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I Replaced my Brothers Nasty Gaming PC

so you guys remember a little over two years ago I've given my own PC to my brother big red which is sitting right over here it's packing the 49 30 K we got 32 gigs of ram and the msi gtx 980ti and it's time to show its age and I kind of wanted to build a my new or PC something with more the latest specs so we're bringing up to date with the kb lake platform I didn't give them a Christmas gift so this will technically be his gift even though we're shooting it at the end of December better late than never I suppose but let's go over some parts real quick starting with the cpu we are going with the i7 7700 K even though we are downgrading from a 6 core to a quad core this actually has a lot better gaming performance especially once you overclock it to 5 gigahertz speaking of overclocking you wouldn't be using the coarser h100 IV - I actually had two of these laying around so we're gonna be using this and I'm actually going to swap out the two stock fans for some LED ones what else for ram we are actually done rating 32 gigs of ram 216 viper actually sent this over recently these are our GB RAM sticks 16 gigs at 3200 megahertz which is more than plenty for what he uses the PC for now for storage or keeping it simple we're giving them an mp5 10th of course sir this is an m2 SSD 480 gigabytes of space and he downloads a lot of porn and videos so we're gonna give him my 4 terabyte hard drive from Seagate so I finally the GPU that we are upgrading from the 980ti is the asus strix RX vega 64 the monitor is currently using supports resync so it'll take advantage of that it will help reduce screen tearing as well as stuttering powering the entire build was supposed to be the C Sonic 5 20 watt but I just realized this is not gonna be enough power especially we're gonna be overclocking both the GPU and CPU so luckily coarser Sun one of these a few weeks back we're gonna be dropping in the HX 850 so this is gonna be plenty of juice for it I did order some mods to split up the build I picked up some custom sleeve extensions from Amazon as well as this dope RGB backplate from b1 Tech since he use into Warcraft I thought I put in a horde symbol in the middle there and that's the everything is going the beautiful coarser crystal 280x our IDP case this is a micro ATX case with two included RGB fans I personally think it's gonna look awesome once everything is put together the whole theme of the bill is supposed to be mostly white with black accents but we'll see how it turns out guys these are pretty much all the parts I'm gonna be using in the build but let's take a closer look at big red and see how he kept it for the past two years so I drove over to pick up the piece in the morning and I kid you guys not when I look through the side panel the first thing I noticed well than how disgusting a PC is is that there is a fan blade just chilling on the floor over here and not only that but it's missing two blades which are nowhere to be found I can safely say that this PC has not been touched since I gave it to him I love my brother to death but he cannot take care of anything if his life depended on it I don't even know what this white pieces are on the top here like where is this coming from let's pop a front cover here you guys ready for this oh my god yep look at this this is disgusting oh my god surprisingly there's no issues with the PC is winning fine no lagging no crashing stuff like that the only issue he has is with the software there was a virus in there right now I don't know what on earth he downloads every single time but there's always a bunch of popups coming up and it's freezing his screen but it's not it's not related to the actual hardware so that's good so what I'm gonna do with this PC after I'm done wiping off the operating system and doing a deep cleaning which it desperately needs is I want to give this away to one of my Instagram followers I'm iguana Instagram account I'm gonna make a stories basically saying that I'm giving this PC away and whoever lives close by can come by and pick it up there's gonna be a catch though the person that I selecting the DMS has to answer five questions that only loyal subscriber knows got to make sure that the person wins is what are the enough that makes any sense so yeah with that said go um IG can right now and see what I can find hi guys listen up closely if you're in the LA area and you want to take home a gaming PC specifically this one over here it's my old PC it's got a 4930 k-6 core processor 32 gigs of ram and the msi gtx 980 yeah i'm giving this away to one lucky Instagram follower that lives in the LA area GME if you're interested alright I'm using my main phone to record audio so which is why I'm using Bob's phone to look through my Instagram account we went to grab an air duster and I meantime we got a bunch of DM so I'm gonna scroll through them real quick and pick one lucky bastard that person actually has to answer five questions and then you'll be the winner of the PC so too bad I live in