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Is This 144Hz Gaming Monitor Any Good? - ViewSonic XG

what's happening guys I'm tech source and this here is the viewsonic XG to 402 u sonic has not only sponsored this video but they sent us out for me to review and here is what I think about it it's a 24 inch gaming monitor but you can probably tell already from the red accents and the XG logo is decently spectat 1080p with a response time of 1 milliseconds and a refresh rate of 144 Hertz currently you can pick this up for $220 and Amazon making it accessible to people with lower budgets but let's see what compromises viewsonic had to make to keep the price so low and if it's worth buying it taking a look around we can see that the stand is mostly made out of plastic which is expected at this price range however it's built very sturdy with there being very little play when you rage and hit your desk as far as adjustability it has a good amount of pivot and swivel you can also tilt the display forward and back and it has a good amount of height adjustability so the stand touches to the center without any tools and it's easily removable by pressing on this plastic piece under here you'll find the VESA mount if you would like to use an alternative stand or a mounting system from the front the monitor does look kind of plain in my opinion there isn't any alien like geometric legs or a logo being projected onto the desk like you see with higher priced monitors instead there is a single red stripe going down the middle of the stand which is a bit tacky also if I'm being honest the bezels are kind of thick on the monitor and they look to be a little outdated compared to other gaming monitors on the market from the side that does have an aggressive sleek appearance you can see the red accent which breaks up the black and also from here you can see the red cable management clip the back looks pretty cool I think it has a matte black plastic with red accents there's also some designs and a glossy finish on both sides so all the ports are located on the back here as well we got two USB 3.0 ports which can be used with the provided pass-through cable we got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack 2 HDMI 1.4 ports and a DisplayPort freesync is also supported through the hdmi and displayport switch is good news for people that are rocking an AMD GPU something I didn't expect on this monitor was the headphone holder which is a nice touch there are also 2 2 watt speakers but honestly if you care about sound at all I wouldn't use these for anything other than Windows notifications they don't get loud at all and there is no detail to the sound in my opinion they just sound very tinny so I do recommend using either some really good speakers or a pair of headphones unfortunately the TN panel is a lot like the speaker's your refresh weight and the response time on the monitor make it great for gaming however there's one thing that the monitor is lacking that's contrast the scenes blend together and there is no depth to the image making the panel look washed out but this is an exclusive on just this monitor it's actually very common on most TN panels out there being a TN panel there's also viewing angle restrictions even what are you looking at the monitor straight on you'll see a weak color consistency throughout the panel as you can see here the top of the display appears to be darker while the bottom is more washed out this color shift is more noticeable when I move the camera around again for competitive gaming it's great actually the specs are on par with more expensive panels out there but the image quality might make it less attractive to some gamers out there as far as ghosting there isn't much if you use the ultra fast mode in the OSD it's the second fastest node but I found it to be this sweet spot speaking about the OSD it's a little bit clunky for my taste but it is packed with a lot of options and control you can set up a custom profile you can set the monitor Hertz cap which I don't know why you would in the first place you can also turn on rampage X which illuminates the red plastic on the back and change several aspects about the image the viewsonic XG offers reasonable color reproduction but the contrast of this monitor is its biggest weakness I would say and then there's the whole thing about the color consistency which is common across TN panels out there however with that said I can now recommend this for professionals who will use this monitor for color sensitive work let's be realistic here what you're really getting for only $220 is 144 Hertz refresh rate one millisecond response time free sync on a well-built monitor I personally think it's reasonably priced and it's a great gaming monitor for anyone who prefers responsiveness over image quality but yeah that's pretty much it for my review I hope you guys enjoyed it I'll drop a link to the down below if you guys want to check it out thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next one
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