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Installing The Water Blocks! - Part 2

what's up guys welcome to part two of the water cool to build electro box that's what I'm calling it if you guys missed part one make sure to watch it before you watch this video because you'll you'll have no idea what's going on but anyways in this episode we're going to be putting on the GPU blocks on the GTX 1080 from EVGA so that thing that's what we'll focus on for this episode if there is time maybe we can put the motherboard inside the case and put on the reservoirs as well I'm sorry the radiators after that but anyway it's all depend on how long this video takes i'm so sorry for dragging on the first video so long i had no idea it would be magnus long holy crap so i'll try and make this as shorter i'll try to make this as short as possible so let's just begin alright so i guess you can start by disassembling the graphics cards first i've taken apart a lot of graphics cards before so this is definitely not new to me I just haven't really completely taken it apart which I'm sure is what you need to do to put on those blocks so this is definitely interesting guys I'm very excited to do this because I love trying new things you know this is definitely going to push texture to the next level so that is why I'm so excited oh that even comes with a little diagram so that's pretty cool so this is what a GPU heatsink looks like in case you guys have never seen one before I'm going to put this part in here along with all the screws so I don't lose them first things first we got to wipe off the thermal paste because we're going to be putting on a fresh coat hi guys so I finally finished the first GPU block that took me about an hour to get this thing together hopefully the next one or the second one shouldn't take as long but yeah this thing looks pretty better that's nice and stealthy with the all-black look the yellow is definitely gonna pop in this build got some fingerprints on there clean up definite like in the way there everything is turning out so far so good no complaints no complications so yeah it's gonna put that second one on and see what's up hi guys so the GPU blocks are finally completed it took me about two to three hours honestly because I kept making mistakes so to come back or go back and then we do some things but regardless the process itself was pretty easy now that I got the hang of it next time is gonna be a lot easier so yeah I mean it's pretty much it I'm actually in the video now because I'm exhausted and it's getting late over here in the next video we're gonna put the stuff in side the case and then work on the Raiders as well as always if you guys are enjoying watching the build log make sure to leave a like to show your support and make sure to stay tuned for part three coming next week thank you guys so much watching and I will see you in the next video
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