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INSANE Cyber Monday Tech Deals - 2018

what's happening guys I from Texas welcome to my Cyber Monday tech deals video we're gonna be going over some of the awesome tech deals we found for cyber monday and i also drop a link to the full list in the description section in case you guys don't want to sit through and watch the entire video you can also find these deals on our website deals our tech our entire team is actually uploading deals as they come through for the entire week of cyber monday so the website is constantly stocked up with fresh deals that we find not only for us but for UK Canada and even Germany so check it out and make sure you guys bookmark it so the first amazing deal is gonna be actually on this the 2018 LG gram which I actually reviewed on the channel you can now get up to $300 off depending on the side is for cyber monday which is an awesome deal it's a super thin lightweight laptop that comes equipped with an intel 8th gen i 78552 quad-core cpu we've also got eight gigs of ram and a 512 gigabyte m2 SSD what makes these laptops so special other than its light weight is the insane battery life you can actually get up to 17 and a half hours of use on this 72 watt hour battery so if you're constantly on the move you don't need to carry the charger with you will pretty much last the whole day until you get home to charge it the 14 inch display has a 1080p IPS touchscreen with great viewing angles also the overall footprint of the laptop is much smaller but because of the thin bezels you get a lot of screen real estate the backlit keyboard is nice it doesn't have a numpad but the keys are spaced nicely and they're comfortable to type on with great feedback the touchpad is in a really good spot and doesn't interfere while typing and from my experience it's actually really accurate it may not have a dedicated GPU but for people that are looking for a portable lightweight laptop for productivity that lasts all day then you should definitely check out the LG gram especially since you can get up to $300 off for Cyber Monday and I'll drop a link to it down below another deal from LG is their 4k laser Sena beam projector which as the name says projects 4k picture quality up to 150 inches the projector has this rectangular shape to it with a handle making it convenient to carry around and you can actually place it either flat on your desk keep it in vertical mode or mount it anywhere you want it's pretty flexible the cool thing about this projector is that it comes with OS so you don't need to hook up an external source to it you can basically stream content through the projector itself so whether it's Netflix YouTube or whatever it is you want compared to other 4k projector is out there the LG center beam is actually one of the most affordable right now in the market all right now let's take a look at some deals I found on Amazon Newegg and eBay but once again guys make sure to check out the full list down below because obviously my gonna go through every single deal this video will last a very long time alright so the first deal with taking a look at is these samsung t5 portable SSD this is one terabyte and it's actually going for 198 dollars coming from the original price of 230 so you're saving 130 dollars on this and actually I picked this up in August 2000 18 so I'm curious to see how much I paid back then let me just double check this real quick Wow that's why I paid actually $280 for this at the time so it's nice to see that they actually lowered the price on this but either way you guys can get it for 198 for Cyber Monday next up is the fire stick TV with the echo combo and this is in white you guys can get it for $40 coming from the original price of 70 so you're saving $30 on this and by the way guys don't pay attention to the list price that is always in accurate we based the original price on the actual original price before cyber monday if you guys are into drones we got the DJI Mavic air that's going for $700 it's actually $100 off for cyber monday the popular Bayer dynamic DT 7-7 headphones are going for only 129 so this is actually $40 off for cyber monday these are really popular headphones for monitoring audio so if you guys are mixing or mastering music definitely check this one out the EVGA 750 supernova 80 + platinum power supplier is $20 off so it's not the best deal out there but $20 is still something you guys are planning on building a high-end PC then definitely check this power supply but if you're planning on building a budget PC this is definitely overkill the Samsung Galaxy Tab A and white is going for 210 dollars from the original price of 310 so this is actually $100 off that is a pretty killer deal on a really great tablet based on the reviews two hundred two thousand four hundred sixty seven reviews four and a half stars I personally have no experience with this tablet but if you guys are looking to buy one definitely put this on your list here's a really great deal on the r-tx twenty eighty from gigabyte guy this is going for seven hundred and fifty dollars and these GPU prices are all over the place but the cheapest I've seen at twenty eighty go for is around seven ninety s almost eight hundred dollars so this is actually a pretty good deal you're saving around forty dollars on an RT X twenty eighty yeah I'm not really sure if this deal is gonna be available by the time you guys click on it so hopefully you guys act fast if you're planning on picking one out if you guys do click on the link and it is sold out then definitely check out deals or tech because we're constantly adding GPU deals on there as well damn here's a really good deal on the 8700 k on ebay that's going for $340 guys the original retail price on this is 380 so you saving 40 bucks on this six core coffee Lake processor at the time making this video it's sold 296 units more than 52% stock sold so make sure you guys jump on this if you're interested so here's a really great deal on a 55 inch 4k TV from TCL it's going for 350 the original retail was 380 but as you guys can see I actually bought this from my mom in September 3rd of 2017 so he actually paid $400 for this back in September but you guys can pick this up for only 350 so still a really good deal on a 55 inch 4k smart TV for those of you that are looking to get into videography or want to start a YouTube channel this is actually a really great on tree-level DSLR that can shoot in 4k resolution and it comes with a lens a 15 to 45 millimeter lens this is going for only five hundred thirty-nine dollars on eBay guys the original price on this is $900 so you saving what over three hundred and thirty dollars my math is correct on a really nice entree level DSLR surprisingly here is a really great deal on ram i didn't even know i would find deals on ram for cyber monday but here it is nonetheless coarser vengeance or you get 16 gigs of RAM set to 8 gig sticks at 3000 acres 125 you guys the original price on these are 170 so you're saving $45 on these that's actually a killer deal next up we have a WD 512 gigabyte portable SSD you can store your games on there your files when you're traveling it's lightweight it's portable and it's going for 120 dollars down from the original price of 160 you're saving $40 on this thing not a bad deal the popular MX master 2 s is on sale you guys it's only $20 off but it's still a great deal on a very solid wireless mouse I've actually used the original one for over a year and I absolutely loved it we also got an awesome deal on the AMD rise in a 720 700 X this is an 8 core processor and it comes with its Wraith prism LED cooler and you can pick it up for only 290 down from the original price of 330 you guys are saving $40 on this solid CPU the corsair carbide spec omega RGB which I used in my venom gaming PC build is also on so you guys can pick this up for 130 it's only $20 off from the original price of 150 but a deal is a deal and if you guys are looking to pick up an extra controller for your Xbox one you can pick this up for $40 so it's actually $20 off from the original price of 60 last but not least we have a deal on the samsung galaxy s 9 is this brand new factory unlocked way to ship and it's available and I think several colors you got black purple blue and gold and it's going for check this out guys five hundred and twenty dollars the original price is 650 so you're saving 130 dollars on this galaxy s 9 it's sold over 2500 units by the time making this video so yeah I apologize if it has sold out by the time you click on the link there's a bunch of other tech deals that I couldn't really fit in this video like gaming laptops more TVs cameras audio gear like headphones and speakers and of course a butt load of PC parts I do encourage you guys to definitely bookmark deals or tech because we are constantly updating our website and the deals are always coming and going so yeah that's pretty much it I hope you guys enjoy the video if you did dropping a leg would be awesome as Oh and let me know in the comment section if you guys are planning on picking up anything for a cyber monday thanks again for watching as always I'll see your faces in the next one
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