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Kisai OTO LED Watch - Quick Look!

hey guys it's Texas and we're gonna take a quick look at a cool watch from tokyoflash calm first of all I want to thank everyone i talked to flash for setting this to us i went ahead and added some links to their website if you guys want to browse the fine selection of awesome watches now this is the key side ohto LCD wife and it goes for 149 and it isn't an ordinary LCD watch and I'll explain why in a bit when you do order one you get a charging cable a mini screwdriver any small manual and what makes this watch pretty cool is the way tells time in fact all the watches on the site have a unique style telling time it's almost like looking at a puzzle and trying to figure out what it's trying to say but I did decide to go with the most simple one for the sake of the video the quality of the watch is great the belt feels really sturdy in the matte black really goes well with this design on this side of the watch is where you'll find three buttons which you can use to change the time and date as well as training the LED on and off on the other side of the watch is where the sensor and charging port are located you can simply charge the watch back connecting into your computer and what's cool is that this watch is also water resistant so this is how you tell the time on this particular watch the first two horizontal digits are the hours the bottom two are ten minutes and the two vertical digits on the right side rd seconds with a press of a button you can also view the day month and year you never know there might come a time where you forget what year it is so having one of these watches can come in handy you can also choose from a variety of LED colors they have amber red green and of course the blue that you see here so that wraps up the quick look at the key scioto led watch from tokyoflash the question I asked you guys is do you still wear a watch if you do why I personally put mine up for special occasions because it affects my appearance so thanks again for watching the video if you haven't subscribed already make sure to do so because we got a lot of cool videos coming up soon this is the tech source and we'll see you next time you you
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