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I converted the Budget Gaming Setup to a Sit/Stand Setup

what's happening guys I'm tax tourists and in this video I thought we could do something a little different you guys remember that budget gaming setup that I built for $1000 well I'm gonna mod that and convert it into a sit and stand setup without replacing the desk I do want to thank very desk for sending up a stuff needed to make this happen as well as sponsoring this video we all know that sitting for long hours at a time is not healthy excessive sitting can lead to or exacerbate chronic back and neck pain did you guys know that on average US adults sit for nearly 10 hours a day let's try and change that electric desks can be very pricey costing over $500 but what if you don't want to spend that kind of money or if you want to keep your current desk well that's kind of all we're gonna be doing in this video we're gonna convert this static gaming setup to give us the flexibility to sit or stand when we want first thing I had to do was clear the table of everything so that I can make room for the Pro Plus 30 I love that it arrives fully assembled so all you have to do is place it right on your desk now I have to say this it isn't built cheap it's made out of steel and aluminum weighing about 61 pounds so if you're using a very long flimsy desk without any support in the middle then you can expect some bone ok so then I proceeded to put everything back on the desk and quickly realize that there wasn't gonna be any space left for my speakers I quickly found a solution to this so I basically hooked up my display to a monitor arm and I mounted that to the Pro Plus 30 not only do I have the flexibility of positioning the monitor any way I like but also cleared up space on the surface allowing me to fit my speakers the bottom deck is for the keyboard and mouse after a few cable tweaks the setup is complete I now have the flexibility of standing or sitting the Pro Plus 30 makes it super easy to switch between the two all I have to do is press down on the tabs located on the sides and lift I was very surprised how smooth the transition is nothing shakes or wobbles it's one fluid motion like I said earlier it's built like a tank even when it's fully extended you will barely experience any wobbling the pro +30 offers up to 11 points of adjustability with a maximum height of 17 and a half inches from the top deck so it will accommodate just about any person's height I'm 62 and I find in ten perfect for me now there is one thing to keep in mind when using this desk because there are moving parts you have to leave some slack for the cables otherwise you're gonna end up tugging on cables and possibly ripping them off I was able to tie all of the unused slack together using some velcro straps however I did leave about a foot of cable slack so that the cable can expand without any issues also you have to keep in mind where you place your PC or laptop the further away it is from the desk the more cable slack you're gonna need luckily I was able to keep the PC on the desk so I didn't need to buy any longer cables or extensions all in all I think the Pro Plus 30 is a great product for anyone that's always been looking for a way to promote a healthier lifestyle or someone wants to be more productive at home or the office it's a great solution instead of having to go out and buy a more expensive desk for those of you that keep a lot of stuff on your desk and do recommend checking out their pro desk series which is a full desk with a larger surface area I'll chop a link to the Pro Plus 30 if you guys are interested in checking it out again huge things to vary desk for sponsoring this video so for my next setup video I'll be doing an all-white beautiful gorgeous gaming setup based on the comments that I've been reading from that video so make sure you guys are subscribed because you don't want to miss out things again so much watching as always I will see you in the next one
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