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I'm Re-building My PC (BIGRED) - Part 1

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you know what guys it's been a while since I've treated myself and I think it's finally time that I upgrade my very own PC truth be told I was not happy with this build at all it was rushed and it did not come out the way I expected it to be it came out pretty bad for starters the case is really bad for airflow and the bends aren't garbage it looks like a third-grader did it and on top of all that the fans stopped working the RGB lighting on the bottom three fans are completely out and the lighting from the other fans and even the RGB strips cannot be changed and we install the software and even reconnected the cables and nothing I can't even control the speed of the fan so there's something wrong with the commander Pro or the fans itself it's also pretty loud for a water-cooled build the pump noise gets really annoying and you can even hear the liquid going through the flow meter let me turn this on and show you guys oh yeah long story short it was a big disappointment in myself you know I talk pretty big when it comes to being a perfectionist and then I build something like this even the flow direction is incorrect on here the inlet of the top GPU is going into the inlet of the CPU block I don't know what on earth I was smoking while I was building this but it was probably something really good so not only am I gonna build myself a brand new PC but I'm also gonna redeem myself and my reputation I'm not gonna put this out until it is completely done and it comes out exactly the way that I want it this videos gonna have a three-part series part one is gonna be putting out all the parts together and testing all the components making sure everything's working part two will be the actual build process and the modding and then the finale will be basically benchmarking overclocking and thermals I'm gonna focus one video just on all that so yeah with that said let's go over some parts so the biggest change is the case this is the pan it's an open-air mid tower case from Raja Tech and actually did a water cooling tutorial on it and I fell in love with it I guess you can say it was love at first sight I'm gonna throw in to RTX 20 80 TI founders edition and this is gonna replace both of the 1080 T eyes from my current build I eventually went a game in 4k or I guess 3k since I'm using an ultra light but I do want max out settings I want smooth gameplay as much frames as I can squeeze out of these bad boys and I know it's overkill guys believe me but it is my personal build so we got to stick with the overkill theme so the cooler we're gonna be using temporarily to cool the CPU just to make sure all the parts are functioning is the courser h1 15 i RGB platinum we are going to be using the same cpu from my current PCB 79 80 XC it's an 18 core processor and it's deleted by Steven from gamers Nexus but just for this video we are going with I don't know what CPUs in here actually take a look at it ok so this is the I 970 900 X the muezzin is temporarily just to make sure all the parts are working I'm not quite ready to bring over to CPU just yet because I am still using that PC for gaming and editing so until all the parts are here ready to go that is when I'll be doing the transplant in fact the only parts I'm not changing are the CPU and the storage I'm gonna bring over both of my end back to us as these but check this out guys I'm gonna be adding this beast this year is a 9th gigabyte intel obtained SSD the 905 p-series and this thing has incredible read and write speed 20 700 megabytes read and 2200 right I'm definitely switching my operating system on here along with my video editing software and any other games that I'm playing a lot of which is currently Resident Evil 2 Darksiders 3 and black ops 4 but yeah very excited to put this in the build I'm gonna paint this white obviously so it matches the theme my other two I'm got to us as these are gonna be used mainly for storage I'm also upgrading the RAM from 32 gigs at 3200 megahertz to 64 gigs at 3600 megahertz of the Corsair Vengeance RGB pros since this is a super high-end water-cooled build with heavy overclocking emphasis on heavy overclocking there is only one board that can get the job done ladies and gentlemen introducing you to the asus rog rampage 6 apex the purpose of the apex motherboard is actually to break performance records as they say it has two eight-penny PC connectors which will aid in a very stable overclock we got four separated them slots and four PCI x 16 slots with lots of connectivity we got wireless AC USB type-c and a dual them that 2 socket for my m2 SSD this is gonna be a power-hungry system especially since we're gonna be pushing both GPUs and the CPU to its limit so I have to give it enough power hence why I picked up the 8 X 16 in July from coarser oh yeah guys is that pretty much all the parts I'm gonna be using inside my new PC - the water cooling parts which will arrive before episode 2 I'm very excited to finally build myself a new PC if you guys are excited as well make sure to drop a like and I'm gonna shut up for the rest of the video and let you guys enjoy this montage and we are finally done ladies and gentlemen big red is alive and kicking good news is that all the parts are functioning perfectly the bad news however is that we came across a few snags which is okay that's the point of this video not only testing the parts out but also making sure that we're not gonna run into any problems on the actual build itself so the first mistake was actually a very new mistake of mine I miscounted the spacing for the PCI slots I picked up a three slot nbme link when in reality I needed a two slot so I went back on the website and I ordered that so that is on the way so the second issue has to do with the expansion kit so normally this case only supports up to a three sixty millimeter radiator which fits on this side I just put three fans here just to showcase where the other radiator would go but does it support any other radiators unless you guys buy the optional expansion kit which sits on the top over here and ratchet like actually was kind enough to send that to me so the kit comes with three aluminum bars that mounts on the top of the case giving you mounting options to add another 360 millimeter or smaller radiator and then you put this giant piece of tempered glass on top and screw it well if you guys pay attention over here you can see that it covers the USB ports and the power button so right now I have an easy way of turning on the system the only option I have right now is right on the motherboard itself so have to reach my hand inside and click on the power button right now it's not really a big deal because I can reach it easily but once the PC is done with all the tubing it's gonna get kind of annoying constantly reaching in there and switching the PC on so I had to find an alternate solution so I went on Amazon and I bought this remote so that I can turn the PC on wirelessly the other issue still remains I can't access the USB ports on the top which isn't a big deal for me I don't really use the USB ports on the front or the top of the case anyways what I usually do is I use a USB hub so I plug it in the back and then I route it underneath my desk for convenience so that is not a big deal for me I got to say I do love the wide extension cables that I got from courser I personally think it's gonna blend beautifully with the build once everything is painted white what else oh I don't really like how the PCI cables are kind of going down and to the side so what I'm gonna do is is drill a hole right underneath the motherboard so that I can run the GPU cables straight down it's gonna look way cleaner that way and of course custom cables are on the way as well but yeah guys that's pretty much over the video I really love how the case turned out with the expansion kit I think the build is gonna be pretty damn sick once it's all done again I could be biased but it's gonna be like I said guys the best build on the channel thus far it is my own PC after all so that's why you guys have to subscribe with notifications because part two is going to be an awesome video if you guys enjoyed it make sure to toss a like and if you guys did enjoy the video feel free to dislike as well if you guys have any recommendations or any feedback on this case or the build itself please let me know in the comment section I will be reading them and that's pretty much it I'll drop a link to all the parts mentioned below if you guys want to check them out I love your beautiful faces and helpful see you in the next one peace you can go okay
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