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what's up guys it's ed from tech source and in this video we are going to be taking a look at LG's ultra wide 34 inch free sync monitor this beautiful 2560 by 1080 P 75 Hertz monitor is directly targeted at gamers first and productivity second because of his resolution and features that include free sync and dynamic action sync for those of you that prefer a widescreen monitor geared more towards the productivity side which has 80% more pixels then you should definitely check out that 34 um 95 model which I will link in the description down below so in addition to the power cables which are needed to power the monitor you will also get a DVI and HDMI cable along with a back cover for the stand that includes a hook to help with cable management taking a look at the front you are greeted with a beautiful IPS display with matte anti-glare coating and really thin bezels the back however is made out of glossy plastic which is a huge fingerprint magnet and down below you will find all the connection ports which include two HDMI s1 DVI one DisplayPort your audio ports and the power something I would have loved to see is perhaps a USB port on a monitor of this caliber at least they were nice enough to include a VESA mount option in the back for those of you that like to mount things if you choose not to mount your monitor you can use their included very nice-looking see-through mount which really doesn't give you much choice when it comes to height adjustability except like an inch or two however you can tilt the monitor a few degrees to adjust its angle for a better viewing experience which is all I need joystick on the bottom which is my preferred method of navigation and with that you can access a bunch of options in the quick menu settings you can adjust the usual color and brightness along with the ratio of the monitor under picture you can adjust the black stabilizer feature which lets you control the contrast level making it really easy to spot enemies or objects that are hiding in the shadows or darkness and on the opposite side when you are flashbangs & FPS games which I feel it's kind of a cheat if you ask me but hey more power to the players also in the picture settings you can select one of many pre-configured settings for picture and gaming mode that have different gamma color and sharpness settings or you can select custom and configure the settings to your own liking moving to general settings is where you'll find all the features that the 34 um 67 has to offer one of which is free sync that's currently only available through the DisplayPort and AMD APU and GPUs free sync essentially resolves the communication issues between a processor and monitor and it basically tells the monitor when to refresh the image and what that does is it eliminates image tearing stuttering and lag that you normally get from either enabling or disabling vsync the second feature you'll find useful is dash mode aka dynamic action sync mode which basically reduces input lag and allows you to make timely commands which is especially important in real-time strategy games like Starcraft 2 League of Legends and other MOBAs normally this will lower the quality of the image on most TVs however in the case of the 34 um 67 the quality of the image remain the same so I always have it turned on outside gaming this monitor becomes a Productivity monitor and one of the many benefits of an ultra widescreen monitor is the fact that you have so many windows open at the same time along with infinite amount of tabs if you're a tab or like me especially in editing you can really appreciate the amount of horizontal pixels that you can utilize as you know I use two Samsung 4k monitors and it's really an overkill for me I mean I barely even use my second monitor at all and I've been wanting to switch over to a widescreen monitor for a very long time well I've been using this for about a week now and I can safely say that this is exactly what I needed however I still find myself scrolling a lot more due to its vertical pixel count but that's expected from a 2560 by 1080p monitor also scaling is unnecessary anymore even on my 4k monitors I used to scale everything just so I could see them better which kind of defeats the purpose of having a 4k monitor in the first place so I feel like this monitor is the sweet spot for me the fact that it's an IPS panel is also a huge plus as you get amazing color contrast and viewing angles so let's get back into gaming for a sec games look amazing on this monitor especially when utilizing the entire screen there's no doubt about that 75 Hertz is insanely crisp and smooth there is a noticeable difference from sixty Hertz that much is true you will definitely get the full immersive experience from this monitor there is ever one thing I want to mention about the implementation of free sync on this monitor so the 34 um 67 has a variable refresh rate range of 48 to 75 Hertz which can be both too high on the minimum and too low on the maximum side and what that means is that as long as you are running at 48 fps to 75 fps in a game everything looks nice and smooth going above that value and you will either get some moderately noticeable tearing with vsync off or else you'll max out as 75 FPS with vsync on which is also fine the real issue is when you drop a low 48 fps you are basically falling back to standard LCD behavior at that point so either you have very noticeable tearing with a 75 Hertz refresh rate or you get started from subdividing a sub 48 FPS frame rate into a 75 Hertz refresh rate 21 by 9 gaming is still new and there will be more and more support as time passes by but overall I'm really happy with this monitor it provides cinematic immersive gaming experience and great productivity on a beautiful 75 Hertz IPS display which if that's what you're after then you will definitely not be disappointed in LG's 34 um 67 monitor as always I will leave links in the description section down below for both of the monitors and if you guys want to check out the curved version of this monitor which is geared towards productivity with a lot more pixels than my good friend Matt from Anna's Tech we'll be doing a video on that as well and you can click on the screen to check it out and I'll also leave a link down below as well anyways that is it for the video feel free to drop a like if you liked the video or you dislike if you didn't and make sure to subscribe if you haven't already for more videos like these thanks again for watching this is that from tech source and I'll see you guys in the next video
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