the UK okay thanks good to know not even lives in expensive LA area you need to start doing all around the u.s. giveaways I think this person forgot doesn't doesn't realize the point of it it was kind of like on-the-spot giveaway I'm sorry candy half these people are just like upset because they're not it's not local yeah I'm once doesn't okey-doke I live in Canada thank you for letting me know you live in Canada okay putting the peace I sell you don't live in LA but I would really want and need that PC you have I believe me guys believe me hi my name is Jess I live in LA I would love to enter and try to win a PC but do you really live in LA hey where do you live exactly but I thought my justice and get it ready because I stopped to restore windows on here give him what like an hour or two good good I hope it's seen it you've seen it he's active I just realized yes answer five questions and then if it doesn't work out we have to pick somebody else's this might take a while guys I probably even put this part in the video until I find somebody that answers all five questions at the Abbey the easiest way so I live in your trance worth in my Winnetka it's a small city okay I used to live in Chatsworth oh he lives near Chatsworth I'd rather call him and just get this over with can I call you what's your number oh here we go hey is this Jesse King Jesse yeah what's going on man yeah this is that from Texas what's happening nice alright man well here's the thing man one thing I didn't tell you is that you have to actually answer five questions and then if you answer them all correctly then you got yourself a new PC are you down for that oh cool nope no sweat by the way if you know if you know when nothing happens so you you move on with your day all right so first question is what is the name of my PC specifically the PC I'm actually giving away take okay all right that's I think that's an easy one okay next question I recently picked up a Tesla do you know which model it is next question what are the last three videos on the channel or you can name any of the recent videos you've seen on the channel any any of the three videos by G pcs can you be specific on that one not like that okay the configuration that the three different budgets yeah do you know the amounts by any chance damn you're good Jesse the second last question what is the person's name for season two of setup makeover damn that's good okay last question what is a theme of my last water-cooled build on the channel I guess that kind of goes handin if he knows the name of harry season season two then it probably knows but all right Congrats um damn okay you just won yourself a a beast gaming PC huh I could come to you as long as you want to pay hundred dollar delivery fee I'm just kidding man yeah I'll tell you what man I'm gonna come up I'll dust this for you I'm gonna wipe off the Windows operating system if you can get here within the next few hours come pick it up well I'm at the office I'll text you the address how's that okay no worries man I'm just glad he knew all the answers instead of going through like a bunch of other people alright so I'm going to go in and clean this thing up and get it ready for Jesse and then we can move on to building my brother PC feel like we should've done this two to two separate videos but whatever it is what it is let's do this I'm wanting a jacket by the way cuz it's freezing outside don't mind me I just realized I got a replace that broken fan - before I give it to him god damn look at you gone this is why ladies and gentlemen you got to make it a habit to dust your PC at least I mean what two three months I would say if you're really lazy do it do it every three months you know but don't let it get this bad good as new all right Papa's gonna take care of you think we're good actually while I'm doing that let me get rid of this fan and this broken fan blade this is what it looks like without the blade ladies and gentlemen all right so I'm actually gonna swap it with this fresh new 140 millimeter fans plug this in the motherboard real quick all right so the only thing left to do is install a fresh copy of Windows and then wait for Jesse to arrive so that I can give this to him step on over here put on the camera don't be shy take a look at you what's up my husband nice to meet you nice to meet you so here it is man big red in the flesh have you seen the original video when I built this PC which is our almost four years ago it's been a while all right get out of here that's it you're done let me open this up for you so did a lot of cleaning in there of course I replaced the top fan it was actually broken I don't know where it is now but doing a brand new course er ml 140 fan it's white LEDs got the gtx 980ti femicide 4930 k-6 core processor 12 creds and you got 32 gigs of ram so this is gonna be set for you pretty much any game you want to play just a little it's a little outdated but it'll get the job done so what do you think man I think you know it looks amazing I like the colors because like like red is like my favorite you like black