant for color sensitive work only gaming also it doesn't have any height adjustability you can only tilt the screen so if you're too tall and a monitor is too low you can always add a riser underneath for cheap for peripherals I didn't want to cheap out so I went with a brand that I personally love and use at home with my own setup I picked up the corsair k70 luxe for $50 is a full-sized mechanical keyboard with cherry MX red switches and a detachable wrist rest I love the dedicated multimedia buttons near the top along with the scroll wheel for the volume the k7e has always been one of my favorite gaming keyboards to date and it fits in the budget the mouse I'm using is the new coarser harpoon which is Wireless via bluetooth or the provided dongle however you can make it wired by connecting the cable I didn't notice a slight delay in responsiveness using the mouse wirelessly so if you're playing FPS or RTS games where timing is everything then I do recommend playing wired the wireless option is great in case you need a mouse on the go it has a textured scroll wheel with a VPI button up top and the small compact size and the side grips makes it really easy to lift and move around I do have pretty large hands so this mouse is kind of small for me as you guys can see I can pretty much cover it with my entire hand but for some reason it didn't really bother me that much I kind of got used to it after a while now if you do have really large hands and you just can't use small mice then I do suggest picking up something bigger I recommend checking out the Logitech g43 or the SteelSeries rival 310 which I will link below now since everything is pretty much RGB at this point I decided to stick with the theme and throw in an RGB mouse pad I want with the Corsair Polaris that way I can control all the lighting in one place using the IQ software and it helps spice up the setup now for audio I did throw in a set of speakers as well as a gaming headset enlarged like Z 200 speakers are great for watching videos or listening to music and the HyperX cloud stingers are great for gaming the speaker is not only look cool but they sound surprisingly good for only 23 dollars it packs a nice punch and a low-end and the highs are really clear and crisp I was really surprised at the sound quality of these speakers for the price the headset is also great built-in microphone comfortable memory foam cushions and it's compatible with Xbox one ps4 pro and the Nintendo switch I have it hanging on the anchor headphone hangar which costs only 12 dollars and it can support up to two headphones and finally I added an RGB strip behind the set up to complete the look it comes with a remote to control the lighting and since the setup doesn't have any storage space I installed a small pencil drawer underneath to store some items like the remote for RGB strips cable for the mouse and anything else that I might need so that is pretty much everything on the surface but what completes a set up is cable management and organization you can't just leave cables laying around can you you're probably watching this video with bad cable management aren't you so the first thing I did was drill a hole above my keyboard to route the wire underneath of course this is optional and it's not required if you do not want to make a hole in your desk but personally I prefer a cleaner surface with less cables a lot of you guys already know that in order to hide the cable from the mouse pad I rotated it sideways and ran the wire underneath the keyboard and into the hole that I drilled in the desk you can do the same thing for your mouse if it's wired just make sure to leave enough slack from there I used cable clips to keep the wires from hanging down and I routed them neatly towards the back into these these are channel raceways and what's so great about these individual ones instead of the long one is that you can create space between them to allow cables to pass through and then tuck them away from the opposite end I only have one cable going down and plugging into the wall outlet so the rest of the cables are plugged into a power strip I picked up from Amazon and I attached this underneath the desk using some 3m tape it's really important to use the right tape otherwise they will fall off after a few days you want something that is heavy-duty to make sure it sticks permanently using velcro straps helps keep the wires behind the PC grouped up nicely and it helps keep other cables organized as well after all the cable management I was able to transform this into this the goal was to build a minimalistic gaming setup without breaking the bank and I think I accomplished that but do let me know what you guys think about this setup feel free to leave any criticism or feedback down below and let me know what I should build for the next episode if I were to continue I'm thinking about doing a beautiful all-white minimalistic setup let me know some give me some ideas in the comment section guys I'll drop a link to all the parts used in the setup as well down below and if you guys want me to continue the series consider dropping a like and if you didn't that's cool too feel free to drop a dislike and give me your feedback and your honest criticism as well thanks again for watching guys I love your faces and I will see you in the next one peace
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