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IN WIN - D-Frame Mini PC Case - Unboxing + Review

hey guys it's ad from Texas and about a month ago I visited the in win booth at CES in Vegas this year to check out their amazing selection of innovative towers and I also said that my next build will be in one of these cases well if you've been following me on instagram then you already know that I have received one of these towers specifically the D frame mini and by the way a huge thanks to anyone for sending this baby to us now if you haven't heard about the in win cases then that means you either live under a boulder or you have never built a PC in your life Edwin is actually one of my favorite PC case companies and it's partly due to their unique and innovative case designs that the frame mini is no exception with its open frame structure and it's portable mini ITX form factor that the frame mini will easily provide you with the ultimate gaming experience you need like most in win cases that the frame mini is handcrafted and made out of aluminum with shockproof silicone rubber stands allowing you to position the case in any orientation you like by the way I will leave links to this case in the description section as well as the website if you guys want to check out the rest of their jaw-dropping PC cases so inside the box you will find a user manual which includes the installation guide some warranty information and the specs of the case right below that is a ziploc bag of goodies they did include a really neat branded microfiber cloth which will come in handy due to the case having glass sides also in the ziplock bag is an accessory bag with a bunch of screw standoffs and clamps which is necessary to install the parts now if you've been with the channel for a while you do know that I build custom pcs every month or so and once in a while I throw in an ultimate PC build well I asked you guys on Twitter a while back and most of you wanted to see $1000 gaming budget build and I'm going to build it inside this case I want this to be a very unique build just like my big red PC was which means that I might end up modding and custom painting it as well the D frame mini is a stunning case it has a full aluminum frame with an aluminum metal plate along with tempered glass on each side giving it maximum visibility through the case also with this open frame structure you don't have to worry the pc overheating since you get a tremendous amount of airflow from all directions i had to go with the black and red theme because it is by far my most favorite theme but they do have two other color combinations in case this one doesn't quite work for you so the tempered glass is obviously removable and it is connected to the case with four of these thumb screws on all four of the corners you just simply screw them off and remove the glass to gain access to the inside although it is a mini ITX case it has a lot of space for its parts because of the way it's designed the D frame mini is split into sections and every PC part has its own spot the fan section is right down here on the bottom of the case and it supports two 120 millimeter fans or a water cooling radiator up to 240 millimeters also the CPU heatsink clearance is about 165 millimeters away from the motherboard for its drive bays it can support up to 3 2.5 inch SSDs and 3.5 inch HD DS moving to the other side of the case is where you will find the location for the power supply and last but not least the case supports up to 2 graphics cards with a maximum length of 340 millimeters needless to say that the frame mini can support most of the popular PC components now switching to the other side is where the front panel is located along with the common headphone microphone and USB 3.0 ports along with the power button besides the awesome design and color theme of this case I think my most favorite feature by far is its portability let's say your friend is hosting a LAN party this weekend and you have to bring your own PC well all you have to do is just grab the handle bar up top and you are on your way well maybe you might want to bring your monitor keyboard and mouse but the point is it's really convenient to carry around anyways that wraps up the video of the in windy frame mini case I really want to know what you guys think about this case so please drop your thoughts in the comment section down below as I will be reading them I got a bunch of cool stuff coming your way so make sure you guys stick around thanks again for watching this is that from tech source and I'll see you guys in the next video
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