and red okay so I worked out nice so you never had a PC before no so what you've been gaming on like a ps4 ps4 yeah hey what game you playing for tonight black ops for nice so what game are you gonna play on the PC what's the first game you want to boot up on here for night why for night so what do you plan on doing with the PC now that you see now that I have a PC kind of want to get into streaming because I see a lot of people doing it and I just want to make like concept people would enjoy like for night content and maybe some black ops for them I love that for tonight okay you can claim for nice into launched not since it launched maybe like season 2 season 2 that mean you have a six-course so it's gonna handle streaming well you have a gtx 980ti so you can pretty much max any game 1080p maxed out settings if you have any issues with the pc hit me up you have my number it's a pretty big jump from from from ps4 yeah do congratulations again thanks for coming out here enjoy a PC do not break it you can sell it if you want I won't make a video on or anything but it's it's yours take your camera man this has a lot of sentimental value it was passed down for me to my brother which did not take good care of it I'm hoping take good care of I think I'm giving you an air duster anyways yeah that's pretty much it for me guys I'm gonna go back to building the PC for my brother so after two weeks the build is finally complete and the reason why I took two weeks is because I to leave for CES and then when I got back I got the flu I'm still recovering by the way so I just take another week off and in the meantime I got a haircut new background so a lot of things that's changed from the beginning of this video in case you guys are wondering but Eddie who's I think the build came out beautifully what do you guys think I think there was a good balance between white and black I didn't do my best to try and paint as many parts in the case as I could to make it mostly white you know like the radiator the pump bracket thumb screws even the PCI brackets near the back and the mesh filters for the top and the front I did try to paint the grommets at one point and realized how stupid I am after the paint cracked while I was putting it back inside the case lesson definitely learned you got to use a different type of paint for rubber but honestly I think it looks better this way anyways that way keeps the white on black contrast consistent graphic build so there were two snags that I came across while building this PC the first one being that the motherboard does not have a USB 2 header why asus I don't even know how I overlooked that but because of it I wasn't able to hook up the pump and the Corsair note pro to control the RGB lighting for the front two fans and honestly it's kind of stupid not to include at least one USB 2 header on a motherboard I don't care about the mini ITX I've seen it on a lot of mini ITX boards but for some reason this board does not have one kind of disappointing but anyways I wanted Amazon and I found a solution so I bought two of these adapter cables it's basically a way around not having any USB headers on the board so you plug one end of it to an actual USB port and the other end to whatever you need to connect the downside to this is you have to use up your USB ports in the back of your PC I actually got lucky with this case because instead of having to drill a hole on the side panel throughout the cable back inside the PC all I did was just remove the hard drive cover in the back and sneak the cable inside other than those two minor snags it's been a very smooth build and the 77 decay has been overclocked to 5 gigahertz on all cores temps are really cool and it's very silent it's actually wedding heaven benchmark right now and you guys can't hear anything like it's it is dead silent right now and not about those are for this video I do have a buttload of PC bills coming up guys I'm actually be upgrading my PC back at home I'm gonna be giving big red the r-tx treatment it's gonna be a water-cooled epic bill you guys don't want to miss that I do have some bill guides coming up as well and other water cool projects as well I gotta catch up on PC Bill's on that channel I know I've been slacking guys my apologies if you guys enjoyed this video and want to see more types of this content make sure to smack the crap out of that like button and please don't feel bad by disliking if that is what your heart desires I am completely fine with that I'll drop a link to all the parts used in this build I think my brother's gonna like it it's gonna be psyched when he sees this and if you guys want to see a time-lapse video of this PC from start to finish I'll also drop a link to that as well there's a lot of stuff I've done to it that I've been include in this video because it would be a very long video it's actually still pretty long video and I apologize for that I don't know why I'm still rambling Oh guys hey guys thank you so much for watching as always I will see you in the next video
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