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IPad Air 2 : Worth it ? (Cinematic Unboxing) 4k!

what is up guys bought back again with Texas and in this video we are going to be taking a look at apple's ipad air 2 the second generation one before we get into the cinematic unboxing i wanted to go over a brief overview of the ipad or second generation and as some of the questions you guys might have like is it really worth upgrading my perfectly fine I've had to get the second generation one on what benefits can I hope to see from getting the newest one and hopefully I can answer some of those so let's get to it alright guys so the key differences between the ipad air and the iPad air 2 our speed security and camera quality let's dive in and see what the actual differences are let's start with security the ipad air 2 come sporting apples touch ID sensor which if you didn't know is basically a fingerprint scanner now this is definitely a welcome addition and takes away the pain of having to type in your passcode every time you want to use your ipad and it even works with some apps like amazon and allows you to validate your identity without having to log in but this to me is not enough to get me to upgrade to the ipad air 2 now let's talk about the second main difference speed now this is where Apple through around some crazy numbers they claim that with their new a8x chip they can achieve more than double the graphics performance and forty percent more CPU performance when compared to the first generation iPad Air's chip the a7 something else that comes bundled in the a8x chip motion-tracking sweet is a barometer which is cool I guess I mean who really needs their tablet to be able to track their elevation seriously just imagine seeing someone running with this thing so that it can track how many steps you climb but in all seriousness I guess the barometer could be useful if some developers start making games and apps I can take advantage of the sensor but for now the barometer in the iPad just seems like a gimmick now we do not have an iPad air first generation in the office so we can't validate these numbers but I'm sure there will be plenty of youtubers and websites reporting on this so if you're curious just do a quick google search and something's bound to pop up and finally the last major difference the camera now I personally do not know anyone who uses a tablet take pictures but I have seen people who do so this could be important to some of you the new iPad air 2 comes with a 8 megapixel iSight camera which is supposed to be a lot better than the 5 megapixel camera included on the first generation ipad air this mega pixel jump plus some added features like burst mode and slo-mo video are pretty much the only upgrades to the camera on the ipad air 2 and again we do not have a first generation ipad air in house so we cannot compare image quality between the two but hey if you are interested in some ipad air 2 camera tests let us know we will be sure to get on it of course it wouldn't be an apple product if they didn't make it thinner and they did by 1.4 millimeters but of course by doing this they cut the battery size and sacrificed in battery life so should you buy your upgrade to the ipad air 2 and the answer is it depends if you don't have an ipad currently and would like to have one then the ipad air 2 is a great place to start but on the other hand in that same situation you could go to ebay and get the ipad air 1 which is probably much less and you can save some cash and then my opinion if you already have the first generation ipad air you shouldn't go out and buy the second generation ipad air unless you need to have the latest and greatest in technology there is really no benefit of going out and giving extra cash for the ipad air 2 and the to those of you who have pre ipad air ipads basically the older generations well my would give you i would give the same advice as i did a scenario one which is go for it i mean if you don't really need a new features you might as well get the ipad air first generation for much cheaper and save some cash but i mean if you have the extra money you don't really care i mean i don't see why you couldn't go with the second generation but yeah that's what I think alright guys so without any more hesitation let's get to the cinematic unboxing you
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