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I fixed my PC and Benchmarked it - The Finale

what's up guys it's a Pentax tourists and welcome to the final video I promise it's the final video of a big red it's definitely been a an emotional roller coaster from the beginning a lot of incompatibilities parts dying on me if you guys saw the last few episodes then you know how much trouble I went into building this damn thing but alas it is up and working I promise you guys I was gonna work on this fix it and then bring you guys benchmarks because that's what you asked for in the comments section so that is what this video is about it's basically going over the gaming benchmarks temperatures and of course the overclocking and my final thoughts on building inside this case and any other issues that I ran into in terms of cooling and overclocking first thing I do what I mentioned is if I were to build in a bigger case I would have definitely used a different motherboard because the MSI x2 99 micro ATX board isn't that great when it comes to overclocking especially since I'm putting in an 18 core 36 threaded CPU and I'm gonna be overclocking that the reason why I say that is the V RMS ek currently does not make a monoblock for this specific motherboard I would have loved to keep the V arms cooler which would have helped overclocking and keep the temps down but unfortunately they're I think like ninety degrees Fahrenheit right now this it's pretty hot up there and there's nothing I can do in terms of cooling another thing I want to mention is the amount of power being supplied to the CPU socket on this motherboard just isn't enough especially for an 18 core beast it only hasn't a single 8-pin connector on there and I would've loved to see an extra 4 pin for a more stable overclock I think I would have been able to push the CPU a little bit more if I had that extra juice but unfortunately only it's only got a single eight and so with that said I was able to push the 79 80 XC to a stable 4.5 gigahertz on 1.2 volts which actually I think is very impressive considering that I don't have any cooling for the V RMS I don't have a monoblock and also I'm using a single 8-pin connector to power two CPU sockets so yeah but with that said it's gonna check out some temps I'm gonna give you guys some gaming benchmarks and wrap up the video let's do this alright guys so before we jump into the gaming benchmarks let's take a quick look at the temps the PCs been running 15 20 minutes I would say at this point and the CPU is idling around looks like 35 degrees it is fluctuating a little bit about 40 but for the most part yes can see most actually all the cores are hovering between 34 35 degrees so not bad for overclocked CPU and no model block let me remind you guys that the VR times get really really hot on this X 299 chipset so it's definitely affecting their moles scrolling down let's take a look at the GPU we are at a constants 33 degrees it's fluctuating between 30 to 34 so not bad you know since it's not doing anything so yeah I'm gonna do a quick benchmark Cinebench r15 take a look at the CPU score turn this on Wow and it's rendering insanely fast 4300 oh my god I've never seen this test finish this quickly before interestingly enough the temps did skyrocket to well if you're looking at the package it's around 85 degrees peak which is pretty hot I'm not gonna lie for a water-cooled build but if you cram so much powerful components inside in such a tiny case and they're all producing heat at the same time I mean it's you know it's gonna affect obviously CPU temperatures because hot air does rise and you know it's not the best air flow case by far everything is just pretty much there and I'm only using 6 fans so yeah 85 degrees is pretty hot but you know it's stable also quick adjustment guys I did say it was overclock on 1.2 volts which is not true it's actually 1.1 85 so I was able to underclock the voltage a little bit more but it is stable and that's what matters but anyways with that said let's go to dive in to some benchmarks show you guys how this beast is performing in that so let's open up GTA 5 first ISO first game is GTA 5 let me show you guys the settings that I'm using for this everything is pretty much maxed out for the graphics it is in 4k resolution of course we got DirectX 11 I did turn off FXAA and MSA but everything else looks like it's on very high reflection MSA is off and I think what else today no everything else is high or very high I should say so 4k resolution we are getting let's see average 160 I would say 160 yeah anywhere between 150 to 160 very smooth gameplay as you guys can see not bad for not bad on 4k resolution a dip down to 147 under sitting go somewhere else for more action no dr. friedlander I don't want you so I noticed a dip down to well 133 but you're well over 100 FPS to 1080 T eyes which by the way are overclocked I think I did 50 megahertz on the core for both of the GPUs and 500 megahertz additional on the memory clock yeah very very smooth gameplay also guys keep in mind that GeForce experience is recording my gameplay and as usually I think around 1 or 2 FPS drop when I'm recording which isn't a big deal and the temperature wise both GPUs are actually fairly cool 57 degrees for the top and 53 degrees for the bottom CPU is hovering between 60 65 degrees so not bad at all if those two GPUs were air-cooled I can