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Is an NVMe SSD Worth it? | Samsung 960 PRO

what's up guys is that from tech source and the build right behind me is actually the PC for the month of September and I'm calling it Jack the Ripper it's equipped with a new 1950 X thread Ripper CPU which is a 16 core processor clocked at 3.5 gigahertz and it's got two EVGA gtx 980ti FTW three additions and sli originally i wanted to go with to Vega 64 cards so that it can be an all AMD build but unfortunately I couldn't get my hands on a second one since they are all out of stock the motherboard I went with is the MSI X 399 Pro carbon which is MSI's best board for the X 399 chipsets and for the cooler I went with the CM master liquid 240 finding Orion drumsticks wasn't easy so I decided to go with RGB instead and picked up 32 gigs from g.skill powering the build is a 1,000 watt power supply from EVGA which I ended up covering in some D brand skins to match the color scheme and finally the case I'm using is the new cougar conquer case but we're not here to talk about the PC because I already made two videos on it the first one is a very nice montage build of me putting together everything and the second video is on the gaming benchmarks and you guys can find the links to those down below well we are here to talk about is the samsung 960 pro m2 nvme SSD which is what is inside this PC the point of this video is to find out if upgrading to an m2 nvme SSD is worth it samsung has not only sponsored this video but also send out the 960 pro for me to test out and see how fast that really is compared to a standard SATA SSD and the C is actually worth it to upgrade for testing purposes I ran the same benchmarks on both the Samsung 850 Evo and the 960 Pro so I'm not too is the form factor and an MDOT to nvme SSD sits in your MDOT two slot on your motherboard while a standard SATA SSD uses the SATA ports on your motherboard the point of this video is to find out if upgrading to an MDOT to nvme SSD is worth it a 512 gigabyte SSD from samsung cost about 150 bucks and the 960 pro cost double but how much more performance are you gaining from it based on my benchmarks more than half the game saw a noticeable decrease and lo times compared to the SATA SSD the most notable being the vision which got its time cut nearly in half even programs load much faster a Vegas Pro 15 took about 10 seconds to load on my 850 Evo and it took only 5 seconds on the 960 Pro but what a 960 Pro really shines is in data transfer running the crystal disk mark we get about 3400 megabytes per second on read and 2045 for the write the 960 pro is 6 times faster than the 850 Evo on Reed and 4 times faster on right the only tests that weren't affected that much were boot times and applications that launched within a few seconds like chrome or calculator and stuff like that that won't make a huge difference anyways you will definitely notice the speeds on heavy applications like editing programs games and large file transfers and don't get me wrong guys I'm not saying do not buy SATA base that says these that's not the point of this video in fact the SATA base test says these like the 850 Evo are more affordable and they still offer some incredibly fast speeds especially if you add two or more of these in raid 0 but if you want that extra boost and get ridiculous speeds and nvme SSD is the way to go you just have to pay a little bit more for it I'm actually gonna be using the 960 Pro in my main build coming in October and trust me guys you don't want to miss out so make sure you subscribe to the channel definitely check it out it's one of the best m2 and V mes as these you can buy right now and we all know that Samsung has a great reputation when it comes to reliability and quality products but that pretty much wraps up this video I'll drop a link to the samsung 960 pro down below if you guys want to check it out again a huge thanks to Samsung for sending it out and sponsoring this video if you guys enjoyed it feel free to drop it you like and if you didn't feel free to dislike as well that's completely fine too I will see you in the next one
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