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I Built My Subscriber a New Gaming Setup - Episode 1

it's that time again guys another season of setup makeover is here the show where I select a subscriber and give his or her setup a makeover not a subscriber I got selected lives in South Carolina and this is the first time I'm leaving California to do something like this needless to say I was very anxious and excited at the same time I mean what can go wrong hey guys so we're finally here in South Carolina and the city of Shiraz I think that's how you say it which is practically in the middle of nowhere and I know that because I've been trying to find an uber or a lift for the past 45 minutes and there's nobody around to pick us up so luckily Heath came in to the rescue his that is actually on the way to pick us up and take us to Heath South so that we can give him a brand-new set up hey good how are you and nice to finally meet you person I have not no this is definitely a change for me hi how are you today nice to meet you pleasure to meet you I think the first time I spoke to Heath was back in June of 2018 I believe so I've been planning this well over five months now and we only had one shot to do this there is no going back so if anything are damaged during the flight or if I left some parts back at home then I was pretty much screwed and there's nothing I could do about it I was really just hoping everything went according to plan also quick note there were some parts of the audio that are corrupted and I found that about it after the shoot so if my voice is really low in some parts that's what happened alright it looks just like the pictures well we got this from Staples when they were going out of business the original price on this was like $500 yeah and we entered a pan like 100 bucks for what is it what's up up to you the green tape if you look around the ages had a dish and starting to feel the part oh so you just covered it with yeah the calls the way I see it I kind of rest my elbow on a desk okay and it was rubbing my elbow so just kinda picked my elbow oh I see to cover up the the rough edges over here yeah interesting okay my first impressions of heat setup was exactly the same as before when I look at the pictures from the submissions it's definitely outdated and it could definitely use some tweaking yeah I used to have a standard set on a little wood saying it came with a deer but I don't know what happened to it I ended up is this custom made or is it people know it's a prebuilt from ordeal um it was wandering a game edition pcs that came out say it looks like you have 9650 gigs around ddr2 ddr2 yes okay um why play a lot of World of Warcraft and with all the updates over the years like I used to get pretty decent frame rates with it but now like especially in town I mean my frame rates drop like down it 7 to 17 frames per second and stuff like that yeah how do you do it eat well as long as I'm away from town and everything he didn't jump up for like 70 I've been in battles and yeah I can't read it I used to read a lot but I can't even war now because when you get 25 people together it does like 5 frame for a second so I just I gave up it when I'm at teeth in person I quickly realized how amazing he is I mean this guy is the most genuine and kind-hearted person I've ever met in my life he's intelligent he's funny and despite his situation he's so positive and optimistic about everything I can just feel the energy radiating from him when I started talking with him I'm 42 years old I lived in South Carolina all my life grew up just down the road from where I lay back currently been living here me and my wife have been married for in June will be 17 years you want to tell us about the accident I was 16 senior high school swimming I mean place I swim at all my life and I'm just having to dive in some shallow water that day and it cracked my seat 5 and c6 rubbery left me paralyzed from really about my own arms down so I can't use my fingers and stuff like that still have feelings and stuff like that throughout my body but you know just can't move but you know what I mean as mad as that may seem I've met a lot of guys and girls to who have similar accidents and it lifts him off a lot worse and a lot worse situation I mean I'm really blessed because I'm had you know pretty decent doctors and stuff like that and I had family that care a lot of people you meet nowadays they don't have family that care about him what happens to them and they end up with a lot more health issues and I had to go to a hospital a couple years back and the nurses there were like amazed like you know look you know we get most people to come in here in your situation they you know they have so much more health issues and for the most part I mean I'm healthy I don't have any kind of you know I live my life just like anybody else you know I mean I get up I do two things I have to do you just I just have to do it a different way yeah so how does that affect you while gaming or using a computer for example I use since I can't use my fingers I use a pencil and I stick it right here and I can tack on a keyboard like that um you learn to adapt I mean that's all it is I mean I don't know how long have the finger uses I can't do you know fine precision and stuff you know I used to play like if I were to play for tonight or something like that you know all those complicated moves I mean I can do it somewhat but it's a little bit more difficult for me so I try to set up things or set up macros on keyboard or stuff like that to be able to help me move a little bit better so that I'm not at such a disadvantage to playing and things like that I see it what about the mouse use Mouse use I laid my hand on her mouth just like this right here palm side up and I use my pinky left click so man took my hand right click and move Mouse and that works out for you yep I've been doing it for Bobbie used to it then yeah hey like I say this you can learn to adapt in write you know find ways to get around what other people we know take for granted right that's awesome so you say you're streaming where's your webcam I don't have one oh you're not one okay just beam no no okay cool and I started backing her the part you're doing its own um but my pcs got where it crashes a lot more so it's kind of hard to stream now mm-hmm because it crashes so much I've been a Miller stream have just started 5 minutes streaming and it just crashes that started Wow that won't be an issue after I'm done with this setup well I will say this I appreciate you taking the time I know this is a a big jump from your normal routine and stuff but I appreciate you doing this for me it means a lot and like I said you you know if somebody does something for you you can't take it from you don't take it for granted because and not just in this but anything in life I mean you know yeah you never know what one small thing that you do for somebody how it can affect somebody else happening in help it it can improve their life you know absolutely I appreciate that thank you and you're more than welcome to eat heath is truly a good person and I need without a doubt looking to the final 10 applications that he was going to be the chosen one for season 3 you know he's someone who spends most of his day indoors so if there is anything that I can do even to make his day slightly better than I'm all for it so we got to work I mean my cousin started taking apart his setup the desk was actually the hardest thing to take apart all the pieces were connected together and I think it took us over an hour and a half just to remove that from his room we also got pretty hungry afterwards so he thought us some pizza and we took a quick break you know I learned not to expect anything when you're in a stranger's house but the fact that they cared enough to get us some food really says something about their character and both me and Bob were very grateful to Heath and his wife for the hospitality you
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