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I Expected More - BitFenix Enso Mesh Review

the coarser one I forty and I sixty gaming PC is incredibly fast with Intel's ninth gen8 core processor up to an RT X 20 atti graphics card and 32 gigabytes of vengeance lpx ram all packed inside a compact bead blasted aluminum shell with excellent cooling both CPU and GPU are cooled using a patented assisted convection liquid cooling system achieving higher clock speeds lower temperatures and minimal noise with coursers advanced IQ software you can configure the system's fan monitor system performance and personalize your lighting to learn more click the link below so this is the new BitFenix and so mesh it's a mid tower case that goes for $90 and sports a tempered glass side panel a PSU shroud and two included 120 millimeter fans the rear fan is RGB whereas the front fan is not you know building in this case I quickly realized that it's far from perfect there were some questionable design choices that makes the $90 price tag on here seem very steep so let's take a closer look so the case is designed to fit up to an ATX motherboard but I was able to squeeze in the Ora's Z 270 X which is an e ATX motherboard without any problems the case has 2 USB 3 ports up top alongside a power and reset button and a dedicated button to control the addressable RGB lighting with the integrated controller in the back you're able to daisy chain their RGB fans and the RGB strips together so it's a lot easier to change the colors at once alternatively they are compatible with a su sorrow sync so you can actually hook up the cables directly to the 5 volt RGB header on your motherboard if it's available speaking of RGB the front panel has these accents on all four corners that are connected with the controller as well making it very easy to sync all the lighting together I personally think it looks really cool combined with the mesh filter which lets you see through them so if you have any RGB fans installed in the front of a radiator like I did in this build then you'll be able to see them from the top you can control the lighting you can either set a solid color for all the connected devices or select from a few rainbow effects what's disappointing about this is for some reason they didn't include a white option if you guys are gonna be using any CPU or GPU that runs hots for example the new ninth gen copy Lake processors and I do recommend going with the mesh version for a better airflow otherwise they do sell a non mesh version for around the same price cleaning the filters are really easy the PSU filter is located on the side of the case but you would need to remove the side panel first to access it the front mesh panel is magnetic but it's kind of annoying to remove since the tab is located too close to the bottom so you're gonna have to tilt the PC a little bit to grab a hold of it removing the filter allows you to install up to 83 60 millimeter radiator more easily since you can screw them in from the front however you can remove the entire front panel if you need extra space additionally you can add fans behind the radiator for a push and pull configuration as long as there's enough clearance between the rad and your GPU the case does support a good amount of storage you can mount one SSD on the tray over on the right side if you're only using a single SSD like I am but if you're using more you can actually mount two additional ones on the left side but if you still need more space for us as these then you can use the hard drive trays so in total this case supports up to 5 SSDs or three SSDs and two hard drives ok old management it's not terrible we do get 23 millimeters of space behind the motherboard tray and some extra space near the bottom next to the power supply please note if you guys are using a longer power supply then you will have a lot less room to work with down here unfortunately the hard drive cage is not removable as they are bolted directly on the PSU shroud which also acts as a support there is one thing I don't like about the cable management aspect of the case and that is the amount of grommets it has there's only two on the motherboard tray and I would love to see one more near the top instead there's just this empty space on the top right another really annoying thing I noticed while building in here is that there was no cutout near the top of the motherboard tray which is shocking I tried to route the cables for the courser AIO and the fans only to find out there wasn't any so I was kind of forced to route the cables towards the right side which does not look clean at all but it doesn't even stop there guys no siree you know how almost every single case has plenty of space on the top left corner to route the cables for your EPC power connector well this case doesn't the hole is only big enough to route thin wires so what does this mean well this means that throughout the cables towards the right side once again luckily I was able to hide the cable behind the fans also a side note make sure that hook up all your cables in the motherboard before installing the fans on the top because you're not gonna have any space to route the cables behind them it's a pretty tight fit you know small things like that where I'm thinking constantly what is the design team thinking when they approve the final product you know while I'm nitpicking I do want to say that I'm not a fan of the thumb screws on the tempered glass panels it's kind of annoying having to remove four screws while holding up the side panel which is prone to fingerprints I much prefer the hinge design like other cases have for example the Evolve X from fantex one thing I do like about the glass panel though is that it's not tinted too dark so you can easily see through it in terms of cooling I was getting really great temps using the 7700 K and the RS GTX 1080 while gaming the GPU stayed under 70 degrees and the CPU stayed under 60 degrees constantly which is great considering a 7700 K runs hotter on average between 70 to 80 degrees sometimes even in the 90s the two fans in the front the radiator acting as intake sucking in cold air through the front mesh panel helped out a lot you know I feel like they focused more on the RGB features of the case rather than the actual functionality for $90 I definitely expected more of a refined product I mean yeah the RGB features are really cool and I think it's a great looking case with great airflow but I think $90 is a bit steep for a case with so many flawed design choices regardless if you guys want to check it out I'll drop a link to the case as well as the power supply and the RGB fans that I used inside this build if you guys enjoyed the video consider leaving a like if you want to see more like it and if you didn't you know what to do there's a specific case you guys I'm gonna pick up and do a review and they build inside let me know in the comments section down below I love your nose holes I will see you in the next video peace
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