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Its Finally Here! Part 2 - VLOG #2

all right so I just finished filming the first part of the benchmarks I'm kind of getting hungry so I go get something to eat the only thing I had this morning was like a box of cereal and it's 234 now so the only thing I had this morning was like a box of cereal yeah go get somebody screw it McDonald's it is food he got blueberry pies now definitely try that thank you where do the McDonald what can I get for today yes can I get a Big Mac meal with extra Big Mac sauce and I'll get to the blueberry pies please you will ride the tickle that's it all right give me 19 sit down the very first one I thank you thank you I don't know why but I'm super excited to try those blueberry pies they just look so damn good on the poster Thanks can I get some ranch and catch him you forgot my iced tea you could even give the drink first oh I can get some out of ketchup too also this is what I do with my ranch I get out some ketchup and I pour it in the ranch I know looks gross but honestly it's amazing it's kind of like Thousand Island sauce from in-and-out or somewhat like that without the pic holes and stuff but try it out guys I think you will love it this is meant for your fries just dip it in there mix it up and eat it mmm so good not bad I don't give it my seal of approval but I will give it my not bad award back in the office let's get back to work I saw the gaming benchmarks I've done the only one that I'm working on is the grand theft auto 5 because apparently there is an update so I'm currently waiting on that to finish uploading or updating I should say I don't know if you guys noticed this but in my voiceover videos there's a slight echo there's a noticeable echo in my voice and that's because I guess it's a big room and there's not many items here to absorb that sound so I picked up one of these acoustic foams it's in gray in red which is the closest I can find for black and red I'm going to put these against the wall over here I got some 3m tape spray adhesive spray adhesive can't even speak put some on the back of it and then mount it against the wall here and some pretty cool design around my silver play button but yeah hopefully this will absorb some sound and they'll be less echoing my voiceovers but that's basically after this I'm done with the benchmarks and I can go assemble my shelf so I'll see you guys soon so as I was assembling the furniture this happened yeah I still me tore a piece of this as thing is so flimsy I basically grabbed it one hand and then it just snapped in place like that so yeah probably should have done that so call Amazon and they are the best customer service they're actually going to send me another one completely free for without charge so yeah I got pretty lucky on that so I'm looking to finish assembling this today and then I'll just be missing one drawer and I can finish it up in two days I swear today is just not my day and spent hours putting his dresser together and look what happened I get to the very last nail in the back and put it in an L it crooked and it just came out from the top so the very last nail I swear to God today I just been a clusterfuck of bad news and bad things happening after another so thank God at least I'm getting a new one in a few days from Amazon so I can just pop off the top cover and then replace it so yeah I think I'm going to call it guys thank you so much for watching this is my first ever vlog so obviously the quality and editing will improve if I decide to continue but let me know if you guys actually enjoy this I mean other than assembling furniture needing a Big Mac it's really nothing else interesting happening but yeah anyways you guys want me to continue these vlogs let me know by leaving a like and drop me a comment down below if you want me to continue but other than that I'm gonna go knock out I'm exhausted I'll see you guys in the next video what's up guys so it's now Wednesday and I started day off doing some errands so far so good nothing bad has happened knock on wood I also got the third Titan X in the middle today from Amazon so I can finish doing the b-roll shots for the benchmark video but in the meantime I have three Titan X's just sitting here maybe I'll do a 3-way SLI build Nats overkill well yeah so I'm gonna go ahead and replace the bad GPU Chet thing cuz the one on the top place with that finish up the video and I should have this uploaded hopefully on Friday if not Saturday for you guys also one more thing remember that little piece I was missing from the furniture I went to Lowe's and I finally picked one up for a bunch of them up I should say finally I can finish this damn project boom finally done all right moment of truth so I just put the P a PC I just put the GPU in I'm scared I hope it works oh and we have liftoff ladies and gentlemen oh man my house was like pounding like I did not want to wait another freaking day for this but the so I bridge back on by the way you guys can adjust the color on these graphics cards using the the GeForce experience program I'm gonna show you real quick open up your GeForce experience and then you go to my rig up there and then down here it should be called LED visualizer and then you click on configure LED visualizer hopefully you guys can see that and basically just click on whichever lights you want the one on top the one on bottom or if you want all LEDs you select on the old LED option and you guys can select which option you guys like this animation there's breathing starts to breathe in and out yeah that's pretty cool I just thought I'd share that with you guys in case some of you out there that never knew about this but you obviously have to have a geforce card for it to work alright so i put on a new shirt somewhat fix my hair still a huge mess and i'm ready to film the second part of the benchmark video when i can finally finish this project up and go ahead and start on my budget build for november which honestly at this point I might as well just push it to December but alright I will see what happens yeah let's get started what's up guys it's ed back again from tech source and welcome to the gaming PC build for the month of November anyways that's it wrap it up here thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video so yeah I think that would pretty well I'm really happy with the way that turned out now it's time to edit all right so it's not o'clock and it's getting pretty late I'm gonna wrap this vlog up I will try make these very short I'm sorry that the first vlog had to be split in two parts um I'm kind of new at this so bear with me guys until I adjust into this vlogging world assuming you guys still want to watch these if have you guys are I haven't fallen asleep but tomorrow is going to be somewhat productive day I'm actually editing or rendering I should say the first vlog of part 1 and tomorrow I'm going to finish editing that video that I shot today that will be up on Friday I don't know when you're gonna be watching this vlog and oh I want to show you the drawer I assembled so this is the drawer from Amazon like I said I'm gonna put my pin err on top well obviously in my camera bag and then some stuff on the drawers of course like paper and ink this drawer was like 60 bucks though and honestly for its price I give it a 4 out of 5 and you get free shipping or if you're a Prime member but I'll leave a link down below if you guys want to check that out but it's a really nice drawer but yeah it's really it's nice and deep it's nice and wide did she said and you can feel a bunch of stuff in there so yeah really nice drawer I think it comes in black as well but anyways it's enough promoting the drawer from not even getting paid for I'll leave a link down below if you guys when I check that out I'm gonna try and clean this office up tomorrow and hopefully get these installed as well these are cushion things the acoustic foams to absorb sound I'm going to mount it on the wall around the silver play button yeah I'm done rambling thank guys for watching if you enjoy honestly if you enjoy these vlogs let me know by leaving a like and drop a comment down below if you want me to continue if you don't like my blogs dislike the video so I know and that's it I will see you guys in the next video
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