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IntelGamerDays – Gaming/Streaming PC Builds

hey guys so Intel and coarser I've teamed up for this awesome event that they're hosting called Intel gamer days it's a limited time us exclusive event featuring awesome deals and buying discounts specifically targeted for hardcore and mainstream gamers the event lasts from September 1st to the 16th so be sure to check it out by visiting the link below they're also hosting a giveaway on the coarser won gaming PC and find out how to enter stick around to the end alright guys so in this video I'm really focusing on two separate PC configurations the first one is a low-end budget gaming PC under $700 and the other one's gonna be a high-end really awesome good-looking gaming and screaming PC with an all-white color scheme in fact some of the parts might be on sale for the Intel gamer day so make sure you guys check that page before you purchase any parts once again the link to that will be down below and before I began to want to give you huge thanks to Intel and courser for sponsoring this video so starting up with a beast budget build this is gonna cost a little over $600 and it features the i3 8100 quad-core processor with 4 threads the CPU has quickly become very popular in budget build because of its crazy performance and actually outperforms its competitor the rise in 2200 G and the rise in three 1200 by a noticeable amount for just pure gaming horsepower around $100 the i3 8100 is my recommendation since we're going Intel we do need a compatible board and since the CPU is locked there is no need to spend more for overclocking the best value right now is from gigabyte in a stubby 360m board it's a micro ATX board with four Ram slots and that to support it's got six USBs three of which are USB 3 and also three fan headers all in all it's a solid board for the money the only downside is that B 360 boards only support up to 2666 rated RAM if you're using an i3 chip for Ram however I did pick up a 3000 megahertz weighted stick simply because it was only five dollars more than the 2666 might as well go with that just in case you end up upgrading your board later down the line it's only five dollars in the meantime your system will underclock the RAM really but you wouldn't run into any issues using this the stock heatsink on the CPU is fine I'll get the job done so instead of buying another cooler we will actually use that money and put it towards something else for example on the storage I do recommend at least one SSD in this build so to start things off a 120 gigabyte SSD from coarser will provide the PC with a nice boost and speeds I would personally throw in the operating system on here along with any of the games you mostly play I do recommend adding a one terabyte hard drive later down the line for mass storage and of course storing other useless files either an included in this price tag because an SSD is a really good place to start and also to keep the cost down for the graphics card I was actually lucky to find a gtx 1066 gigabyte founders Edition on Amazon for just $200 with this card you can easily game over 60fps maxed out settings in 1080p I don't know how many the person is selling so if you guys are clicking on a link below and you see different price or if it's so loud then I'll drop a link to the GTX 1050 P I instead which is around the same price but around 200 bucks you can still gain comfortably over 60fps with the 1050 Ti however you might have to lower the settings on some games depending on how demanding it is if you really want to hit that 60 FPS mark the case we're going with is the coarser carbide spec oh five which is a good-looking old black case with an acrylic side panel it has one USB 3 port on top with a single 120 millimeter fan included in the case however it does have space for additional two fans on the top and one more in the rear so it can support up to total of five fans I do recommend adding an additional 120 millimeter fan in the front for a better airflow because I just feel like one isn't enough in that entire case courser does sell an LED fan for around 10 dollars but if you guys don't care about colors I want to save money you can actually pick up this 4-pack that cost around $15 which i think is a much better deal finishing up the parts is the cxm 550 watt power supply which is bronze certified and it's my modular meaning you can connect only the cables you need and keep the inside of your PC cleaner with less clutter so that's it for the first build that's the configuration I recommend for anyone looking to spend and $700 on a solid 1080p gaming PC over 60 FPS on most games of course obviously feel free to tweak the parts to your liking and taste so once again the link to everything will be down below this next build is a balance between performance and aesthetics my goal was to build a good-looking texture style gaming and streaming PC for less than 3k starting off with the CPU I was gonna go with the new 8086 Kay but then I realized there isn't a huge performance difference between both CPUs especially since the 8700 K can be overclocked up to 5 begin hurts easily and it cost $100 less so naturally I stuck with it it's also gonna be great for screaming because of its six cores and twelve threads it will even help out on the productivity side obviously we gotta cool the processor because we're gonna overclock it and there's no a IO that can do it better than the H 150 I Pro from Corsair this is a 360 millimetre radiator with 3 120 millimeter fans also it's RGB the black tubing on these are nasty so we're gonna cover them up with the cable mod any il sleeve kit for only $20 the motherboard was an easy choice you can't really go wrong with Asus boards some of the best performance and reliability out there so I went with the prime Z 370 because of its features price and the color scheme it is 2018 so you got to have our GB RAM the white vengeance pros from Corsair are the cleanest and personally my favorite RAM sticks out there in fact I'm using 32 gigs of these in my personal build for storage we are keeping it simple with a single 480 gigabyte m2 SSD for the operating system and important programs while the other 480 gigabyte SSD can be used for games and other files now the graphics card I wanted to go with is a unicorn it's very rare to find a galaxy dition out there I don't know if they're out of business or they don't make cars anymore but I think it would look really awesome in this build with the old white shroud a 1070 T I also get you over 100 FPS and quad HD gaming in most games which is 2560 by 1440 P if you're gonna use high-end hardware like this then you have to play in a higher resolution it just feels like a waste playing only on 1080p I'm also gonna toss an RGB back play on it because why not might as well just RGB all the things inside here and you can actually customize the backplate do any design you want but to keep things simple I'm just gonna showcase a blank white one the case you are using is the spec Omega RGB mid tower case which will complement the build beautifully the strip in front of the case is RGB and the case itself comes with to RGB fans already installed the side panel is tempered glass and I like that it comes with a PSU cover as well I'm gonna throw in a can of spray paint because I would love to paint a few parts in that case white just so there's less black inside for example I would love to paint the motherboard tray the PCI brackets PSU shroud and even part of the radiator from the h1 50i cooler I'm personally not a fan of the HD RGB fans that Corsair makes so I would actually replace those with the ll version instead we're gonna be putting three of them on the radiator on the h1 50i cooler which is going to be mounted in the front of the case and then three additional fans on the top and rear for optimal airflow we're gonna need a hub to hook up all these RGB fans so we're gonna throw in a commander Pro to make things easy and also throw in a few RGB strips as well so that the insides are lit powering the build is the HX 750 watt Platinum certified power supply that is fully modular which means ladies and gentlemen we are obviously going with custom sleeved cables from cable mod this is the design I'm going with on the cables with white aluminum cable combs that's gonna be the icing on the cake this entire build with the mods will cost around $2,600 so those are my two recommended configurations as always make sure you guys check out Intel gamer days because there might be some deals on the parts mentioned in this video and also that is where you'll find more information on the coarser 1a gaming PC giveaway as mentioned before all the parts you see in this video will be linked down below as always thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next one you
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