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Jaybird Freedom Earbuds | Review

what's up guys it's out from tech source and today we're gonna be checking out the first Bluetooth earphones I have seen with interactable features the freedoms from j-bird but let's start off with a design what they've done here is manufactured in metal ear tips with injection molding to reduce all unnecessary material from the speaker housing I'm a big fan of streamlining products when there is no performance loss so when the freedoms improve organ amix without compromising the sound then I'm in for it all the electronics including the microphone and charging pins have been combined with the volume controls the difference with the freedoms is that the charging cradle also has a tiny battery reserve of 125 million power you can clip this on to get an additional four hours of battery life for a total of eight hours of music playback I've personally never needed eight hours of usage in one workout but they are wireless earbuds and sometimes you forget to charge them leave them in your gym bag or whatever so having that much juice is definitely nice that's kind of what a clip makes the most sense to me they're not heavy enough to get in the way of a workout but offers so much more convenience at the $200 price tag for the freedoms is a little more justified inside the ear these are super comfortable and after a while you start to forget that they are there and this is especially true when I use the freedoms with the included comply foam tips I also got a better seal with these which lead to less ambient noise and a more secure fit the six millimeter drivers deliver crisp and clean audio and now with the freedoms interactive EQ I was actually able to really fine-tune the sound and the way that I prefer with more bass this is done through the app where you could either make your own sound profile using a tool that allows for fine adjustments or browse through these shared sound profiles from known athletes as cool as they are customizable sound profiles aren't new and I've definitely seen some Android apps that accomplish the same thing but what's unique here is that the changes are made to the devices firmware so whatever device I connect with my freedoms to my sound profile comes along with it this is especially important since now with its support for Bluetooth 4.0 I can have two devices connected to my freedoms at any given moment this way the sound for example being transmitted from my macbook doesn't sound any different than the music being streamed through my phone now that's a win also that Bluetooth 4.1 support allows for two pairs of freedom earbuds to be connected to one device I've never had any battery problems with the freedoms thanks to a few things the first being the charging rate I mean sure the earbuds battery capacity is only four hours excluding the battery clip but with 20 minutes of charging I was able to get an extra hour of music playback with a volume a bit above 50% I'm also able to see the exact battery percentage via the app which is something I couldn't do on my galaxy s7 and of course the earbuds do notify you with the battery status every time you turn them on the freedom stayed secured no matter what type of exercise I did with them from hiking lifting weights to running I was confident in the fit but that was to be expected but after using the freedoms for a week I could see what Jaybirds goal was or at least what I think it was to make the best possible pair of wireless sport oriented earbuds available on the market I don't make that claim without a lot of thoughts and admittedly I haven't tried every pair of Bluetooth earbuds out there but the fact is I don't have any real complaints about the freedoms the price is a bit steep in my opinion but you are buying a product from an established brand that knows what they're doing and I'm not just saying that to type these up that statement goes true for everything I mean people buy mercedes-benz because it's a mercedes-benz not because it has the best performance to cost ratio my conclusion is simple if you don't mind missing out on firmware based eq control and new design that makes things like helmet usage more comfortable then you might as well pick up the X 2's or go a different route completely but that's just my two cents that is it for the video thing guess so much for watching if you enjoyed it make sure to leave a like and I will drop a link to the earbuds down below if you guys want to check them out and I will see you in the next video
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