guarantee you guys that they would be in the high 70s probably even 80s so yeah very impressive all right so I started out pop G this is 4k resolution and already I noticed that one of the GPUs isn't working at 100% and I'm guessing because of the poor optimization for SLI support or maybe there isn't any support for SLI on plug G for some reason because only one of the GPUs is working interesting okay all right let me just actually get out of this plane first so f psy is yeah you're definitely gonna be dipping below 60fps then again this is 4k resolution maxed out in ultra settings this game isn't 100% optimized yeah everything's ultra settings looks like vsync is off you are not going to be passing 60fps that's for sure I might have to lower the settings resolution to 2560 by 1440 P so yeah let me do that real quickly there we go 120 Wow jumped up pretty much double so in the low hundreds 100 600 810 FPS this is actually playable I don't think 4k 4k is definitely not as smooth as 2k that's for sure so yeah depending on the area you're getting anywhere from I would say 80 to 120 fps so well above the 60 mark which is definitely playable in 2k resolution there's no starter there's no lag CPU is hovering around 60 degrees Celsius and then GPUs are both around 50 degrees so not bad I mean if both GPUs can be utilized I'm pretty confident that even in 4k resolution we can achieve over 100 FPS but unfortunately only one GPU is working Oh actually I suck at this game so I'm just gonna quit before somebody shoots me anyways so as we want to another game Doom is up next we have ultra settings under open GL as you guys can see Ultra settings pretty much maxed out let's take a look at the PS we are hovering well over 100 150 150 - I just noticed a little bit of stutter actually it's interesting but good news is both GPUs are being recognized 2,000 megahertz on the top GPU it's stuttering though I'm not sure why it kind of just comes and goes there we go it's happening again that is interesting I don't know why it's stuttering on doom when it wasn't stuttering on other games maybe something with the uh let's try Vulcan actually maybe maybe one starter on Vulcan let me switch real quick alright so the stutter apparently came from the API OpenGL it's for some reason stutters and on Vulcan which is what I'm playing on right now it's buttery smooth the frames aren't as high compared to OpenGL but I mean it's not stuttering which I would take over the additional what 10 FPS I am getting around 100 it is dipping down to mid-90s I think maybe even low 90s but it's still playable in 4k resolution ultra settings so yeah very smooth that's just bizarre why I was stuttering on OpenGL that's interesting but yeah that seemed to fix the issue I had to do is switch to Vulcan uh yeah okay moving on to the next game fortnight is up next a very popular game it's definitely one of my favorites although I suck really bad at it we are getting this is 4k by the way maxed out ultra settings we're getting slightly over 60fps looks like now we're dipping below 60fps actually so and oh it looks like it's not even supporting SLI because one of the GPUs is not even working so yeah I'm not a game that's not really optimized and I think I'm gonna die here yep I don't have a gun I can't even hear anything I'm not playing with any sound by the way so anybody can oh you up there's somebody in this room we're gonna die yes what Sonny whoa what's happening oh my god we are so lucky there oh Jesus what were you doing here dude Wow all right let's try this again so yeah we're not getting well over 60 fps and 4k I mean still very smooth gameplay but I want to get at least in the hundred so I think I'm not the lower the resolution to 2560 so yeah 2560 by 1440 let's try this we got at 143 in the sky and my friends ditched me I'm so low right now oh wait no I'm not I lied it looks like we're going in a tomato town it looks like we're going to tomato town we are at a hundred and fifty-one fps looks like 2k is a sweet spot most games aren't even supporting us a lie anyway so what's the point of having two GPUs the reason why I have two GPUs is because this is Texas I mean I do with Dickie was builds but you guys already know that lowest I've seen a dip so far was a hundred and seven FPS so oh wait no 101 97 97 was the lowest which actually is really good still but mostly it's in the high 31 30s looks like 65 degrees for the CPU and 54 or or 60 degrees on the GPU so fairly cool temps and I don't if you guys can hear the PC but it's actually very quiet so that's one definitely one of the benefits of going water-cooled alrighty that's pretty much its I think I went over to most popular games if there's a specific game you guys wanted to see I'm sorry if I couldn't get to it but long story short it pretty much maxed out any game if there's any support for SLI you can play in 4k resolution easily otherwise I think 2k is the sweet spot if you want a game over a hundred FPS but anyways that pretty much wraps up this video I hope you guys enjoyed it thank you so much again for every single one of you who have been supporting the series since episode 1 I know it's been a long journey anyways yeah you can find all the parts listed down below in the description section if you guys want to check it out I love your faces and I will see you in the next one
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