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Is Doing Youtube Hard? - Ask Me #7

what's 9+10 here we go again g2a is your one-stop shop for extremely cheap CD keys for any game out there never pay full price again for your favorite games guys check it out by clicking on the link down below what's up guys is that back again from tech source and as you can see I am finally situated in my new place you guys somehow missed my home tour you guys can check it out by clicking on the link somewhere above many ways I reached out to Twitter once again and asked you guys to ask me some questions and here they are how are you I'm actually doing really well thank you so much for asking I'm well rested got a lot of work done the past few days as you can see I'm back to work and answering some questions familiar guys better question is how are you my friend is it easy for you to edit a video easy yes time-consuming also yes what's your most expensive purchase and tech other than your camera that's an easy one that goes to the atomic Shogun which is currently hooked up to the gh4 and you guys can find the link to everything including my full gear list down below if anyone is interested can you give me tips on how I grow my tech channel like you please so I talked a little bit about this and my previous ask me videos this topic always seems to come up but focus on consistency content and quality not so much on the quality but more on the content and your consistency does matter if you're shooting in a K or just in 1080p if your content is enjoyable to watch people subscribe to your channel and they will watch your videos when growing your channel did you find there was one video that completely took off or just consistency actually yeah when I first started doing setup wars the amount of feedback was insane like the graph of the channel was like this was like going up and that's kind of why I stuck to it and continue to do that every single Monday because a lot of guys love watching that stuff what is your favorite part about doing YouTube the best part about doing YouTube hands them goes to the feedback I get for my videos from you guys watching them but the second most favorite thing I would have to say by far is the amount of sleep I get because I don't have to wake up at a certain time I get to sleep in so I usually wake up around and sometimes 10 a.m. if I want to wake up early to get videos done but sleep is definitely one of my favorite things about doing YouTube what's your all-time favorite game on any console and why I didn't answer my most favorite game of all time which is Super Smash Bros on 64 but I'm gonna talk about the ps4 since that's my current the console the best game I've ever played definitely goes to the Final Fantasy series more specifically 13 the first and second one the third one sucked very disappointed and then out up and say Kingdom Hearts is also on my favorites just say hi to me well hello there geesh new VDOT you how are you doing can I be in your video you can be my video unfortunately but your question can have you ever found doing YouTube difficult no YouTube is not difficult maybe starting out yeah difficult but once you get the ball rolling and you have the momentum going then it's actually quite easy to keep pumping out content how many subscribers did you have when you realize you could make a career out of youtube that's actually a really good question and I think I realized that around the 10,000 subscriber mark I would say do you have one video that you are really proud of that's a really good question Simon thank you for asking the one video I'm really proud of the only thing that really sticks to my head is the EXCI on PC build I did for the month of August leave a link down below if you guys want to check that out but I'm really happy with the way that turned out I think I was actually the first PC build video I did or I actually started using the black borders to make it more cinematic and I was happy back I also spent a lot of hours on the color grading so yeah definitely happy with that one you're always putting up the best PC videos would you ever show us your gaming skills ever I am excited to see them funny story actually me and Bob opened up a gaming channel like a few years ago and I was like 700 subscribers a holy building down below you guys when I checked that out but I'm actually really interested and maybe opening up a gaming channel I'll have a gameplay type video on tech source and I'll see how would you guys think about that so keep an eye out for that maybe in a month or so what are your next purchase is going to be in terms of camera equipments to improve the quality of your channel that's also a great question Thank You Tobias you know I've been looking at different cameras like the Sony a7r - I think that's what it's called the footage on that looks really crispy if I'm gonna upgrade that's the only camera that's probably gonna be the final camera I'm going to upgrade sometime next year the huge four is fine now I mean I'm really happy with the quality I'm getting from that but I will never spend over six or seven thousand on a camera because I think it's overkill I think when it comes to success of a channel I think that content is more important than the actual quality of your videos I'll never spend like ten thousand on ff7 just because I don't need to that's overkill for YouTube on a skill on nine - chicken what is your favorite color of the alphabet I'm gonna have to see mustard do you like Dragon Ball Z and/or you be oh that's from my good friend Joe ow I still don't know how to pronounce your name man you gotta tell me how to pronounce your name what kind of a question is that though I mean I'm not eight years old I'm like I used to love you Bo when I was like in middle school I used to be a freak collecting so many of those cars and dueling and oh geez I love DBZ and I will continue to love DBZ until the day I die how did you learn about computers honestly trial and error I've been building pcs for a good five years of my life I would say and even till today honestly I'm still learning things about building pcs I'm not perfect but that's basically how I learned watch a lot of videos a lot of tutorial guides and just hands-on lots and lots of hands-on why did you switch to the s340 from the hz4 40 I think you might the aged for 40 but yeah I mean there's three that it just looks so much clean I'm sorry - before tea is nice but I love the s340 look plus it's also a lot more compact but I would make that decision any other day of the week do you plan on expansion with your channel in the future like new series that's actually a good question I've been thinking about adding a new series right basically show you guys some really cool or not cool but really great deals on either tech or games or even like PC parts stuff like that and I can bring it to you weekly but still kind of debating if I should really do that or not let me know if you guys want to see stuff like that Xbox one or ps4 the Wii U non tech related but what are some of your favorite anime assuming you do watch anime H come on who doesn't watch anime DBZ definitely number one has to be on everyone's list then watch anime I did like glitch until they went into the bounty saga I was complete crap and I stopped watching it I love Death Note series they only had that two seasons but awesome anime I definitely recommend it to anyone and also attack on Titan those are my top four I was wondering if your previous job allowed you to fund your YouTube dream or if you had the money to begin with absolutely not I had a full time job and 50% of what I made got sunk into this YouTube channel it's a huge investment if you or anyone else is starting a channel especially the tech channel it's very very expensive so that's for the questions thank you guys so much for sending them and I will do this every single month so make sure you guys are following me on Twitter because that is where I will reach out and ask you guys to send in your questions with the hashtag ask Edgar there are a lot of questions I did not answer because I've actually answered them in my previous videos but I'll leave a playlist linked to my previous ask me down below if you guys want to check that out but anyways that's it thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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